Dark Heroes (ダークヒーローズ Dākuhīrōzu) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event was added since update version 4.0 of Nyanko Daisensou in July 13th, 2015.


Players have a chance to get Uber Rare characters:

  • Akira - Occasionally Freezes Alien enemies!
    • Shadow Akira - Attack power is greatly increased when health is low.
    • Inferno Akira - Immune to Shockwaves and is strong vs Aliens.
  • Catman - Does extra damage to Floating and Alien enemies!
    • Dark Catman - Does extra damage to Angel and Alien enemies!
    • Ultimate Catman - Does extra damage to Alien and Relic enemies! Also resists curse effect
  • Mekako Saionji - Reduced damage taken from Black and Alien enemies, survives one lethal strike.
    • Dr. Mekako - Knocks back and reduces attack power of Alien enemies!
    • Mission Control Mekako - Does massive damage towards aliens and is able to slow them down.
  • The White Rabbit - Slows Alien and Red enemies.
    • The Black Cat - Strong against Alien and Red enemies.
    • The Gray Fox - Knockback and Weaken against Alien and Red enemies.
  • Warlock and Pierre - Only attacks Floating and Alien enemies, deals 4x damage to enemy's base.
    • Dark Merchant Babil - Only attacks Angel and Alien enemies, gains 2x money for defeating enemies.
    • Mad Doctor Klay - Only attacks Aliens, immune to Freeze, Slow, Knockback and Weaken.
  • Hayabusa - Might perform a critical hit (30%). Long Distance attacks (Can't harm nearby enemies).
    • Oni Hayabusa - May knockback or slow down Alien enemies' movement for 100f (50%). Ranged attacks (Can't harm nearby enemies).
    • Akuma Hayabusa - May knockback or slow down Zombie enemies, also gains Zombie Killer ability.
  • Detective Vigler - Performs Shockwaves, might freeze Aliens and Floating.
    • Inspector Gabriel - Performs Shockwaves, might freeze Aliens and Zombies; also has Zombie Killer.
    • Section Chief Gravicci - Performs Shockwaves, 100% Chance at freezing Zombies, Strong Against them and Zombie Killer.
  • Sharpshooter Saki - Long range attacks that can snipe only Aliens and Red.
    • Nighthunter Saki - Long range attacks that can snipe only Aliens and Zombies with Zombie Killer ability.

Also get a chance to unlock Legend Rare unit Doktor Heaven!

Exclusive to the PC Version, there is one more member of the Dark Heroes Gacha, only available in the VIP edition:

  • Type-Monshiro - Occasionally knock back Cats and Alien enemies, also immune to Wave attacks.
    • Type-Kuroageha - Occasionally slows Cats and Enemies, creates Shock Wave attacks sometimes.


  • Like the Ultra Souls, all members in this event have different usages in any form. Their trait targeting and abilities may change throughout evolution. However, every Dark Heroes member targets Aliens.
  • Few members of this event have their stats changed with their evolution, but it usually doesn't happen.
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