Easter Island (宮城県, Miyagi in Japanese Version) is the 41st stage of Empire of Cats. One Horn appears for the first time in this stage.

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Easter Island

Empire of Cats - Stage 41
Chapter 1
Energy: 32
Enemy's Castle Health: 20000 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (100%)

- Croco (100%)

- One Horn (Red) (100%)

- Squire Rel (100%)

Enemy Boss: - One Horn (Red) (100%)
Treasure: EN: Mini Moai Statue

JP: タン (Tongue)

XP earned: 13000 XP
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 10
Chapter 2
Energy: 42
Enemy's Castle Health: 40000 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (150%)

- Croco (150%)

- One Horn (Red) (150%)

- Squire Rel (150%)

Enemy Boss: - One Horn (Red) (150%)
Treasure: EN: Mini Moai Statue

JP: タン (Tongue)

XP earned: 13000 XP
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 10
Chapter 3
Energy: 52
Enemy's Castle Health: 60000 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (400%)

- Croco (400%)

- One Horn (Red) (400%)

- Squire Rel (400%)

Enemy Boss: - One Horn (Red) (400%)
Treasure: EN: Mini Moai Statue

JP: タン (Tongue)

XP earned: 13000 XP
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 10


At the start of the level, One Horn will appear.

Those Guys, Croco and Squire Rel appear as peons.

After dealing 1000 damage to the enemy base, another One Horn will be spawned as a boss.


Those Guys, Croco, and Squire Rel are real easy to kill. One Horn is the main threat - a HUGE problem, in fact. It deals 500 damage per hit, and 3 words: Does. Not. Stop. It has no recharge on its attacks, an insane health of 15,000 HP, and to top it all off, it doesn't get knocked back until it's killed.

Because One Horn has no recharge on his attacks, use long-range units like Sexy Legs Cat to outrange him along with meatshields (Wall Cat, Macho Cat) and Titan Cat to protect the Sexy Legs Cats. Titan Cat will get a few hits on One Horn. The use of anti-Red Cats, such as Bean Cats, Brave Cat and Whale Cat is also recommended.

Once One Horn is defeated, another one will spawn when you hit the enemy base. When that happens, use the same strategy you used with the first One Horn to beat the level.

Zombie Outbreak


Squire Rel, Those Guys, Zroco and Zoge appear as peons.

Zomboe appears after about 30 seconds or so and continue to spawn throughout the stage. .

One Horn appears as a major threat when the battle begins and another spawns with a Boss Shockwave when you damage the base.


There is no real way to rush this stage due to the One Horn so prepare like any normal zombie fight, farming a couple Worker Cat stages along the way. You'll have to worry about the Red rhino more than the zombies in this stage but as always be wary of burrowing and having no Zombie Killers on reserve to clean up your back lines.

All in all, a strong anti-red will do you very well just like on the normal stage. Just keep up the pressure with proper meatshielding just like most One Horn fights and you'll be just fine.

Zomboe poses a bit of a threat but he's very slow and doesn't burrow too far so dispatching him shouldn't be too tough, just be wary of his slow effect.

Mighty Dredknot gets special mention here as the little guys deal Massive damage to Zombies AND Red enemies, plus they Zombie Killer and a large health pool.


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