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More Enemy Units!

Enemy icon 000.png Dominant with white, gray, or other random colors than don't fit with any trait, most of them are the initial or more balanced variants of the others.

Icon red.png Possess red color dominance, most of these units have slightly varied stats compared to their more balanced variants if any exist.

Enemy icon 103.png Possess the ability to float, often with white or gray color dominance. Their range is usually either short or extremely long.

Many of these units are hybrids, like Floating and Red at the same time.

Enemy icon 046.png Possess black or dark color dominance, most of these units have significantly altered stats compared to their more balanced variants if any exist.

Enemy icon 114.png Introduced mid-late in the game, usually distinguished by their halos or angel wings. Short-ranged Angels tend to be similar to Black enemies, while long-ranged ones tend to have very high damage and special abilities.

Enemy icon 167.png Mostly introduced early-mid-game, usually indicated by their altered body parts and bluish color compared to other enemies.

Usually a more powerful variant than their standard, their stats vary depending on one's Anti-unstarred Alien Treasures or Anti-Starred Alien Treasures.

Enemy icon 147.png These enemies have low health but receive minimal damage, except from Critical Hits. Usually have grayish color with green eyes and metallic body parts.

Enemy icon 284.png Dominant with purple color, they usually possess the unique Revive and Burrow abilities, low money drop and short range.

Zombie Killers can stop them from resurrecting.

Enemy icon 552.png Possess a blue color dominance, along with horns, wings or other such demonic traits.

These are introduced in the Empress' Research and The Aku Realms stages. Some are protected by a Shield that degrades the more damage it absorbs and prevents its bearer from taking damage or being afflicted with debuffs, while others can create Surges when killed.

Enemy icon 407.png Possess green and white color dominance, some of them have a green, crystal-like ball on them.

These are introduced in the Uncanny Legends stages. They are able to Curse Cat Units, disabling trait-specific abilities.

Blank.png Units which have a special type or category are here. These enemies are not common and usually only appear in certain stages.

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