Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals headline (EN) 2020
Prepare yourself for the arrival of these killer chicks from outer space!
Feel like your army could use a little moe-tivation? Head to the Rare Capsule machine and try your hand at picking up one of the legendary Galaxy Gals! Lay waste to your enemies with the power of these cosmic beauties and march on to victory! - PONOS's announcement.

Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals (電脳学園ギャラクシーギャルズ dennou gakuen gyarakushī gyaruzu) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event was implemented with 2 characters, and is the fourth Rare Cat Capsule Event. The Twinstars added on June 27th, 2017. The 8.0 update introduced new hidden units called Legend Rares, one of which is part of this event: Headmistress Jeanne


During this event, the Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals will be available to you at the Rare Cat Capsule machine within "The Battle Cats" game. 

An elite squad of lady warriors from cyberspace enter the fray!

  • Windy, whose maiden's heart bursts forth with the power of a typhoon!
  • Thundia, whose attacks shock the enemy into submission with electric power!
  • Coppermine, with piercing rays of cold light!
  • Kuu, whose megaton staff vaporizes all enemies!
  • Kai, the clumsy cannoneer who obliterates anyone in her way!
  • Kalisa, her giant sword obliterates all angels!
  • Twinstars, binary stars that does uber damage to Black and Aliens!
  • Myrcia, newest gal has a 30% chance to dodge white enemies attacks then persists for 2 seconds multi attack with shockwave on the 2nd hit!

Also, get a chance to unlock Legend Rare unit Headmistress Jeanne!

Their fighting spirit will be the ultimate foundation for your campaign!

What are you waiting for?! For just a short time, the mighty love of the Galaxy Gals is yours to enlist!


  • The main role of this Uber Set is dealing Massive Damage to certain type(s) of enemies, as half of the Ubers in this set and the Legend Rare have the Massive Damage ability.
  • With exception of Kalisa as Hatsune Miku, all other girls are designed based on famous characters from myth/story.
  • Kuu, Kai, and Coppermine are modeled after (in respective order) Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing; A trio from the novel "Journey to the West".
  • Windy and Thundia are modeled after Fujin and Raijin, a deity of wind and thunder that commonly portrayed in pair.
  • Technically, this should be the second Uber Set that has all 6 (earlier) members earned a True Form, but since Twinstars were introduced before Kalisa's True Form, this fact does not count.
    • Now, this Uber Set is the 2nd one that has all 7 members gained a True Form.
    • After the version 8.9, Myrcia was added to the gacha making this fact obsolete.


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