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Existence Elsewhere[]

Kumanchu Royale[]

Doge was one of the many returning enemies, though his Enemy Guide entry was significantly different. In this game, he was apparently on an overseas trip, explaining why he appeared in so many countries compared to the previous game, Ganso!! Nyanko Daisensou, which only had Japan.

わんこ (Wanko, Doggy)
Kumanchu enemy 1
Description Translation
A Shiba Inu who sees Bear as a rival.
Wanted souvenirs so badly he
departed on an overseas trip. He is actually
a student and is attempting college entrance exams each year.

Nyanko Daibōsō[]

Doge appeared as a regular enemy.

ND Doge

Shoumetsu Toshi[]

Doge appears in Shoumetsu Toshi as a water type unit introduced in the fourth collaboration between the two games. It appears in the collaboration gacha during the event duration and can only be obtained through it.

わんこ (Wanko, Doggy)
ST Doge
Stats At Level 30
Rarity ★3
Health 891
Attack 395
Recovery 92
Single Skill Enemy defense power 50% DOWN for 10 seconds
Leadership Skill Increase the attack power of your ally's water attribute soul by 1.5

Nyanko Defence Force[]

A variety of UFO Doges served as the weakest and most common enemies. Like most normal enemies, they could rarely appear as sparking, which would drop either an item or a type of gem.

The basic UFO Doge could also be seen on the icons of several different abilities, including Monster Killer (+30% damage against non-boss enemies), Slow at Any Time (permanently slow all non-boss enemies by 10%) and Slow Peons (slow all bon-boss enemies by 50% for 3 seconds).

UFO Doge Red UFO Doge UFO Doge Dark UFO Shibalien UFO Zoge
Metal UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Shiny UFO Doge Dark Shiny UFO Zoge
Skill 2
Skill 13
Skill 14
Monster Killer
(モンスターキラー Monsutā Kirā)
Slow at Any Time
(いつでも遅く Itsu de mo Osoku)
Slow Peons
(ザコ遅く Zako Osoku)
Three different UFO Doges in a game over screen

Go! Go! Pogo Cat[]

While Doge himself does not appear in Go! Go! Pogo Cat, his face can be seen on a large ruin in the background, and Ghost Doge occasionally drifts through the foreground after the 12th checkpoint has been reached.

Kyoutou Project[]

Doge appeared as an enemy during the collaboration event.

わんこ (Wanko, Doggy)

The Burgle Cats[]

Doge takes on many different forms as traps.

Img trap wanko
Trap nisehusuma
Img trap fakecoin
Img trap tatami
Img trap balloon
Guard Doge Fake Vault Fake Coin Tatamigaeshi Doge Balloon
Img trap cerberus
Img trap debuffcurse
Img trap bombwanko
Img trap debuffskill
Img trap patrol mechawanko
Loudspeaker Haunter Bomberdoge Curser MechaDoge

No Longer MOMOTARO[]

Oni Doge appeared as a regular enemy in No Longer MOMOTARO.

オニわんこ (Oni Wanko, Oni Doge)
NGmomo Oni Doge
Type Close Range
Skill None
Description Translation
A Shiba Inu who became an Oni after eating an Onidango
He still sees cats as rivals.
He seems to be eager to show off his cool horn
and attacks with all his might whenever he encounters a cat.