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During every battle, Enemy Units will spawn from the enemy base and attempt to destroy the player's Cat Base. As of 11.7, there are over 600 different enemies, each found in different areas of the game.



See Special Abilities.

Types and Traits

In addition to stats and abilities, each enemy has at least one type. An enemy's types determine which units' abilities will affect it, and some also have unique abilities or other properties. Types can be grouped into three distinct categories:

Standard: The most common types in the game, listed in the filter and affected by abilities that target "all enemies", such as Li'l Nyandam's slow and Balalan Pasalan's freeze. Includes Red, Black, Floating, Metal, Angel, Alien, Zombie, Aku and Relic and Traitless.

Traits: Includes all standard types except for Traitless. Affected by abilities that target "traited enemies" or "all traits", such as Miko Mitama's resistance and Wafer Cat's slow.

Special: Uncommon types that aren't counted as traits, these enemies are usually limited to a few stages or even collabs. Unaffected by most abilities, even those that supposedly target all enemies. Includes Typeless, Colossal, Behemoth, Witch and Eva Angel.


Each enemy has its own stats, like Cat Units. However, the attack power and HP of enemies can change depending on the strength magnification (see below).

Strength Magnifications

Every stage assigns enemies a strength magnification (also known as a buff) which can change their HP and attack power. For example, a Doge at 100% strength magnification has its default stats (90 HP/8 damage) while the same enemy at a 200% buff would have 200% of, or twice, its base stats (180 HP/16 damage). In general, the further you progress in the game, the higher the strength magnifications are.

Strength magnification can also increase or decrease Shield HP, but other stats and abilities such as speed, attack rate, Barrier HP, etc. are unaffected.

As of Version 9.5, some stages can have enemies whose health and attack power are given separate magnifications. For example, a Doge with 200% HP and 150% attack power would have 100% more health than normal but only deal 50% more damage. However, this feature is seldom used outside the Gauntlets.


Bosses are a special class of enemy found in many stages, often when the enemy base reaches a set amount of HP (typically 99%). If the base would lose all its HP before the boss gets to spawn, the base will have 1 HP and the boss will spawn, unless the enemy limit is full. There are several differences between bosses and normal enemies:

  • Unlike other enemies, bosses spawn a different distance ahead of the base depending on what the base's design is. See Enemy Bases for each base's boss spawn distance.
  • When a boss spawns, it will produce a "boss shockwave" which knocks back all Cat Units on the battlefield, even those with Knockback Immunity. This boss shockwave knocks back Cat Units more slowly but also much farther than regular knockbacks. Knockback resistance does not affect the distance knocked back from a boss shockwave.
  • If a unit is within a boss's range when it spawns, the boss will immediately begin an attack. This applies even for burrowing Zombies such as Miss Haka and Big Sal.
  • Bosses cannot be knocked back behind the enemy base, making it harder to avoid fighting them.
  • If the player loses a battle while a boss is alive, the remaining % of the boss's HP will be shown in the game over screen.
  • Which enemies are considered bosses depends on the stage. THE SLOTH, for example, is a boss in Salty is Seawater and his next two appearances, is a normal enemy in Tactical War Tuna and Dumpy Cave, and is a boss again in Crunchy Wall.
  • Unlike in most games, the boss is not always the main threat of a level: in many stages, the boss is merely a peon such as Squire Rel.

List of Enemy Units

Empire of Cats Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Common DogeSnacheThose GuysHippoeJackie PengGoryBaa BaaCrocoLe'boinKang RooSquire RelMooth (Floating)Teacher Bear
Red Pigge (Red)Sir Seal (Red)B.B.Bunny (Red)One Horn (Red)
Special The Face (Floating)Ms. SignDark Emperor Nyandam (Red)Teacher Bun Bun (Floating)
Challenge Battle Assassin Bear (Black)Shy Boy (Red/Floating)
Zombie Outbreaks Zoge (Zombie)Znache (Zombie)Zomboe (Zombie)Zigge (Zombie)Zackie Peng (Zombie)Zory (Zombie)Zir Zeal (Zombie)Zang Roo (Zombie)Zroco (Zombie)Lord Gravey (Zombie)Miss Haka (Zombie)
The Aku Realms Sinner Snache (Aku)Condemned Peng (Aku)Le'Behemoth (Aku)Fallen Bear (Aku)Wicked Face (Aku)Dark Priest Mamon (Aku)High Priest Mamon (Aku)Lord of Ruin Jagando (Aku)Aku Altar (base) • Inactive Aku Altar (base)
Into the Future Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Chapter 1 Shibalien (Alien)Hyppoh (Alien)Helmut Krabbe (Alien)Imperator Sael (Alien)Maawth (Alien/Floating)I.M. Phace (Alien/Floating)Ursamajor (Alien)Kroxo (Alien)LeMurr (Alien)Elizabeth the LVIth (Alien)Nimoy Bore (Alien)Cli-One (Alien/Floating)
Chapter 2 Scissoroo (Alien)Cyberhorn (Alien)Mistress Celeboodle (Alien)Galactic Overseer Nyandam (Alien)Corrupted Valkyrie (Alien/Floating)
Chapter 3 Calamary (Alien/Floating)Alpacky (Alien)Elder Sloth (Alien)Bun Bun Symbiote (Alien/Floating)Raging Bahamut Cat (Alien/Floating)
Zombie Outbreaks Cadaver Bear (Zombie)Dread Bore (Zombie)Zuche (Zombie)The Thrillerz (Zombie)Li'l Zyclone (Zombie)
Cats of the Cosmos Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Chapter 1 Shibalien Elite (Alien)Star Peng (Alien)General GreGory (Alien)Le'Solar (Alien)Project A (Alien)Corporal Weyland (Alien)Spacefish Jones (Alien/Floating)The Cat God (Floating)
Chapter 2 UltraBaaBaa (Alien)Kid Tappa (Alien)Ribbo (Alien)Cat God (Cool Dude)
Chapter 3 Mesocosmocyclone (Alien)Gardeneel Bros. (Alien)Axoloty (Alien)Final Boss Giga-God (Cool Dude)Filibuster Obstructa (Alien/Floating)
The Aku Realms Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Chapter 1 Aku Doge (Aku)Sinner Snache (Aku)Cerberus Kids (Aku)Condemned Peng (Aku)Aku Gory (Aku)Le'Behemoth (Aku)Fallen Bear (Aku)Wicked Face (Aku)Dark Priest Mamon (Aku)High Priest Mamon (Aku)Lord of Ruin Jagando (Aku)
Chapter 2 N/A
Chapter 3 N/A
Stories of Legend Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Area Enemy units in this area
Ch.1-4 Metal Hippoe (Metal)St. Pigge the 2nd (Red)Doge Dark (Black)Master A.CeleboodleDagshundDucheTHE SLOTH
Ch.5-8 Otta-smack-uJ.K Bun Bun (Red/Floating)Bore (Red)Shadow Boxer K (Black)Rain D.
Ch.9-12 Gory Black (Black)Owlbrow (Floating)CamelleKory
Ch.13-16 Director Kurosawah (Black)Metal One Horn (Metal)Bun Bun Black (Black/Floating)H. Nah
Ch.17-20 R.OstDober P.DSir Metal Seal (Metal)Ururun WolfHeavenly Hippoe (Angel)Gabriel (Angel)Angelic Gory (Angel)Ginger Snache (Red)Super Metal Hippoe (Metal)Wall DogeSunfish Jones (Angel)
Ch.21-24 Pigeon de Sable (Floating)Dark Otter (Black)Angelic Sleipnir (Angel)Trolly BloggerMetal Doge (Metal)Le'noir (Black)Li'l Nyandam (Red)Chickful A (Angel)
Ch.25-28 Capy (Red)Brollow (Floating)Berserkory (Red)Mr. MoleCodename "Red Riding"
Ch.29-32 Tackey (Black)Mr. Angel (Angel)Boraphim (Angel)HenryLi'l Bun Bun (Floating)
Ch.33-36 Professor A. (Red)Razorback (Black)Big Sal (Zombie)Coffin Zoge (Zombie)Zamelle (Zombie)
Ch.37-40 Doge Base (base) • Inumusha (Zombie)DolphinaCala Maria (Angel)
Ch.41-44 CroakleyWinged Pigge (Angel)
Ch.45-49 Hackey (Red)UltraBaaBaa (Alien)Mecha-Bun (Floating)Idi:Re (Relic)
Uncanny Legends Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Area Enemy units in this area
Ch.1-4 Relic Bun-Bun (Relic)Relic Doge (Relic)Oldhorn (Relic)Sir Rel (Relic)Othom (Relic/Floating)
Ch.5-8 Loris (Relic)Lowkey (Relic/Floating)M. Ost (Relic)Cadaver Bear (Zombie)Dread Bore (Zombie)
Ch.9-12 Dogumaru (Relic)
Ch.13-16 -
Ch.17-20 Zuche (Zombie)The Thrillerz (Zombie)Mr. Puffington (Relic)
Ch.21-24 Urs & Fenrir (Relic)Croconator (Metal)Gobble (Floating)St. Dober (Angel)
Ch.25-28 Koronium (Metal)Johnnyleon (Red/Alien/Zombie)Relic Doge Base (base) • Surge Base (base)
Ch.29-32 Zollow (Zombie/Floating)Bore Jr.
Ch.33-36 Raynard (Red)Mr. MerRagin' Gory (Black/Behemoth)Elder Flame Doron (Relic)
Ch.37-40 Aku Doge (Aku)Aku AltarAckey (Aku)
Ch.41-43 Red EnerG (Red)Ultima Beast Naala (Relic/Behemoth)
Other Areas
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Catclaw Dojo Scarecrow (base) • Niconico TV (base) • W (form 1)W (form 2)W (form 3)5th Anniversary Scarecrow (base) • 6th Anniversary Scarecrow (base) • 7th Anniversary Scarecrow (base) • 8th Anniversary Scarecrow (base) • 9th Anniversary Scarecrow (base)
Event Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Origin Enemy units in this origin
Monthly Events Chief PengDark Emperor SantaLione HippoeAudience BearsTeacher A.Lucky SlothSamurai DoggyGory GroomBearkiniSunny CeleboodleLord EnmaLeggsyEcto DogeEcto SnacheEcto Baa BaaMighty Gui ZuliHermit PengMaster Da XunPigge BackGorilliamSelenaLe'saintThe Red MaliceDead Donny DashCTO SealSatan ClausSister LioneVariety BearsMs. MadonnaHaterBaa 2.0
Crazed Cats Crazed CatCrazed Tank CatCrazed Axe CatCrazed Gross CatCrazed Cow CatCrazed Bird CatCrazed Fish CatCrazed Lizard CatCrazed Titan CatCrazed MonekoCorrupted Moneko
Manic Cats Manic Mohawk CatManic Eraser CatManic Dark CatManic Macho Legs CatManic Lion CatManic Flying CatManic Island CatManic King Dragon CatManic Jamiera Cat
Awakened Cats (Buyable) Beefcake CatDancer CatHyper Mr.Ultimate Bondage CatDark LazerHeavy Assault C.A.T.LollycatFlying Ninja CatSkelecatPastry CatRiceball CatGato AmigoLoincloth Cat
Awakened Cats (Monthly) Prisoner CatGentleman Bros.NyalladinWrestling CatKiss and KoiMadam the SavannahCall Center CatKite CatIron Claw XRampage CatsRitual CatXmas Pudding Cat
Awakened Cats (Li'l) Li'l Mohawk CatLi'l Eraser CatLi'l Dark CatLi'l Macho Legs CatLi'l Lion CatLi'l Flying CatLi'l Island CatLi'l Jamiera Cat
Awakened Cats (Other) Unicycle CatNekondo SP Cat Kart PValue Meal Cat
Celebration Stages MartinDoge O'LanternDrac-owl-laSa-BatBlitzenDrummer DogeCarny OttaFestival Ms. SignChicka FryMammotheIcy DogeSnowballKiller CatCorrupted Cat Base (base) • Easter BunnyEaster DucheMoai Statue (base) • GoldogeSir HippoeGolden R.OstSluggy (Red)Sluggy (Black)Sluggy (Angel)Gory JuniorSteel SnakeMercury SlothPigge VictoriousBang-Bang
Empress' Research Wicked CatWicked Tank CatWicked Axe CatWild Doge (Behemoth)
Cyclone Stages Red Cyclone (Red/Floating)Black Cyclone (Black/Floating)White Cyclone (Floating)Divine Cyclone (Angel)Angel FanboyMetal Cyclone (Metal)Cosmic Cyclone (Alien/Floating)The Perfect Cyclone (Floating)Zyclone (Zombie)Super Cosmic Cyclone (Alien)Primeval Cyclone (Relic)Aku Cyclone (Aku)
Advent Stages Hannya (Red)Queen B (Alien/Floating)Cruel Angel Clionel (Angel)Daboo of the Dead (Zombie)King WahwahBakoo (Black)Puffsley's Comet (Alien)Black Okame (Red/Black)Heavenly Herald Papuu (Angel)Queen Mother V (Relic/Floating)Kappy Jr.Everlord Wanwan (Alien)Death Angel Z-Onel (Zombie)DoremiEvil Emperor Cat (Relic)Possessed Empress (Aku)Sathankhamun VIII (Aku)
Towers Hermit CatMystic Mask YulalaMaster UrilMasked Grandmaster Cat
Gauntlets Baron SealLe'GrimMega-MoothSuper HyppohChocolate Wall DogeArchangel ExielBig Peng Z
Other Firework Guys 1Firework GuysBirthday CakeAngry SunDL Anniversary Birthday Cake Birthday CakePackage Doge4th Anniversary Birthday Cake5th Anniversary Birthday CakePenlight Guys6th Anniversary Birthday CakeTeacher Cybear (Metal)Li'l BoreGummy CatCat Day Cake7th Anniversary Birthday CakeRat DogeWafer Cat BIG
Collaboration Event Enemies
Show/Hide Enemy Unit List
Event Enemy units in this event
Hometown Self-Defense Force Type 10
Google Android Sakura Android
Princess Punt Princess Punt/Kerihime (form 1)Princess Punt/Kerihime (form 2)Princess HeadSwordsman (form 1)Swordsman (form 2)Chibigau (form 1)Chibigau (form 2)Burning Phoenix/YuurinchiiWedding KerihimeEternal Sleeping BeautyGekirinchiiJudgement
Million Arthur x Dragon Poker NimueNimue (form 2)Monkey King (form 1)Monkey King (form 2)
Final Boss Advent!? Mega CatMega Cat EX
Merc Storia CelesseNonoNornSerumOlgaFuuYoichiReiAuraWyvernHealerHearschtCorneliaAloisHealer Cat CCMerc & Cat CCTiti Cat CCOrthosMicheliaTodomeki
Dragon League Drury SwordsmanDrury Witch
Kishidan Ayanokōji ShōSaotome HikaruSaionji HitomiHoshi GuranmanieShiratori Shōchikubai
Survive! Mola Mola! SardineSquidCrabAyumi ManbosakiBaby MolaMola King
Yakuza Apocalypse Mob CatYakuza Vampire
Annihilation City TakuyaYukiTakuya and Lovely YukiLost World YukiCrazed YukiKano & SoumaMessier
Monster Hunter RathalosRathian
Yurudrasil ValkyrieBrynhildrSuruzuFreyaOdin
Castle & Dragon SwordsmanCavalry SoldierAshuraBattle BalloonDragon RiderPretty CatCyclopsGolemSwordsman of MyooThunderclap Black Cavalry SoldierKabukimono AshuraBattle Balloon UFOFlamming Dragon RiderCyber Pretty CatSpace-time CyclopsVolcano Golem
Nebaaru-kun & Nyan Puzzle NyamusuPochiKuromiSetsukoNebaaru-kun
NEO Mushroom Garden Funghi
Y! Mobile Futenyan
Madoka Magica Gertrud (Witch)Charlotte (Snake)Charlotte (Doll)Kirsten (Witch)Walpurgisnacht (Witch)Kyubey (form 1)Kyubey (form 2)Homulilly (Witch)
Cat Busters Neko Hakase
Pikotaro Pikotaro
Hiroshi Mihara Hiroshi Mihara
Nazousagi Nazousagi
Crash Fever MobiusBelialHappy 100
Gudetama Gudetama PlateGudegude à la modeNisetama ArmyGude-Doge MachineGudebene Cat
Chocolate Chocolate Cat
Fate/stay night SaberLancerArcherRiderGilgameshRin TohsakaIllyasvielSaber Alter
Power Pro Baseball Karin NekozukaMisaki KonnoSairi NijitaniRen KatagiriHaterProf. Wild Base (base)
Mentori Mentori
Evangelion Sachiel (Eva Angel)Ramiel (Eva Angel)Bardiel (Eva Angel)Zeruel (Eva Angel)Awakened Eva Unit-13 (Eva Angel)
LINE Pokopang! PokotaOvisCoco
Get On! Kyoto City Subway Moe Uzumasa & DogeSaki Matsuga & DogeMisa Ono & Doge
Betakkuma Betakkuma
Hikakin HikakinMukyakin
Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou KitarouMedama-OyajiNeko-Musume
Bikkuriman Super DevilSatanmariaWondermariaBeastly NeroHead RococoSuper ZeusShaman KhanHeracrist
Kaohsiung Rapid Transit HAPPIHAPPI & Maji Cat & Cat
Shakurel Planet Shakurel DogeShakurel GoryShakurel FaceShakurel LionShakurel TigerShakurel Panda
Dot Heroes Dot Hero
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition RyuChun-LiGuileZangiefBlankaDhalsimKenCarAkumaE. HondaBalrogVegaSagatM. Bison
Hatsune Miku Hatsune MikuSakura MikuKagamine Rin & LenMikuDogeMikuGoryMikuBearMegurine LukaSnow Miku
Nissin U.F.O. Yakisoba U.F.O. CatYakisoba Face
Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Event Ranma Saotome (M)Akane TendoHibiki RyogaShampooMousse
Godzilla Collaboration Event Shin Godzilla

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