Empire of Cats is the first saga in the game and is unlocked from the beginning. This mode contains 3 chapters, with 48 levels in each. Collecting all Treasures available in each stage is the main goal in this mode.

Chapter 1: The Battle Cats Rising

Chapter 2: The Emperor of Darkness

  • Units have their usual cost in this chapter, or 50% more than in Chapter 1.
  • All enemies in this chapter have a strength magnification of 150%.
  • Boss of this chapter is Dark Emperor Nyandam, with a stronger wave of peons.
  • Players unlock Valkyrie Cat upon completion.
  • Completing this chapter also increases the level cap to 20 and unlocks the Filter and All Cats buttons in the Upgrade and Equip menus.

Chapter 3: Revival of Bahamut-Cat

  • Units cost 33.3% more than they normally would in this chapter, or twice as much as in Chapter 1. (Example: Macho Cat costs 100¢ instead of 75¢)
  • All enemies in this chapter have a strength magnification of 400%.
  • Boss of this chapter is Teacher Bun Bun, with non-stop waves of even stronger peons.
  • Players unlock Bahamut Cat upon completion.
  • Completing this chapter also unlocks Catfruit and Catfruit Stages.

Treasure Explanation

These Treasures can be split into three groups (in ascending order): Inferior, Normal, and Superior. When completing a stage, you have a chance to earn a Treasure (quality is random). You can try a stage again to get higher Treasure quality.

Using a Treasure Radar in a stage will result in a guaranteed Superior Treasure.

Completing a set of Treasures activates its associated effect. Effectiveness is determined by the quality of the whole set.

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