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All battles in The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou are won by destroying the enemy base on the left side of the battlefield. Like the Cat Base, enemy bases are immune to most effects, including Wave Attacks. There are many different enemy bases found throughout the game, though most differ only in appearance. All bases are Typeless except the Finale Base, which is Metal.

Relation to Boss Spawnpoints[]

Depending on which sprite the enemy base uses, bosses will spawn a different distance ahead of the base. The default value is 28.5, but most of the generic bases found all throughout Legend Stages and one of the bases from the Princess Punt Sweets Collaboration Event have their own custom distances. For more information, see this video.

60.25 53.75 44.25 38 38
38 38 38 38 34.75
31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5 25.5
25.5 25.5 22.5 22.5 22.5
19 16 28.5

Animated Enemy Bases[]

Animated Enemy Bases are counted as Enemy Units with their own IDs, and many also possess the ability to attack Cat Units. Unlike other bases, their health is determined by a strength magnification which also affects their damage output, and the vast majority of them can receive damage from Surge Attacks. Crown difficulties will increase the strength magnifications of these bases.

Enemy ID Name Image Attack Power Range Attack frequency Attack animation Abilities
285 Scarecrow E 283 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 609f 10f -
300 Niconico TV E 298 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 649f 50f -
314 Corrupted Cat Base E 312 100 500 (Single Target) 751f 2f Creates a Lv.20 Wave Attack (100%)
317 Doge Base E 315 50 1,000 (Single Target) 751f 2f Creates a Lv.20 Wave Attack (100%)
335 Moai Statue E 333 15 600 (Area Attack) 131f 12f -
380 5th Anniversary Scarecrow E 378 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 609f 10f -
388 Prof. Wild Base E 386 100 750 (Area Attack) 399f 36f Slows Cat Units for 150f (100%)

Weakens Cat Units to 50% for 150f (100%)

438 6th Anniversary Scarecrow E 436 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 609f 10f -
489 Car E 487 0 0 (Area Attack) - - -
492 7th Anniversary Scarecrow E 490 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 10f 609f -
524 Relic Doge Base E 522 1 2,000 (Area Attack) 100f 451f Curses Cat Units for 300f (100%)
526 Surge Base E 524 120 2,000 (Single Target) 148f 247f Creates a Lv.3 Surge Attack between 150 and 2,000 range (100%)
536 8th Anniversary Scarecrow E 534 en 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 10f 609f -
580 Aku Altar E 574 100,000 0 (Single Target) 0f 1f When on the battlefield, limits Cat Units' normal levels and disables + levels (see The Aku Realms for more information)
581 Inactive Aku Altar E 575 100,000 0 (Single Target) 0f 1f -
593 9th Anniversary Scarecrow E 591 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 10f 609f -
603 Secret Crush Base E 601 10 1 (Single Target) 0f 1f -
604 Confessional Tree Rc604 e 10 1 (Single Target) 0f 1f -
626 10th Anniversary Scarecrow E 626 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 10f 609f -
632 Origin Base E 632 0 0 (Single Target) 0f 0f Immune to Surge
644 644 Enemy icon 000 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 10f 609f -
648 Clown Base E 648 10 1 (Single Target) 10f 1,000f -
651 Finale Base E 651 50 1 (Single Target) 10f 1,000f -
657 Relay Base E 657 10 1 (Single Target) 10f 1,000f -
669 Tsubo E 669 1 0 (Single Target) 1f 1f -
673 11th Anniversary Scarecrow E 673 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 609f 10f -
681 Artillery Scarecrow E 681 999,999 450 (Area Attack) 209f 10f
693 Wave Scarecrow E 693 999,999 300 (Area Attack) 709f 10f Creates a Lv.20 Wave Attack


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E 315
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E 315


  • When a cat is teleported behind an enemy base by Mesocosmocyclone or the Gardeneel Bros., it will continue to walk forward until it goes off-screen, disappearing from the battle but still counting towards the Cat Deploy Limit.
    • However, due to the nature of binary data, when distance numbers overflow these units will be teleported to the right and rejoin the battle eventually. This phenomenon is seen in this video.
  • When a battle ends in a tie (i.e., both bases reach 0 HP on the same frame), the outcome depends on which type of base is on the enemy's side.
    • If the enemy base is not animated, it will count as a victory for the player.
    • If the enemy base is animated, it will count as a loss for the player, but continuing by spending Cat Food or watching an ad will result in an instant victory.
  • Most of the enemy bases in the English version of Empire of Cats were taken directly from Kumanchu Royale.
  • The Into the Future background for the Main Menu contains an unused enemy base resembling a freighter.
  • The English version of Empire of Cats uses Nyanko Daisensou's Kyoto base for Japan. In Into the Future, however, Japan's enemy base resembles Tokyo's.
  • The Legend Stages base with a hanging shark could be a reference to a similar-looking Jaws model at Universal Studios Japan.