Enemy Units Dictionary

Icon white Possess white color or some random colors than other variants dominance, most of them are the starter or more balanced variants of the others.

E000 E001 E002 E003 E005 E006 E007 E009 E010 E012 E013 E015 E021 E031 E032 E033 E034 E035 E036 E039 E040 E041 E042 E043 E044 E117 E146 E235 Epicenemy1 Epicenemy2 Epicenemy4

E062 E065 E066 E067 E084 E099 E100 E102 E106 E108 E109 E110 E156 Epicenemy9 E197 Epicenemy6 Epicenemy8 Epicenemy27 Epicenemy26 Epicenemy7 Epicenemy25 Epicenemy68 Epicenemy10 Epicenemy11 Epicenemy15 Schoolshooticon

Bwprincesspunt Princesspuntchibigau Princesspuntswordsman Weddingkhermie Princesspuntsleepingbeauty



Seresuicon Nonoicon Orugaicon Norunicon Yoichiicon Auraicon Moreworlockicon Harushutoicon Aroisunocolouriconbecausegr Nyankomorewarlockccicon

Saotomeicon2 Saionjiicon2 Hoshiicon2 Shiratoriicon2

E189 E190 E191 E192 E193 E194 E195


Takuyaicon Takuya and Beauty Yukiicon

Mobcaticon Yakuzaicon


Swordsmanicon Horseridericon Ashuraicon Prettycaticon Cyclopsicon Golemicon Swordsman of Myooicon Thunderclap Black Cavalry Soldiericon Kabukimono Ashuraicon Cyber Pretty Caticon Space-time Cyclopsicon Volcano Golemicon

Nyamusuicon Pochiicon Kuromiicon Setsukoicon Nebaaru-kunicon



Epicenemy95 Epicenemy99 Epicenemy96 Epicenemy98



E075 E076 E077 E078 E079 E081 E082 E083

Epicenemy35 Epicenemy16 Epicenemy18 Epicenemy19 Epicenemy20 Epicenemy21 Epicenemy17 Epicenemy22

Epicenemy39 Epicenemy40 Epicenemy41 Epicenemy42 Epicenemy43 Epicenemy45 Epicenemy46 Epicenemy47

E128 E129 E130 E132 E133 E134 E136 E137 E138 E139 E140

Epicenemy23 Epicenemy24 Epicenemy33 Epicenemy32 Epicenemy28 Epicenemy30 Epicenemy37 Epicenemy38 Epicenemy34 Epicenemy36

Epicenemy86 Epicenemy48.1 Cmonekolol

Epicenemy102 Epicenemy104 Epicenemy3.1 Epicenemy5 Epicenemy101

Icon red Possess red color dominance, most of the units have slightly varied stats compared to their more balanced type if any exist.

E004 E008 E011 E014 E017 E023 E038 E048 E049 E118 E185 E205 E206 E255 Epicenemy72

E064 E063 E085 E101 E111 E213 Epicenemy70 Epicenemy50 Schoolshooticon2 Theredmaliceicon CTOSealIcon Li'l bore icon

Ayanokojiicon2 E153


Floating Icon These enemies possess varying stats, but typically have quick movement speed and short - moderate range. Most Floating Enemies also have another trait.

E017 E018 E022 E024 E037 E049 E050 E123 E171 E174 E176 E181 E207 E208 E211 E212 Epicenemy92 Epicenemy87 Epicenemy51 Epicenemy64 I wanna die

E064 E069 E070 E103 E104 E105 E179 E198 E199 E236 Epicenemy93 Epicenemy94 Epicenemy49.1 Sister lione icon

Princesspuntburningpheonix Princess Head


Seramuicon Fuuicon Reiicon Wyburnicon Kooneriaicon

E150 E151 E152 E154 E155


Rathalosicon Rathianicon


Valkyrieicon Brynhildricon Suruzuicon Freyaicon

Battleballoonicon Dragonridericon Battle Balloon UFOicon Flaming Dragon Ridericon

Epicenemy74 Epicenemy67

E080 Epicenemy49 Epicenemy44

E127 E135 Epicenemy29 Epicenemy31


Icon black Possess black or dark color dominance, most of the units has significant varied stats compared to their more balanced type if any exist.

E016 E046 E050 E051 E052 E053 E124 E149 E255 E256 Epicenemy52

E070 E085 E087 Epicenemy53 Selenaicon Tapir icon

Druryswordsmanicon2 Drurywitchicon2

E131 Killerenemyicon

Icon angel Introduced mid-late in the game, usually indicated by the halo rings or angel wings. These are powerful variants usually.

E113 E114 E115 E119 E125 E160 E254 E261 Epicenemy66 Epicenemy78

E112 E232 Epicenemy54 Lesainticon


Icon alien Introduced mid-late in the game, usually indicated by their altered body part and pale color compared to other variants. Usually a more powerful variants than their standard.

E167 E168 E169 E170 E171 E172 E173 E174 E175 E176 E177 E178 E180 E181 E182 E183 E184 E208 E209 E210 E211 E212

E179 Epicenemy93 Grolliamicon

Epicenemy80 Epicenemy77 Epicenemy76 Epicenemy81 Epicenemy84 Epicenemy82 Epicenemy87 Epicenemy79 Epicenemy75 Epicenemy105 Epicenemy106


Metal icon These units possess some to very strong damage reduction except to critical hits. Usually comes in grayish color and metal themed body parts.

E047 E054 E056 E057 E058 E059 E116 E147

E126 E186 Epicenemy55

E071 Epicenemy85 Steel snache Steel sloth

Megacaticon MegacatEXicon


? Dominant with purple color, usually these units possess special resurrection ability or other unique actions. Anti-Zombie units deal more damage or take less damage from them. Zombie Killer ability will stop them from resurrecting.

Zoge Znache3 Zomboe1 Zigge ZackiePeng1 Zory1 ZirZeal1 Zang Roo1 Epicenemy56 Epicenemy57 Epicenemy58 Epicenemy88 Epicenemy59 Epicenemy89 Zombie bear icon Zombie bore icon

Zycloneicon Epicenemy91 Deaddonnydashicon


Relic Doge These Enemies have a subtle change in them giving them a Relic type, some of them have a green crystal like ball on them, these can be found in the Uncanny Legends stages. They have the ability to Curse Cat Units.

Epicenemy71 Epicenemy62 Epicenemy73 Epicenemy63 Epicenemy64 Epicenemy65 I wanna die Relic rost


Units which have a special type or category are here. These enemies are not common and usually can only found in certain stages.

Catclawdojoofficial Epicenemy60 Epicenemy61 Epicenemy90

Charlotteicon Gertrudicon Kristenicon Walpurgisnachticon Newmadokawitchicon

Ramielicon Sachiel Case Evaangeliconbluething Zeruelicon

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