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Demon of Deciliter Bay (デシリットル湾の魔物, Deshirittoru no Mamono, Evil Spirit of Deciliter Bay) is the 8th sub-chapter of Zero Legends, and the 106th sub-chapter overall. It was introduced in Version 13.0 and is available up to 1♛ difficulty.


This sub-chapter is overall easier than previous sub-chapters, so you should not stress over it. The only significantly hard stage here is 1 + 2 = Tor. A variety of floating enemies reside there including three Teacher Bun Buns and three Othoms making it a very tense stage. The only other notable stage is The Farthest Point as it is a fight against two Bakoos, although it isn't the hardest stage.

As this chapter came out during the same update Ultra Forms did, some of the stages were made around them. Pursuit of Understanding becomes quite easy if you have Phantasmal Nobunaga due to its Surge Reflect, 1 + 2 = Tor becomes extremely easy if you have Ultimate Windy, and Isosceles Valley becomes significantly easier if you have Ascendant Dioramos. Overall, an interesting chapter.

New Features[]

This sub-chapter introduces 3 enemies to Zero Legends:

  • Black Cyclone: A Floating/Black Cyclone from Heaven of Darkness. Has very high health and DPS and a 20% chance to knockback cats, but deals relatively low damage per hit and gets knocked back up to 10 times.
  • Bears Be Back: A Red/Floating/Black/Angel/Alien/Zombie enemy from the Bears Be Back event. They don't hit hard, but have impressive health, movement speed and range, with a rapid, three-part attack that can inflict Knockback, Freeze, Slow, Weaken and/or Warp.
  • Bakoo: The Advent Boss of Deeply Dreaming, this slow-moving Black enemy constantly freezes all units within an enormous range should a unit trigger her attack, which occurs at 180 range. Like Black Cyclone, she suffers from having 10 knockbacks.

List of Stages[]

Mapname007 nd en Mapname007 nd ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn007 00 nd en Kai o Motomete Sanzenri 3000 Leagues in Search of the Solution 200 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn007 01 nd en Pitagora Suigen Pythagora Water Source 210 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn007 02 nd en Ichitasuniha San Mount One Plus Two Equals Three 200 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn007 03 nd en Sain Kosain Tankō Sine Cosine Coal Mines 220 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn007 04 nd en Nitōhen Sankakukei Isosceles Valley 200 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn007 05 nd en Harukanaru Ten P Distant Point P 230 EnergyIcon

Material Drop Rates

None Brick Z
Brick Z small
Feathers Z
Feather Z small
Coal Z
Coals Z small
Sprockets Z
Sprockets Z small
Gold Z
Gold Z small
Meteorite Z
Meteorite Z small
Beast Bones Z
Beast Bones Z small
Ammonite Z
Relic Fossil Z small
33% 5% 17% 12% 0% 17% 7% 7% 0%


  • All of the Japanese stage names have a connection to math.
    • Pursuit of Understanding is simply about finding solutions to equations.
    • Pythagorean Tributary is a reference to the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras.
    • 1 + 2 = Tor is a pun on the name of a fictional mountain (イチタスニハ山, ichitasuniha san) and a statement of addition: 一足す二は三 (ichi tasu ni wa san, one plus two equals three).
    • Sine-Cosine Mine directly includes the names of the trigonometric functions sine and cosine.
    • Isosceles Valley is a reference to Isosceles Triangles. It has a pun with the kanji 渓 meaning valley and 形 meaning shape (both read as kei) in the Japanese word for an isosceles triangle, 二等辺三角形.
    • The Farthest Point refers to 点P (point P), which is commonly known by Japanese math students in a type of math problem that asks for the area of a region traced by the motion of a point named P.
  • Most likely intentionally, some of the stages in this subchapter were specifically designed to be countered by certain Ultra Forms, which had came out in the same update as this subchapter's addition.


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