Battle Cats Wiki

Expert Quarterfinals is the thirteenth stage in Tag Arena Challenge.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 2


  • 1 Alpacky spawns after 23.33 seconds700f.
  • 5 Metal Doges spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 20~23.33 seconds600f~700f.
  • 1 Assassin Bear spawns after 900 seconds27,000f.


Lineup: Age of Dinosaurs and The Three Kings, Awakened Bahamut Cat, Jamiera Cat and Manic Jamiera Cat, each maxed up.

Metal Doge spawns first. Send both Jamiera (Jamiera and Manic Jamiera), then when Alpacky spawns, wait for the death of one Jamiera and send Awakened Bahamut Cat. After that you'll have to alternate between both Jamiera and Bahamut until Alpacky survives the lethal strike, at this time use Cat Cannon to finish him off. The end is quite easy and Assassin Bear will never spawn.