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Doge (わんこ Wanko, "Doggy" or "Puppy") is a Traitless enemy that appears in the Main Chapters, Legend Stages and Catclaw Dojo.


Doge is the first enemy, the main and only opponent faced in Korea/Nagasaki. In almost all stages he appears in he is used as a meatshield for stronger enemies of all sorts. Do not fear this enemy, and focus your strategies on whatever else is in the stage.


With his low health and attack power, Doge can easily be killed by almost anything, even by low-level Normal Cats. Although he can be ignored most of the time, be aware of his buffs in Way of the Ninja and The Noble Tribe. In later encounters, the use of Wave Attack Cats like Crazed Gross Cat is recommended to clear waves of Doges, in aid of Single Target Cats or others who may miss because of a Doge getting in the way, although this is far from necessary.


Switch EN/JP

Enemy Unit # 000 Traitless
Enemy icon 000.png
EN Description
A Loving Shiba and Battle Cat's rival.
Trying to enter college this year.
Very thoughtful and sends
birthday gifts to Cat every year.
Enemy Unit # 000 Traitless
わんこ (Wanko, Doggy)
Enemy icon 000.png
JP Script
EN Translation
A Shiba dog that sees Cat as a rival.
Never forgets to give Cat presents on its birthday.
Is currently trying to qualify to get into college.


Name Appearance Information
Doge Dark
Enemy icon 046.png
A Black variant of Doge with superior overall stats and more knockbacks. Drops good amounts of money for how easily it is killed.
Type 10
Enemy icon 055.png
A Doge in a Type 10 tank. Has the Metal trait, with extremely low stats overall. Appears in Unseen in 2019.
Samurai Doggy
Enemy icon 085.png
A Doge Dark riding a One Horn. Has a 100% chance to knockback cats, is a Red/Black enemy, is first seen in Love is Sickness event, and behaves like a faster One Horn.
Ecto Doge
Enemy icon 103.png
A Floating variant of Doge introduced in the Ghostly Houseguests event.
Lord Enma
Enemy icon 101.png
A Le'boin ridden by a Doge, the Red variant of both enemies. Introduced in the Ghostly Houseguests event. Lord Enma behaves similarly to a regular Le'boin.
Pigge Back
Enemy icon 111.png
This Red enemy introduced in Autumn = Sports Day! takes the form of three regular Doges carrying a Pigge.
Enemy icon 114.png
Gabriel is Doge's Angel variant. Behaves similarly to Doge Dark, but with shorter range, Area Attack, faster movement and more knockbacks.
Metal Doge
Enemy icon 147.png
A Metal variant of Doge sporting far superior attack rate, movement speed and damage, along the Metal trait & low health.
Angry Sun
Enemy icon 126.png
A stationary Metal enemy with the face of a Doge. Has incredible range and always freezes cats for a short time, but does almost no damage. Appears in Year's First Dawn.
Wall Doge
Enemy icon 117.png
Wall Cat's Doge counterpart. Has much more health and damage, with Area Attack and lower speed.
Birthday Cake
Enemy icon 120.png
A birthday cake carried by 3 Doges. Has moderate HP and the Metal trait with just 1 attack power. Appears in Memorial Events.
Enemy icon 167.png
Alien version of Doge. Slightly faster in terms of speed, with much higher strength and slightly improved attack rate than Doge.
Doge O'Lantern
Enemy icon 197.png
A Doge hiding inside a pumpkin, introduced in All Hallows Road.
Drummer Doge
Enemy icon 262.png
A "Macho Doge" on a Taiko Drum, it is a stationary enemy, has extremely long range, high health and a 100% chance to freeze cats, but deals minimal damage. Similar to Angry Sun, appears in Summer Diary.
Package Doge
Enemy icon 268.png
A Doge-faced cardboard box used for delivery. Stationary, with the Metal trait and extremely low health and attack power. Appears in Sender Unknown.
Enemy icon 284.png
The Zombie variant of Doge. Far stronger, has fewer knock backs, can burrow under cats and revives once with 50% HP.
Icy Doge
Enemy icon 307.png
A slightly tougher version of Wall Doge, with more health, damage and range. Appears in Cats in the Snow.
Coffin Zoge
Enemy icon 309.png
A Zombie variant of Wall Doge, with more health, damage and range. Revives with 100% HP an unlimited number of times with short revive time but lacks the ability to burrow.
Enemy icon 336.png
A golden variant of Doge wearing a top hat and monocle. Drops a large amount of money when killed and appears in The Midas Touch.
Gudetama Plate
Enemy icon 351.png
A weak enemy found in the Gudetama Collaboration Event.
Gudegude à la mode
Enemy icon 352.png
Another Gudetama Collaboration Event enemy, it has a 50% chance to knockback Cat Units.
Nisetama Army
Enemy icon 353.png
A fast-moving enemy from the Gudetama Collaboration Event with decent health and range.
Shibalien Elite
Enemy icon 360.png
The Starred Alien variant of Doge. He has massively increased stats, slightly higher speed and a chance of Warping cats backward.
Pigge Victorious
Enemy icon 389.png
A Red enemy similar to Pigge Back, with a chance to knockback Cat Units. Appears in Go Graduates!.
Moe Uzumasa & Doge
Enemy icon 402.png
Chibi version of Get On! Kyoto City Subway mascot Moe Uzumasa with a Doge by her side. Has Long Distance attacks.
Saki Matsuga & Doge
Enemy icon 403.png
Chibi version of Get On! Kyoto City Subway mascot Saki Matsuga with a Doge by her side. The strongest and fastest enemy in the collab, with the ability to weaken groups of cats for 5 seconds.
Misa Ono & Doge
Enemy icon 404.png
Chibi version of Get On! Kyoto City Subway mascot Misa Ono with a Doge by her side. Sports exceptional range and can weaken cats for a few seconds, but deals mediocre damage.
Enemy icon 405.png
A Doge piloting a mechanical version of Teacher Bun Bun. Has behemoth amounts of health and damage, non-stop attacks, and attack that extend past its range. Does not have the Metal trait. Appears in the final stage of Stories of Legend, Eldritch Forces.
Relic Doge
Enemy icon 407.png
Doge's Relic variant. It has massively increased stats, improved speed, rapid attack and a chance to inflict the Curse effect.
Gude-Doge Machine
Enemy icon 409.png
A Doge piloting a Gude-Cat Machine. Appears in the Gudetama Collaboration Event.
Enemy icon 421.png
Lord Enma's Angel variant, with increased attack power which becomes even higher at 50% HP, but a longer attack animation and shorter range. Appears in Ghostly Strangers.
Shakurel Doge
Enemy icon 470.png
A slightly stronger version of Doge that appears in the Shakurel Planet Collaboration Event.
Cat Day Cake
Enemy icon 478.png
An even weaker version of Birthday Cake that appears during Meow Meow Day.
Rat Doge
Enemy icon 494.png
A Doge wearing a rat costume. Appears in Year's First Dawn and Lunar New Year 2020.
Enemy icon 503.png
A faster and stronger Doge that can dodge attacks. Appears in the Hatsune Miku Collaboration Event.
Cow Doge
Enemy icon 537.png
A faster Doge that is essentially a reskin of Rat Doge. Appears in the Gauntlet of the You Nears 2021 event, A Colossal New Year!.
Chocolate Wall Doge
Enemy icon 539.png
A Freeze-immune Black variant of Wall Doge, with guaranteed Lv.4 Mini-Waves on every hit. Appears in A Colossal Valentine's.
Aku Doge
Enemy icon 552.png
An Aku variant of Doge, he has a weak Shield that regenerates with 50% HP for each damage-based knockback he takes.
Tiger Doge
Enemy icon 595.png
The same old New Year's Doge in a different costume. Appears in A Colossal New Year! (2021).
Nana & Doge
Enemy icon 596.png
Chibi version of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit mascot Nana with a Doge by her side. Together they form a well-rounded enemy with piercing range and Mini-Waves that can slow.
Emilia & Doge
Enemy icon 597.png
Chibi version of Kaohsiung Rapid Transit mascot Emilia with a Doge by her side. Similar to Nana & Doge, but trades the Mini-Waves and slow for higher overall stats and a brief freeze effect.
Wild Doge
Enemy icon 603.png
A Traitless/Behemoth variant of Doge with much higher stats, a shorter backswing and immunity to Surge Attacks. First appears in Empress' Excavation 1.
Li'l Doge
Enemy icon 608.png
A miniature version of Doge. Has low stats but makes up for it with a 20% chance to dodge Cats' attacks for 1 second.
Enemy icon 612.png
Another Relic variant of doge. Deals high amounts of damage from short range and creates Lv.4 Mini-Waves that can inflict knockback, freeze, slow, weaken, or curse.


Empire of Cats

Strength magnifications are 100% in Chapter 1, 150% in Chapter 2, and 400% in Chapter 3.

Empire of Cats Outbreaks

Strength magnifications are 200% in Chapter 1, 400% in Chapter 2, and 600% in Chapter 3.

Into the Future

Cats of the Cosmos

The Aku Realms

Stories of Legend

Uncanny Legends

Event Stages

Collaboration Stages

Removed Stages


Health Attack Power Attack Range Attack Frequency Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
90 HP 8 damage
(5.11 DPS)
(Single Target)
47f 1.57 seconds 5 3 times 8f 0.27s
(10f 0.33s backswing)
Special Ability Type
- Traitless

Existence Elsewhere

Kumanchu Royale

Doge was one of the many returning enemies in Kumanchu Royale.

Nyanko Daibōsō

Doge appeared as a regular enemy in Nyanko Daibōsō.

Nyanko Defence Force

A variety of UFO Doges served as the weakest and most common enemies in Nyanko Defence Force. Like most normal enemies, they could rarely appear as sparking, which would drop either an item or a type of gem.

The basic UFO Doge could also be seen on the icons of several different abilities, including Monster Killer (+30% damage against non-boss enemies), Slow at Any Time (permanently slow all non-boss enemies by 10%) and Slow Peons (slow all bon-boss enemies by 50% for 3 seconds).

UFO Doge Red UFO Doge UFO Doge Dark UFO Shibalien UFO Zoge
Metal UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Dark Shiny UFO Zoge
Skill 2.jpg
Skill 13.jpg
Skill 14.jpg
Monster Killer
(モンスターキラー Monsutā Kirā)
Slow at Any Time
(いつでも遅く Itsu de mo Osoku)
Slow Peons
(ザコ遅く Zako Osoku)
Three different UFO Doges in a game over screen

Go! Go! Pogo Cat

While Doge himself does not appear in Go! Go! Pogo Cat, his face can be seen on a large ruin in the background, and Ecto Doge occasionally drifts through the foreground after the 12th checkpoint has been reached.

Kyoutou Project

Doge appeared as an enemy in Kyoutou Project during the game's collab with The Battle Cats.

Doge as an enemy in Kyoutou Project

The Burgle Cats

Doge takes on many different forms as traps in The Burgle Cats.

Img trap wanko.png
Trap nisehusuma.png
Img trap fakecoin.png
Img trap tatami.png
Img trap balloon.png
Guard Doge Fake Vault Fake Coin Tatamigaeshi Doge Balloon
Img trap cerberus.png
Img trap debuffcurse.png
Img trap bombwanko.png
Img trap debuffskill.png
Img trap patrol mechawanko.png
Loudspeaker Haunter Bomberdoge Curser MechaDoge


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  • His English name references the eponymous Shiba Inu dog that became a meme on the internet.
  • His Japanese name, wan-ko (puppy), is the dog equivalent to nyan-ko (kitty) in that the onomatopoeia for a dog's bark is 'wan' and a cat's meow is 'nyan'. The 'ko' is just a suffix meaning child.
  • Nyanko New Japan and Battle Cats Quest are the only Battle Cats games not to include any variation of Doge.
  • The Birthday Cake enemy may be a reference to how Doge sends gifts to Cat annually.
  • According to Gabriel's and Aku Doge's descriptions, Doge and his variants were part of a larger Doge clan.
  • His gender is confirmed in Li'l Doge's description, where it's mentioned that Doge is Li'l Doge's grandfather in the future.
  • He is the enemy with the most variants.
  • He is one of the three enemies to have both unstarred and Starred Alien variants, the others being Gory and the Cyclones.


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Silver Week
Steel SnakeMercury Sloth
Finals Week
Pigge VictoriousBang-Bang
White BallRed BallMetal Ball
Secret Crush BaseConfessional Tree
Cat Counterparts
Crazed Cats
Crazed CatCrazed Tank CatCrazed Axe CatCrazed Gross CatCrazed Cow CatCrazed Bird CatCrazed Fish CatCrazed Lizard CatCrazed Titan Cat

Crazed MonekoCorrupted Moneko

Manic Mohawk CatManic Eraser CatManic Dark CatManic Macho Legs CatManic Lion CatManic Flying CatManic Island CatManic King Dragon CatManic Jamiera Cat

Awakened Cats (Special)
Beefcake CatDancer CatHyper Mr.Ultimate Bondage CatDark LazerHeavy Assault C.A.T.LollycatUnicycle CatFlying Ninja CatSkelecatPastry CatRiceball CatGato AmigoLoincloth Cat
Awakened Cats (Monthly)
Prisoner CatGentleman Bros.NyalladinWrestling CatKiss and KoiMadam the SavannahCall Center CatKite CatIron Claw XRampage CatRitual CatXmas Pudding Cat
Awakened Cats (Li'l)
Li'l Mohawk CatLi'l Eraser CatLi'l Dark CatLi'l Macho Legs CatLi'l Lion CatLi'l Flying CatLi'l Island CatLi'l King Dragon CatLi'l Jamiera Cat
Awakened Cats (Other)
Cat Kart PNekondo SPValue Meal Cat
Gummy CatWafer Cat BIG
Collaboration (BCEN)
Merc Storia
CelesseNonoNornSerumOlgaFuuYoichiReiAuraWyvernHealerHearschtCorneliaAloisHealer Cat CCMerc & Cat CCTiti Cat CCOrthosMicheliaTodomeki
Survive! Mola Mola!
SardineSquidCrabAyumi ManbosakiBaby MolaMola King
Shoumetsu Toshi
TakuyaYukiTakuya and Lovely YukiLost World YukiCrazed YukiKano & SoumaMessier
Metal Slug Defense
Mushroom Garden
Madoka Magica
Gertrud (Witch)Charlotte (Snake)Charlotte (Doll)Kirsten (Witch)Walpurgisnacht (Witch)KyubeyHomulilly (Witch)Kyubey
Crash Fever
MobiusBelialHappy 100
Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]
SaberLancerArcherRiderGilgameshRin TohsakaIllyasvielSaber Alter
Power Pro Baseball
Karin NekozukaMisaki KonnoSairi NijitaniRen KatagiriHaterProf. Wild Base (Enemy Base)
Sachiel (Eva Angel)Ramiel (Eva Angel)Bardiel (Eva Angel)Zeruel (Eva Angel)Awakened Eva Unit-13 (Eva Angel)
LINE Pokopang!
Super DevilSatanmariaWondermariaBeastly NeroHead RococoSuper ZeusShaman KhanHeracrist
Shakurel Planet
Shakurel DogeShakurel GoryShakurel FaceShakurel LionShakurel TigerShakurel Panda
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
RyuChun-LiGuileZangiefBlankaDhalsimKenCarAkumaE. HondaBalrogVegaSagatM. Bison
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune MikuSakura MikuKagamine Rin & LenMegurine LukaSnow Miku 2021MikuDogeMikuGoryMikuBear
Ranma 1/2
Ranma Saotome (M)Akane TendoHibiki RyogaShampooMousse
Shin Godzilla
Collaboration (BCJP only)
Google Android
Sakura Android
Hometown Self-Defense Force
Type 10
Princess Punt
Princess Punt (form 1)Princess Punt (form 2)Princess HeadSwordsman (form 1)Swordsman (form 2)Chibigau (form 1)Chibigau (form 2)YuurinchiiWedding KerihimeEternal Sleeping BeautyGekirinchiiJudgement
Million Arthur
Nimue (form 1)Nimue (form 2)
Dragon Poker
Monkey King (form 1)Monkey King (form 2)
Final Boss Advent?!
Mega CatMega Cat EX
Dragon League
Drury SwordsmanDrury Witch
Ayanokōji ShōSaotome HikaruSaionji HitomiHoshi GuranmanieShiratori Shōchikubai
Yakuza Apocalypse
Mob CatYakuza Vampire
Monster Hunter
Castle & Dragon
SwordsmanCavalry SoldierAshuraBattle BalloonDragon RiderPretty CatCyclopsGolemSwordsman of MyooThunderclap Black Cavalry SoldierKabukimono AshuraBattle Balloon UFOFlamming Dragon RiderCyber Pretty CatSpace-time CyclopsVolcano Golem
Nebaaru-kun & Nyan Puzzle
Y! Mobile
Cat Busters
Neko Hakase
Gudetama PlateGudegude à la modeNisetama ArmyGude-Doge MachineGudebene Cat
Get On! Kyoto City Subway
Moe Uzumasa & DogeSaki Matsuga & DogeMisa Ono & Doge
GeGeGe no Kitarō
Nissin U.F.O
Yakisoba U.F.O. CatYakisoba Face
WindRed WindBlack Wind
Kaohsiung Rapid Transit
Nana & DogeEmilia & Doge
Collaboration (BCTW only)
Hiroshi Mihara
Idol Mihara & Cat
Chocolate Cat
Maji Cat & Cat Tour Group
Kaohsiung Rapid Transit
HAPPIHAPPI & Maji Cat & Cat