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Expert Finals is the fifteenth stage in Tag Arena Challenge.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 2



Recommended Units[]

  • Manic Island Cat: If level is at least 35, it is very effective at stalling and dealing damage. Send one out while cycling your other tanks/attackers to make the stage a lot easier.
  • Island Cat: Same as Manic Island, except you need higher levels. Have it at about level 50-55 for it to be as effective.
  • Cyberpunk cat: Can help with stalling the bosses. Using him alongside Manic island is probably most effective.
  • Awakened Bahamut cat: Being a rusher, he can help kill Dober P.D more quickly, but he is only effective when Dober stands in front of Professor A.'s range.
  • Manic Jamiera cat: Really great here, takes a lot of punishment when level 30 or higher and deals great damage. Only downside is that he's a bit expensive. Have him at level 40 to make him more worth it.
  • Sushi Cat: Has the health to stall both bosses but works best when Dober P.D has been knocked back into Professor A's range. Use it exclusively for hard stalling because it doesn't do much damage.
  • Greater Balrog Cat: Plays the same role as A. Bahamut to get in and nuke the bosses. Is effective at a high level or with talents. With some luck, he can even get in on Professor A. for a quick kill.
  • Radiant Aphrodite: Sits back and snipes Professor A. using Dober as a stepping stone for her Long-Distance. Use her to snipe the Professor and knock him back to make it easier to kill Dober.
  • Any units that hit hard and have a LD that can hit Professor A will also help.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: One Unit Defense Up (Sm) combo, any Unit Attack Up combo, Manic Island cat (40), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30), Sushi Cat (30+), Manic Jamiera Cat (30), Island cat (20+35)

Notes: The Defense Up and Attack Up combos can be replaced with Research Power Up (M) combos such as Biohazard and Bony Bone. Rich Cat is not necessary but helps. Don't bring Sniper the Cat. Fill in remaining slops or replace underleveled units with any helpful Ubers.

Battle: Start the level by saving up cash and upgrade your worker cat to level 2. When Dober P.D appears, send out Manic Island and Manic Jamiera. Professor A. will spawn soon after. Start saving up for A. Bahamut now, but keep deploying Manic Island and Jamiera while doing so. When you have enough money for Bahamut, send him out to get 2-3 hits into Dober P.D. Remember to time Bahamut so he won't get hit by Dober P.D's wave. Once Dober P.D is knocked back, A. Bahamut should die from Professor A. Stop spawning Jameira now, and send in a combination of normal Island and Manic Island, alternatively M. Island and Sushi, to stall and finish off Dober and then kill Professor A for the win.