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Empire of Cats Opening (EN)
Empire of Cats Ending (EN)

Amongst all the global issues,
civil wars, financial crises, terrorism
a brand new threat appears…
The Battle Cats

We found it too hard
to fight back… because…
these Cats… are too cute.

We are powerless to their reign.
We cannot stop their legion.

Come to think of it
Cats have already invaded the internet too..
We have the best
information technology systems
and use them to look at Cats.

By the way,
the developer of these Battle Cats
was interviewed on TV. It went like this…

Why is the new weapon a Cat?

and he answered -

Because I love Cats.

… are you serious?

I just read what I've written.
It's horrible… so horrible.
I've forgotten how bad my writing was.

My biggest mistake was
I don't know who I am writing to…
I remember my days as a kid,
I wanted to be a major leaguer.

Now I want to be a millionaire CEO of
a Social Networking Service.

I mean,
If you have money,
You don't need love, right?

Whatever the answer is…
I want to tell you one thing.

The "Battle Cats" aren't so bad.

That's pretty much it.

After all the battles,

The world was overrun by the Battle Cats.

A government of the Cats,

by the Cats, for the Cats is the new world!

Or that's what I thought…

In the end,

nothing really changed.

Well, if I have to say something,

I see a lot more Cats nowadays.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, by the way,

I had a "Cat" come into my office

for a job interview, he didn't get in.

We might be really busy,

but a Cat…

is just a Cat.

However, I do feel lucky if I see one,

in the office or at school.

Wouldn't you?


Congratulations to The Battle Cats!

Thank you Battle Cats!

Battle Cats Forever!