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Not to be confused with the wiki's Enemy Dictionary.

The Enemy Guide is a compendium of Enemy Units the player has encountered. It is unlocked after clearing Madagascar/Tottori in Empire of Cats Chapter 1. In The Battle Cats POP!, it is obtainable once clearing Saudi Arabia.


  • The Enemy Guide can be accessed through its own button in the Cat Base Menu. As of Version 13.2, the player can also jump straight to any enemy's Guide entry by tapping its icon in the "Enemies Appearing" window shown when tapping a stage's name.
  • Unlike the Cat Guide, the Enemy Guide is one straight list with no way to filter for a specific enemy. Swipe left or right to switch the enemy that is currently being displayed.
  • The info provided about an enemy includes its name, special abilities, typing, and a brief description up to four lines long, which usually only offers gameplay-irrelevant information such as personality or backstory. Even enemy-exclusive abilities are shown, except for Zombies' Burrow and Revive abilities.
  • An arrow button in the bottom-right corner hides the currently displayed enemy's description and moves the unit to the bottom of the screen, which is necessary to fully view bigger characters such as Daboo of the Dead.
  • The player can tap on an enemy to knock it back. After landing on the ground, they will move back to the center at their normal speed. They will automatically return to the center after switching to a different enemy.
  • Animated enemy bases are omitted, and while most event enemies are included, they generally lack the descriptions granted to main enemies.
  • Most collaboration event enemies' Enemy Guide entries only appear during their respective collabs (e.g., Voluptuous Peony - Daji and Madhead are only listed during the Tower of Saviors Collab), then disappear once the collab is over. Exceptions include Mega Cat, Mega Cat EX, White Wind, Red Wind and Black Wind, all of which can be found in non-collab stages save for Mega Cat EX.
  • Some enemies introduced in events are grouped with the main enemies and have their own descriptions, including Super Metal Hippoe, all Cyclones, Advent Bosses, Angel Fanboy, CyberFace, Heavenly Tower bosses, Teacher Cybear, Midnite D., Colossus Gauntlet bosses, all enemies from the Empress' Research event series except the Wicked Cats, and Devil Wife.


Rather than IDs, enemies are generally listed in the order in which they are introduced and added. For example, Doge Dark has an ID of 48 and Metal Hippoe 49, but in the Enemy Guide they are swapped, which is more reflective of their in-game appearances: Metal Hippoe is encountered earlier than Doge Dark. However, there are several exceptions and oddities:

Missing Enemies[]

The following enemies are not listed in the Enemy Guide:

Name Differences[]

Some event enemies have different names in the Enemy Guide from those previously used in event announcements, as listed in the table below.

Original Name Enemy Guide Name
Audience Bears Bears Be Bare
Teacher A. Teacher A
Leggsy Dashing Face
Martin Marching Kory
Doge O'Lantern Pumpkin Doge
Blitzen Christmas D.
Carny Otta Festive Otter
Festival Ms. Sign Festival Sign Girl
Chicka Fry Vendor El
Mammothe Le'mammoth
Icy Doge Ice Doge
Easter Bunny Easter B.B.Bunny
Goldoge Golden Doge
Sir Hippoe Gold Hippoe
Sluggy (Red) Red Slug
Sluggy (Black) Black Slug
Sluggy (Angel) Angelic Slug
Gory Junior Gary Gory
Steel Snake Metal Snache
Le'saint Heavenly Le'saint
Variety Bears Bears Be Back
HaterBaa 2.0 Haterbaa 2.0



  • In the original English Version, the Enemy Guide was called the Enemy Dictionary. After registering enough enemies, it would change to the Enemy Encyclopedia, which it is still called in the upper-left corner of the Enemy Guide menu.
  • There are many typos and mistranslations that can be found throughout the Enemy Guide, such as Zackie Peng's description missing the apostrophe in "that's".
  • Due to character limits, most enemies have slightly different descriptions in The Battle Cats POP!.
  • In The Battle Cats POP!, Chief Peng and Dark Emperor Santa appear as regular enemies and thus have their own descriptions.
  • Teacher Bun Bun has the shortest description in the Enemy Guide.
  • In a previous version of The Battle Cats, Ururun Wolf had the Cat Unit's description, due to a bug.
  • Kroxo is the only enemy to have a semicolon in his description.
  • The Doge Base, Ghost Doge, Ghost Snache and Ghost Baa Baa are the only enemies in Stories of Legend without descriptions, and the Doge Base is the only one to not be listed in the Enemy Guide at all.
  • Each Cat God form speaks in first person in his Enemy Guide entry, implying that he wrote the description himself.
  • Even though Value Meal Cat is exclusive to BCEN, there is an empty space for it between Gary Gory and Metal Snache in BCJP's Enemy Guide.
  • Snowball will never attack when viewed in the Enemy Guide.
  • In The Battle Cats Unite!, enemies that were added in Version 1.0.6 onwards had their trait listed whereas base game enemies did not.


Version 13.3 overhauled the Enemy Guide by adding most event enemies, type icons and ability icons. There were many oddities and inconsistencies in prior versions, mostly related to enemies' types, which were listed next to their names in parenthesis (e.g., "Two Can was "Two Can (Red/Black)".