This is the order of enemies released from the very first version of Battle Cats on the App Store. This list also includes some enemies currently unreleased but already within the game's data.

This list includes enemies up to BCEN/BCJP/BCTW/BCKR 8.1:

Enemy Release Order Table
ID Enemy Name (EN/JP) Type Stage found first
0 Empty
1 Empty
2 Doge White EoC: Stage 1-1
3 Snache White EoC: Stage 1-2
4 Those Guys White EoC: Stage 1-4
5 Hippoe White EoC: Stage 1-7
6 Pigge Red EoC: Stage 1-10
7 Jackie Peng White EoC: Stage 1-13
8 Gory White EoC: Stage 1-17
9 Baa Baa White EoC: Stage 1-19
10 Sir Seal Red EoC: Stage 1-23
11 Le'boin White EoC: Stage 1-29
12 Kang Roo White EoC: Stage 1-35
13 One Horn Red EoC: Stage 1-41
14 Teacher Bear White EoC: Stage 1-44
15 Croco White EoC: Stage 1-26
16 B.B.Bunny Red EoC: Stage 1-32
17 Squire Rel White EoC: Stage 1-38
18 Assassin Bear Black Challenge Battle
19 Shy Boy Red/Floating Challenge Battle
20 The Face Floating EoC: Stage 1-48
21 Empty
22 Empty
23 Ms. Sign White all levels
24 Mooth Floating EoC: Stage 1-38
25 Dark Emperor Nyandam Red EoC: Stage 2-48
26 Teacher Bun Bun Floating EoC: Stage 3-48
27 Swordsman (form 1) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
28 Chibigau (form 1) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
29 Princess Punt (form 1) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
30 Swordsman (form 2) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
31 Chibigau (form 2) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
32 Princess Punt (form 2) White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
33 Master A. White SoL: Stage 2-8
34 R. Ost White SoL: Stage 17-4
35 Otta-smack-u White SoL: Stage 5-6
36 Kory White SoL: Stage 10-6
37 Camelle White SoL: Stage 9-8
38 Duche White SoL: Stage 3-4
39 Owlbrow Floating SoL: Stage 9-4
40 Bore Red SoL: Stage 7-4
41 THE SLOTH White SoL: Stage 4-8
42 Rain D. White SoL: Stage 8-8
43 Dagshund White SoL: Stage 3-8
44 Celeboodle White SoL: Stage 3-3
45 H. Nah White SoL: Stage 16-8
46 Dober P.D White SoL: Stage 17-8
47 Ururun Wolf White SoL: Stage 18-6
48 Doge Dark Black SoL: Stage 1-8
49 Metal Hippoe Metal SoL: Stage 1-2
50 St. Pigge the 2nd Red SoL: Stage 1-4
51 J.K Bun Bun Red/Floating SoL: Stage 6-8
52 Bun Bun Black Black/Floating SoL: Stage 15-6
53 Gory Black Black SoL: Stage 9-1
54 Shadow Boxer K Black SoL: Stage 8-4
55 Director Kurosawah Black SoL: Stage 13-8
56 Super Metal Hippoe Metal

Expert Stage: Siege of Hippoe;
SoL: Stage 20-2

57 Type 10 White Collab: Hometown Self-Defense Forces (JP)
58 Metal One Horn Metal SoL: Stage 15-4
59 Teacher Cybear Metal Cybear's Vengeance
60 CyberFace Metal Deadly Stage: Steel Visage
61 Sir Metal Seal Metal SoL: Stage 18-4
62 Burning Phoenix Floating Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
63 Princess Head Floating Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
64 Chief Peng White Monthly: Loving Labor
65 Dark Emperor Santa Red Monthly: Jingle Cat Bell
66 Red Cyclone Red/Floating Expert Stage: Attack on R-Cyclone
67 Lione Hippoe White Monthly: Happy New Year?
68 Lucky Sloth White Monthly: Occult Festival
69 Audience Bears White Monthly: Bears be Bare
70 Monkey King (form 1) White Collab: Dragon Poker (JP)
71 White Cyclone Floating Expert Stage: Attack on W-Cyclone
72 Black Cyclone Black/Floating Expert Stage: Attack on B-Cyclone
73 Metal Cyclone Metal Insane Stage: Attack on Titanium
74 Nimue (form 1) Floating Collab: Million Arthur (JP)
75 Nimue (form 2) Floating Collab: Million Arthur (JP)
76 Monkey King (form 2) White Collab: Dragon Poker (JP)
77 Crazed Cat White Insane Stage: Dark Souls
78 Crazed Tank Cat White Insane Stage: Absolute Defense
79 Crazed Axe Cat White Insane Stage: Berserk
80 Crazed Gross Cat White Insane Stage: Festival Gross
81 Crazed Cow Cat White Insane Stage: Head Shaker
82 Crazed Bird Cat Floating Insane Stage: Flappy Cat
83 Crazed Fish Cat White Insane Stage: Fish Hell
84 Crazed Lizard Cat White Insane Stage: Mammals?
85 Crazed Titan Cat White Insane Stage: Crazy Cats
86 Teacher A. White Monthly: Teacher! It's Spring
87 Samurai Doggy Red/Black Monthly: Love is Sickness
88 Mega Cat Metal Collab: キタ---(゚∀゚)---!!
89 Gory Groom Black Monthly: The Forbidden Bride
90 Seresu Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
91 Nono White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
92 Oruga White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
93 Norun White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
94 Yoichi White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
95 Seramu Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
96 Fuu Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
97 Aura White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
98 Rei Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
99 Wyburn Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
100 More Warlock White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
101 Sunny Celeboodle White Monthly: Never Summer
102 Bearkini White Monthly: Never Summer
103 Lord Enma Red Monthly: Ghostly Houseguests
104 Leggsy White Monthly: Ghostly Houseguests
105 Ecto Doge Floating Monthly: Ghostly Houseguests
106 Ecto Snache Floating Monthly: Ghostly Houseguests
107 Ecto Baa Baa Floating Monthly: Ghostly Houseguests
108 Firework Guys (form 2) White Monthly All-Stars
109 Firework Guys (form 2) White Monthly All-Stars
110 Mighty Gui Zuli White Monthly: Old Guys about Town
111 Hermit Peng White Monthly: Old Guys about Town
112 Master Da Xun White Monthly: Old Guys about Town
113 Pigge Back White/Red Monthly: Autumn = Sports Day!
114 Divine Cyclone Angel Expert Stage: Oncoming Maelstrom
115 Heavenly Hippoe Angel

Expert Stage: Oncoming Maelstrom;
SoL: Stage 19-1

116 Gabriel Angel

Expert Stage: Oncoming Maelstrom;
SoL: Stage 19-4

117 Angelic Gory Angel

Expert Stage: Oncoming Maelstrom;
SoL: Stage 19-5

118 Angel Fanboy Metal Expert Stage: Oncoming Maelstrom;
119 Wall Doge White SoL: Stage 20-4
120 Ginger Snache Red SoL: Stage 20-1
121 Sunfish Jones Angel SoL: Stage 20-8
122 2nd Birthday Cake Metal

Celebration: 2nd Anniversary (JP);
Celebration: 1st Anniversary (EN)

123 Drury Witch Black Collab: Dragon League (JP)
124 Drury Swordsman Black Collab: Dragon League (JP)
125 Pigeon de Sable Floating SoL: Stage 21-1
126 Dark Otter Black SoL: Stage 21-2
127 Angelic Sleipnir Angel SoL: Stage 21-5
128 Angry Sun Metal Celebration: Auld Lang Syne
129 Beefcake Cat Floating Awakened Stage: Actress Awakens!
130 Dancer Cat White Awakened Stage: Kung Fu Awakens!
131 Hyper Mr. White Awakened Stage: Mr. Awakens!
132 Ultimate Bondage Cat White Awakened Stage: Bondage Awakens!
133 Dark Lazer Black Awakened Stage: Dom Awakens!
134 Heavy Assault C.A.T White Awakened Stage: Box Cat Awakens!
135 Lollycat White Awakened Stage: Panties Awakens!
136 Unicycle Cat White Awakened Stage: Tricycle Awakens!
137 Flying Ninja Cat White Awakened Stage: Ninja Awakens!
138 Skelecat White Awakened Stage: Samurai Awakens!
139 Pastry Cat White Awakened Stage: Samurai Awakens!
140 Riceball Cat White Awakened Stage: Sumo Awakens!
141 Gato Amigo White Awakened Stage: Boogie Awakens!
142 Loincloth Cat White Awakened Stage: Skirt Awakens!
143 Ayanokōji Shō White/Red Collab: Kishidan (JP)
144 Saotome Hikaru White Collab: Kishidan (JP)
145 Saionji Hitomi White Collab: Kishidan (JP)
146 Hoshi Guranmanie White Collab: Kishidan (JP)
147 Shiratori Shōchikubai White Collab: Kishidan (JP)
148 Trolly Blogger White SoL: Stage 22-1
149 Metal Doge Metal SoL: Stage 22-3
150 Li'l Nyandam Red SoL: Stage 23-6
151 Le'noir Black SoL: Stage 23-3
152 Kid Mola Floating Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
153 King Mola Floating Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
154 Peninsula Sunfish Floating Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
155 Crab Red Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
156 Sardine Floating Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
157 Squid Floating Collab: Survive! Mola Mola!
158 Martin Floating Annually: Sweetest Sorrow
159 Sakura Android White Collab: Google Android (JP)
160 Takuya White Collab: Annihilation City (JP)
161 Yuki Floating Collab: Annihilation City (JP)
162 Chickful A Angel SoL: Stage 24-1
163 Mob Cat White Collab: Yakuza Apocalypse (JP)
164 Yakuza Vampire White Collab: Yakuza Apocalypse (JP)
165 Harushuto White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
166 Kooneria Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
167 Aroisu White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
168 Nyanko More WarlockCC White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
169 Shibalien Alien ItF: Stage 1-1
170 Kroxo Alien ItF: Stage 1-34
171 Hyppoh Alien ItF: Stage 1-6
172 Imperator Sael Alien ItF: Stage 1-16
173 Maawth Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 1-20
174 LeMurr Alien ItF: Stage 1-38
175 Helmut Krabbe Alien ItF: Stage 1-12
176 I.M. Phace Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 1-24
177 Ursamajor Alien ItF: Stage 1-29
178 Cli-One Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 1-48
179 Nimoy Bore Alien ItF: Stage 1-47
180 Elizabeth the LVIth Alien ItF: Stage 1-43
181 Cosmic Cyclone Alien/Floating Insane Stage: Black Hole Rising
182 Galactic Overseer Nyandam Alien ItF: Stage 2-24
183 Corrupted Valkyrie Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 2-48
184 Scissoroo Alien ItF: Stage 2-11
185 Cyberhorn Alien ItF: Stage 2-16
186 Mistress Celeboodle Alien ItF: Stage 2-19
187 Professor A. Red SoL: Stage 33-1
188 20 Million DL Birthday Cake Metal Celebration: 20 Million DL Worldwide
189 Rathalos Floating Collab: Monster Hunter (JP)
190 Rathian Floating Collab: Monster Hunter (JP)
191 Mars People White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
192 Donald Morden White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
193 Allen O'Neil White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
194 Marco White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
195 SV-001 White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
196 Huge Hermit White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
197 Jupiter King White Collab: Metal Slug Defense
198 HI-DO Floating Collab: Metal Slug Defense
199 Pumpdoge White Annually: All Hallow's Road
200 Drac-owl-la Floating Annually: All Hallow's Road
201 Sa-Bat Floating Annually: All Hallow's Road
202 Valkyrie Floating Collab: Yurudrasil (JP)
203 Brynhildr Floating Collab: Yurudrasil (JP)
204 Suruzu Floating Collab: Yurudrasil (JP)
205 Freya Floating Collab: Yurudrasil (JP)
206 Odin White Collab: Yurudrasil (JP)
207 Capy Red SoL: Stage 26-1
208 Berserkory Red SoL: Stage 26-8
209 Brollow Floating SoL: Stage 26-4
210 Calamary Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 3-12
211 Alpacky Alien ItF: Stage 3-16
212 Elder Sloth Alien ItF: Stage 3-34
213 Bun Bun Symbiote Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 3-24
214 Raging Bahamut Cat Alien/Floating ItF: Stage 3-48
215 Blitzen Red Annually: Jolly St. Nick
216 Swordsman White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
217 Cavalry Soldier White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
218 Ashura White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
219 Battle Balloon Floating Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
220 Dragon Rider Floating Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
221 Pretty Cat White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
222 Cyclops White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
223 Golem White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
224 Swordsman of Myoo White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
225 Thunderclap Black Cavalry Soldier White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
226 Kabukimono Ashura White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
227 Battle Balloon UFO Floating Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
228 Flaming Dragon Rider Floating Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
229 Cyber Pretty Cat White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
230 Space-time Cyclops White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
231 Volcano Golem White Collab: Castle & Dragon (JP)
232 Prisoner Cat White Awakened Stage: Adult Awakens!
233 Gentleman Bros. White Awakened Stage: Evil Awakens!
234 Cruel Angel Clionel Angel Deadly Stage: No Plan A
235 Nyalladin Floating Awakened Stage: Doll Awakens!
236 Olympienne Cat White Awakened Stage: Maiden Awakens!
237 Mr. Mole White SoL: Stage 27-8
238 The Perfect Cyclone Floating Insane Stage: Oncoming Storm
239 Nyamusu White Collab: Nyan Puzzle & Nebaaru-kun (JP)
240 Pochi White Collab: Nyan Puzzle & Nebaaru-kun (JP)
241 Kuromi White Collab: Nyan Puzzle & Nebaaru-kun (JP)
242 Setsuko White Collab: Nyan Puzzle & Nebaaru-kun (JP)
243 Nebaaru-kun White Collab: Nyan Puzzle & Nebaaru-kun (JP)
244 Manic Mohawk Cat White Deadly Stage: Deathhawk
245 Manic Eraser Cat White Deadly Stage: Vulcanizer
246 Manic Dark Cat White Deadly Stage: Unjust War
247 Manic Macho Legs Cat White Deadly Stage: Muscle Party
248 Manic Lion Cat White Deadly Stage: Lots O' Lion
249 Manic Flying Cat Floating Deadly Stage: Forest Beasts
250 Manic Island Cat White Deadly Stage: Ogre Island
251 Manic King Dragon Cat White Deadly Stage: Draconian
252 Manic Jamiera Cat White Deadly Stage: Resident Feline
253 Kiss and Koi White Awakened Stage: Koi Awakens!
254 Madam the Savannah White Awakened Stage: Bride Awakens!
255 Call Center Cat White Awakened Stage: Vacation Awakens!
256 Mr. Angel Angel SoL: Stage 29-1
257 Two Can Red/Black SoL: Stage 29-5
258 Tackey Black SoL: [[|Thorny Dialogue|Stage 29-4]]
259 King Wahwah White Deadly Stage: N-1 Grand Prix
260 Codename "Red Riding" White SoL: Stage 28-6
261 Takuya and Beauty Yuki White Collab: Annihilation City (JP)
262 Kite Cat White Collab: Annihilation City (JP)
263 Boraphim Angel SoL: Stage 30-6
264 Drummer Doge White Annually: Awa-Odori
265 Carny Otta White Annually: Awa-Odori
266 Funghi White Collab: NEO Mushroom Garden
267 Iron Claw X White Awakened Stage: Kung Fu X Awakens!
268 Henry White SoL: Stage 31-6
269 Hannya Red Deadly Stage: Realm of Carnage
270 Package Doge Metal Event Stage: Sender Unknown
271 Futenyan White Collab: Y! Mobile (JP)
272 Rampage Cats White Awakened Stage: Sports Day Awakens!
273 Queen B Alien/Floating Deadly Stage: Honey Trap
274 Li'l Bun Bun Floating SoL: Stage 32-6
275 Gertrud Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
276 Charlotte (Snake form) Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
277 Charlotte (Doll form) Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
278 Kirsten Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
279 Walpurgisnacht Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
280 Kyubey White Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
281 Ritual Cat White Awakened Stage: Salaryman Awakens!
282 Razorback Black SoL: Stage 33-6
283 Festival Ms. Sign White Annually: A Cultured Festival
284 Chicka Fry White Annually: A Cultured Festival
285 Scarecrow (Enemy Base) Colorless Catclaw Dojo
286 Zoge Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
287 Znache Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
288 Zomboe Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
289 Zigge Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
290 Zackie Peng Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
291 Zory Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
292 Zir Zeal Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
293 Zang Roo Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
294 Zroco Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
295 Lord Gravey Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
296 Zyclone Zombie Insane Stage: Unholy Tempest
297 Xmas Pudding Cat White Awakened Stage: Reindeer Fish Awakens!
298 Mega Cat Metal Collab: キタ---(゚∀゚)---!!
299 4th Birthday Cake Metal Celebration: 4th Anniversary  (JP)
300 Niconico TV (base) Colorless Dojo Mode: Collab: Final Boss Advent!? (JP)
301 W (form 1) Floating Dojo Mode: Collab: Final Boss Advent!? (JP)
302 W (form 2) Floating Dojo Mode: Collab: Final Boss Advent!? (JP)
303 W (form 3) Floating Dojo Mode: Collab: Final Boss Advent!? (JP)
304 NekoHakase White Collab: Cat Busters (JP)
305 Miss Haka Zombie

Zombie Outbreaks: Stage 2-48;
SoL: Stage 36-6

306 Big Sal Zombie SoL: Stage 35-6
307 Pikotaro Metal Collab: Pikotaro
308 Mammothe White Annually: Cats in the Snow
309 Icy Doge White Annually: Cats in the Snow
310 Snowball Floating Annually: Cats in the Snow
311 Coffin Zoge Zombie SoL: Stage 36-1
312 Zamelle Zombie SoL: Stage 36-4
313 Killer Cat Black Annually: Day of the Cat
314 Corrupted Cat Base (base) Colorless Annually: Day of the Cat
315 Empty
316 Nazousagi Black Collab: Nazousagi (JP)
317 Doge Base (base) Colorless SoL: Stage 37-6
318 Inumusha Zombie SoL: Stage 37-6
319 Daboo of the Dead Zombie Deadly Stage: Parade of the Dead
320 Dolphina White SoL: Stage 38-6
321 Mobius Floating Collab: Crash Fever
322 Belial White Collab: Crash Fever
323 Happy 100 Floating Collab: Crash Fever
324 Li'l Mohawk Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Meows (Deadly)
325 Li'l Eraser Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Will (Deadly)
326 Li'l Dark Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Chopper (Deadly)
327 Li'l Macho Legs Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Creeper (Deadly)
328 Li'l Lion Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Horns (Deadly)
329 Li'l Flying Cat Floating Awakened Stage: Tiny Wings (Deadly)
330 Li'l Island Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Fins (Deadly)
331 Li'l King Dragon Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Tail (Deadly)
332 Li'l Jamiera Cat White Awakened Stage: Tiny Fists (Deadly)
333 Easter Duche White Annually: Cats Abloom!
334 Easter Bunny White Annually: Cats Abloom!
335 Moai Statue (base) Colorless Annually: Cats Abloom!
336 Wedding Kerihime White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
337 Soundly Sleeping Beauty White Collab: Princess Punt (JP)
338 Golden Doge White Annually: Golden Week
339 Golden Hippoe White Annually: Golden Week
340 Golden R. Ost Metal Annually: Golden Week
341 Lost World Yuki Floating Collab: Annihilation City II (JP)
342 Cala Maria Angel SoL: Stage 39-1
343 Sluggy Red Annually: Rainy Season
344 Sluggy Black Annually: Rainy Season
345 Sluggy Angel Annually: Rainy Season
346 Cat Kart P White Awakened Stage: Kart Awakens
347 Empty
348 Nyanko MercCC White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
349 Titi CatCC White Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
350 Orutosu Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
351 Misheria White/Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
352 Todomeki Floating Collab: Merc Storia (JP)
353 Gudetama Plate White Collab: Gudetama (JP)
354 Gudegude à la mode White Collab: Gudetama (JP)
355 Nisetama Army White Collab: Gudetama (JP)
356 Hermit Cat White Cat Tower - Floor 30
357 Croakley White SoL: Stage 41-6
358 Summer Gory White Annually: Summer Event
359 Empty
360 Steel Snache Metal Silver Week 2017
361 Mercury Sloth Metal Silver Week 2017
362 Shibalien Elite Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-1
363 Star Peng Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-5
364 General GreGory Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-9
365 Le'Solar Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-13
366 Project A Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-18
367 Corporal Weyland Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-23
368 Spacefish Jones Floating/Alien (Star) CotC: Stage 1-30
369 The Cat God Floating CotC: Stage 1-48
370 Saber White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
371 Lancer White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
372 Archer White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
373 Rider White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
374 Gilgamesh White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
375 Tousaka Rin White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
376 Illyasviel White Fate Stay Night Collab  (JP)
377 Youcan Angel/Alien (Star) SoL: Stage 43-6
378 5th Anniversary Cake Doge Metal
379 Super Cosmic Cyclone Alien (Star) Deadly Stage: The Wormhole Opens
380 5th Anniversary Wood Man Castle (Base) Colorless
381 Winged Pigge Angel SoL: Stage 44-6
382 Mystic Mask Yulala White Cat Tower - Floor 40
383 Karin Nekozuka White Collab: Power Pro
384 Misaki Konno White Collab: Power Pro
385 Sairi Nijitani White Collab: Power Pro
386 Ren Katagiri White Collab: Power Pro
387 Haters White Collab: Power Pro
388 Prof. Wild (base) Colorless Collab: Power Pro
389 Hackey Red SoL: Stage 45-6
390 UltraBaaBaa Alien (Star) SoL: Stage 46-3
391 391


392 392


393 Mentori White
394 Sachiel Eva Angel
395 Ramiel Eva Angel
396 Bardiel Eva Angel
397 Zeruel Eva Angel
398 Crazed Moneko White
399 Corrupted Moneko White
400 ? White
401 Pokota White
402 Ovis White
403 Coco White
404 Moe Uzumasa & Doge


405 Saki Matsuga & Doge


406 Misa Ono & Doge


407 Mecha-Bun Floating SoL: Stage 49-1
408 Relic Bun-Bun Relic UL: Stage 1-1
409 Relic Doge Relic UL: Stage 1-1
410 Crazed Yuki Floating Annihilation City Collab  (JP)
411 Gude-Doge Machine


White Gudetama Collaboration Event
412 Gudebene Cat


White Gudetama Collaboration Event
413 Gorilliam Alien Forbidden Bride Pt II
414 Sir Rel Relic UL: Stage 3-6
415 Oldhorn Relic UL: Stage 2-3
416 Othom Relic/Floating UL: Stage 4-6
417 Empty
418 Selena Black Never Not Summer!
419 Kid Tappa Alien (star) CotC: Stage 2-10
420 Ribbo Alien (star) CotC: Stage 2-8
421 Cat God Cool Dude (white) CotC: Stage 2-48
422 Loris Relic UL: Stage 5-6
423 Le'saint Angel Ghostly Strangers
424 The Red Malice Red Old Guys in the City
425 Lowkey Relic/Floating UL: Stage 6-6
426 M.Ost Relic UL: Stage 7-6
427 Dead Donny Dash Zombie Sports Night
428 CTO Seal Red Worker's Revolution
429 Cadaver Bear Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
430 Dread Bore Zombie Zombie Outbreaks;
431 Homulilly Witch Collab: Madoka Magica (JP)
432 432 Alien Christmas in Space
433 Bakoo Black Bombergirl
434 Hikakin White Hikakin Collab Stage
435 Mukyakin White Hikakin Collab Stage
436 Lione Mooth Floating January Lucky Ticket G Stage
437 6th Birthday Cake Metal Celebration: 6th Anniversary
438 6th Anniversary Scarecrow Colorless 6th Anniversary Dojo Stage
439 Sushi Dagshund Black ?
440 Ancient Cyclone Relic 原始の古渦 超極ムズ
441 Li'l Bore Red ?
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