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Crown of Vanity is the third stage in Humanity Catified. This is a No Continues stage.


  • 2 Gabriels spawn after 5.33 seconds160f, delay 12~15.33 seconds360f~460f.
  • 2 Sir Rels spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500f~600f.
  • 2 Celeboodles spawn after 26.67 seconds800f, delay 33.33~40 seconds1,000f~1,200f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 28 seconds840f.
  • 1 Sunfish Jones spawns as the boss after 40 seconds1,200f.
  • 2 Gabriels spawn after 40.67 seconds1,220f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 1 Sir Rel spawns after 44.67 seconds1,340f.
  • 2 Sir Rels spawn after 46.67 seconds1,400f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 14 Gabriels spawn after 56.67 seconds1,700f, delay 10~13.33 seconds300f~400f.
  • 10 Sir Rels spawn after 58 seconds1,740f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 62 seconds1,860f.
  • 3 Celeboodles spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
  • 2 Othoms spawn after 76.67 seconds2,300f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 92 seconds2,760f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 118.67 seconds3,560f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 142 seconds4,260f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 165.33 seconds4,960f.
  • 1 Elder Flame Doron spawns after 185.33 seconds5,560f.


Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Manic Eraser Cat 45, Eraser Cat 20+44, Slime Cat 50, Bullet Train Cat 48, Fishman Cat 49+2, Can Can Cat (Speed up 8 and Double Bounty) 47+2, Courier Cat 50, Cat Mask Doron 45, Idi:N2 40, Awakened Bahamut Cat 40

Notes: This was tested with a rich cat, it's still possible without a rich cat but you need to manage your money better so you can send out Idi and Bahamut out to kill the Othoms later.

Start off by spawning Slime Cat and some meatshields, when Slime get a hit off of Gabriel, hit it with Bullet Train for more money. After some time, Doron and a Sir Rel will spawn in, try not to spawn to many meatshields and attackers to not waste your money, once you kill the Sir Rel, advance to the frontlines to stop the Sunfish, once there just wait for both the Othoms to spawn in. After both Othoms are in the field try to sync them up so that you can kill both of them easier. In this phase wait for an opening through one of the Dorons attack and send in your own Doron to freeze the Othoms, after that, send in Bahamut, Idi, Fishman and your other units to kill the Othoms. Once both of them are gone you can just easily finish the level after that, as Jones doesn't really have any pushing power by himself and the Dorons are also likely nearing the end of their supply line by this point.

Strategy 2 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Deathrock, Biohazard, Bony Bone, Gato Amigo (Surge Immune), Ramen Cat (HP up MAX) 50+22, Boulder Cat, Slime Cat 50, Cameraman Cat (Survivor MAX, Critical MAX, ATT up MAX) 50+18, Awakened Doron 50, Ape Lord Luza 50

Cannon: Thunderbolt

Items: Rich Cat


  • Having better research combos is recommended.
  • This is doable without a Rich Cat, but is not recommended due to the difficulty.
  • This is theoretically possible with Awakened Naala (UNTESTED).

This stage is absolutely BRUTAL with 4 Crown restrictions. Caution is advised.

Send out 3 Gato Amigo, then send out 3 Cameraman Cats, while also spamming Gato Amigo. Send out Jellycat to get a relatively consistent wave against Gabriel and Sir Rel. When the fast peons are cleared, a Celeboodle should be coming in, followed by an Elder Flame Doron and another Sir Rel. Send out Boulder Cat to trigger Elder Flame Doron’s attack. When this wave of peons are dead, make sure to keep around 5000¢ to send out Ape Lord Luza later. When the Othoms are close to your base, send out Ape Lord Luza to take them down.

Be careful, Sunfish Jones is strong and will eat Ape Lord Luza’s HP fast, along with the other peons, so don’t be shy in spamming Boulder Cat to protect him. Once the Othoms are dead, you essentially win.