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Enigma Stages are a feature available after unlocking any Legend Cat from Stories of Legend. They were added in Version 9.4.


To unlock an Enigma Stage, you need to acquire an Enigma (also known as an Enigma Map, an item which has a set chance to drop when clearing any Legend Stage (other than Challenge Battle, Catamin Stages, Continuation Stages and the Enigma Stages themselves), with a guaranteed chance to drop in Isle of the Map Lord. If you happen to obtain one, the Enigma has a chance of being an Inferior, Normal, or Superior Enigma, depending on your Enigma Level. After obtaining the Enigma, the cats will start decoding it in the Legend Stages menu, a process which takes 3 hours to complete. The player can tap on the Enigma that is being decoded to see how much time is remaining until it is decoded.

Once the Enigma has been decoded, the player can tap on the "Complete!" button to reveal a random Enigma Stage. After beating the Enigma Stage, the player will receive a reward, which can be Battle Items, XP, Cat Tickets, Catseyes, Talent Orbs, Catamins or Catfruit depending on the stage. Only 4 Enigma Stages are to be shown at once, so if you unlock one but already have four others waiting to be played, you will not get another.

All Enigma Stages last for 24 hours after being unlocked and may only be completed once before disappearing.

Enigma Level

Enigma Level is a leveling system that allows players to gain a higher chance to obtain rarer Enigmas. E.g. level 1 has a higher chance to get Inferior Enigmas and level 6 has a higher chance of getting Superior Enigmas. Enigma Level is dictated by how many units have been unlocked from Stories of Legend and Uncanny Legends (Ururun Wolf, Li'l Nyandam, Red Riding Mina, Miyamoku Musashi, Mecha-Bun and Dogumaru).

Enigma Level Map Drop Rate
Inferior Regular Normal Regular Superior Regular Inferior Orb Normal Orb Superior Orb Hunter's Map
1 12.5% 6.5% 0% 22.5% 8.5% 0% 50%
2 7.5% 7.5% 0% 18.5% 16.5% 0% 50%
3 3.5% 9.5% 2% 13.5% 18.5% 3% 50%
4 2.6% 7.2% 5.2% 13.2% 12.6% 9.2% 50%
5 2.5% 4.5% 7.5% 6.5% 11.5% 17.5% 50%
6 0% 4.7% 10.7% 0% 11.8% 22.8% 50%

Enigma Drop Rates

Enigma drop rates are based on how much energy you have spent since your previous drop, following the chart below.

Energy Spent Enigma Chance
0 ~ 499 0%
500 ~ 1,999 3%
2,000 ~ 2,499 40%
2,500 ~ 3,999 20%
4,000+ 100%

List of Stages


Rarity English Version Japanese Version Translation Treasure
Inferior Aitum Fields アイテム古戦場 Aitum Battlefield Battle Items
Inferior Vitamin Valley ビタミン渓谷 Vitamin Valley Catamins
Inferior Shack of Spirit 精神と時間の小屋 Shack of Spirit and Time XP
Normal Ticket Hunter にゃんチケ★ハンター Nyan Ticket★Hunter Cat Tickets
Normal Cave of Spirit 精神と時間の洞窟 Cave of Spirit and Time XP
Normal Vitamin Volcano ビタミン火山 Vitamin Volcano Catamins
Superior Labyrinth of Spirit 精神と時間の迷宮 Labyrinth of Spirit and Time XP
Superior Cymophane Cave ねこの目洞窟 Cat's Eye Cave Catseyes
Superior Ticket Hunter G にゃんチケ★ハンターG Nyan Ticket★Hunter G Cat Tickets

Talent Orb

These maps can drop from any stage, but Enigmas from Isle of the Map Lord are guaranteed to result in a Talent Orb map.

Rarity English Version Japanese Version Translation Talent Orbs
Inferior Red Cradle 紅き本能の起源 Cradle of Red Instinct Red
Normal Red Summit 紅き本能の頂 Summit of Red Instinct Red
Superior Red Frontier 紅き本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Red Instinct Red
Inferior Sky Cradle 浮ける本能の起源 Cradle of Floating Instinct Floating
Normal Sky Summit 浮ける本能の頂 Summit of Floating Instinct Floating
Superior Sky Frontier 浮ける本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Floating Instinct Floating
Inferior Black Cradle 黒き本能の起源 Cradle of Black Instinct Black
Normal Black Summit 黒き本能の頂 Summit of Black Instinct Black
Superior Black Frontier 黒き本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Black Instinct Black
Inferior Holy Cradle 聖なる本能の起源 Cradle of Holy Instinct Angel
Normal Holy Summit 聖なる本能の頂 Summit of Holy Instinct Angel
Superior Holy Frontier 聖なる本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Holy Instinct Angel
Inferior Cosmic Cradle 蒼き本能の起源 Cradle of Blue Instinct Alien
Normal Cosmic Summit 蒼き本能の頂 Summit of Blue Instinct Alien
Superior Cosmic Frontier 蒼き本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Blue Instinct Alien
Inferior Necro Cradle 朽ちた本能の起源 Cradle of Decayed Instinct Zombie
Normal Necro Summit 朽ちた本能の頂 Summit of Decayed Instinct Zombie
Superior Necro Frontier 朽ちた本能の秘境 Uncharted Land of Decayed Instinct Zombie
Inferior Steel Cradle 硬き本能の起源 Cradle of Solid Instinct Metal
Normal Steel Summit 硬き本能の頂 Summit of Solid Instinct Metal
Superior Steel Frontier 硬き本能の起源 Uncharted Land of Solid Instinct Metal

Hunter's Maps

Unlike other Enigmas, the Hunter's Maps all have multiple stages. Each stage drops a different color Behemoth Stone, with more advanced Hunter's Maps having more stages and potentially dropping more stones at a time.

Even though the three Hunter's Maps are technically considered to be Inferior, Normal and Superior, respectively, the chance to find one is 50% no matter your Enigma Level. In regards to Hunter's Maps, raising Enigma Level only affects which one will appear: Enigma Level 1-3 has Hunter's Map I, 4-5 replaces it with Hunter's Map II, and Enigma Level 6 gets Hunter's Map III.

English Version Japanese Version Translation Behemoth Stones (in order)
Hunter's Map I 狩人の地図Ⅰ Hunter's Map I Purple, Red
Hunter's Map II 狩人の地図Ⅱ Hunter's Map II Purple, Red, Blue, Green
Hunter's Map III 狩人の地図Ⅲ Hunter's Map III Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Summer Break Cats

Enigmas for these stages can only be obtained from the Summer Break Cats Gauntlet. All contain no enemies other than Drummer Doge, Firework Guys and Ms. Sign, are rated as ★1 difficulty, cost 50 energy, and have a guaranteed chance to drop Legend Nets for the Summer Break Cats gacha. Each map has four variations with different backgrounds, allowing players to get Cat Food and Leadership aplenty.

Rarity English Version Japanese Version Translation Legend Nets dropped
Inferior Rundown Hideout (Meadow) 昼のムシムシ大作戦 Worn-out Hideout 1
Inferior Rundown Hideout (Overworld) 昼のムシムシ大作戦 Worn-out Hideout 1
Inferior Rundown Hideout (Schoolyard) 昼のムシムシ大作戦 Worn-out Hideout 1
Inferior Rundown Hideout (Forest) 昼のムシムシ大作戦 Worn-out Hideout 1
Normal Stylish Hideout (Meadow) イケてる秘密基地 Stylish Hideout 1-2
Normal Stylish Hideout (Overworld) イケてる秘密基地 Stylish Hideout 1-2
Normal Stylish Hideout (Beach) イケてる秘密基地 Stylish Hideout 1-2
Normal Stylish Hideout (Festival Forest) イケてる秘密基地 Stylish Hideout 1-2
Superior Perfect Hideout (Meadow) かんぺきな秘密基地 Perfect Hideout 1-3
Superior Perfect Hideout (Overworld) かんぺきな秘密基地 Perfect Hideout 1-3
Superior Perfect Hideout (Festival Forest) かんぺきな秘密基地 Perfect Hideout 1-3
Superior Perfect Hideout (Cave) かんぺきな秘密基地 Perfect Hideout 1-3


  • Idi:N is the only Stories of Legend drop unit who doesn't increase the player's Enigma Level.
  • Enigma Level 6 was added in version 11.5 alongside the Hunter's Maps.
  • Although the first image for the Enigma Stage tutorial includes a platinum Enigma, no such item can be found in-game.
  • Sprites for two more Enigma rarities, or alternate designs for Normal and Superior Enigmas, can be found in the game's files.
  • Shack of Spirit, Cave of Spirit and Labyrinth of Spirit all reference the Room of Spirit and Time from Dragon Ball. The reference is more obvious with the maps' Japanese names.


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