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Dreams Come False is the fifth and last stage in The Midas Touch.


  • Infinite Goldoges spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • Infinite Goldoges spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 20~33.33 seconds600f~1,000f.
  • 1 Sir Hippoe spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 1 Sir Hippoe spawns after 56.67 seconds1,700f.
  • 1 Sir Hippoe spawns after 60 seconds1,800f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • 30 Goldoges spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 10~23.33 seconds300f~700f.
    • 15 Goldoges spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 10~23.33 seconds300f~700f.
    • 8 Sir Hippoes spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 10~12 seconds300f~360f.
    • 5 Golden R. Osts spawn after 0.07 seconds2f, delay 24 seconds720f.
    • 1 Goldoge spawns as the boss after 0.07 seconds2f.


The problem most players face in this stage are the Golden R. Osts that are spawned frequently. Although the Golden R. Osts are Metal enemies, bringing critical hitters is not recommended as the Golden R. Osts outrange a lot of them like Jurassic Cat and Moneko. If you happen to have any critical hitters that outrange the Golden R. Osts (like some of the Neneko variants) bringing them along would be a good idea. To beat the stage, bring along about 4 meatshields and then any other quick cooldown/quick attacking unit with at least 260+ range (ex. Paris Cat, Dragon Cat, Sexy Legs Cat, etc.) that you have. The meatshields will hold the enemies back while the other units push forward. With the Golden R. Osts three knockbacks and low health, they should get pushed behind the base and then it should be an easy win from there.

Strategy 1 (Cheese)

Lineup: 2 Cat Cannon Start UP M combos (i.e. Yesterday’s Enemy) Green Shell Cat (Minimum level required is 32), Bullet Train Cat (Level 50 recommended, though can be lower leveled), Awakened Bahamut Cat (Level 40 recommended, though can be lower leveled).

Cat Cannon: Slow Beam (Level 10 or above is recommended), Iron Wall (Level 6 or above is recommended) or Thunderbolt (Level 10 or above is recommended)

Start off by spawning a bullet train cat when you reach 750¢. After the bullet train cat kills the Goldoge, spawn a green shell cat immediately, and after the green shell cat passes the bullet train cat, summon awakened bahamut cat. The bullet train cat should kill the second Goldoge by now. When awakened bahamut is about to hit the base, fire your Cat Cannon and then you win! (If this strat does not work, level your cannon up and/or level up your green shell cat)


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