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Extra Natives is the first stage in The Ururuvu Journals. Lutrinae Gokurakko is introduced here.


  • Infinite Doges spawn, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • Infinite Snaches spawn, delay 10~13.33 seconds300f~400f.
  • Infinite Those Guys spawn, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • 3 Lutrinae Gokurakkos spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 50 seconds1,500f.
  • 3 Jackie Pengs spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 36.67~43.33 seconds1,100f~1,300f.
  • 4 Hippoes spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 36.67~43.33 seconds1,100f~1,300f.
  • 6 Kang Roos spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 36.67~43.33 seconds1,100f~1,300f.
  • 1 R.Ost spawns after 100 seconds3,000f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
  • 1 Ururun Wolf spawns as the boss after 33.33 seconds1,000f.
  • When the base reaches 90% HP:


The general idea of this stage, much like Heavenly Tower/Floor 34/Infernal Tower/Floor 34 is to outlast and defeat all other supporting threats then focus on taking down Ururun, as the only respawning enemies are some weak peons. Although Relic Doge and Kang Roo are both equally dangerous, you should primarily reserve your counters for R.Ost and Gokurakko due to the short stage length and with how hard they can push.

With the tight startoff, you may want to consider using a Rich Cat if you believe you can't obtain enough resources before Ururun spawns.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Friendly)[]

Lineup: Li'l Eraser Cat 50+29, Ramen Cat 50+24, Goemon Cat 50+6, Sanzo Cat, Mushroom Cat 50, Green Shell Cat 50, Cat Egg Pod 50, Hitman Cat 50, Cat God the Golden, Awakened Urs 50

Cannon: Breakerblast


  • Goemon Cat should still be usable at level 30.
  • Cat God the Golden can be replaced with Reborn Warrior Doguemon (UNTESTED).
  • Sanzo Cat has the Target Angel and Weaken MAX talent.
  • Ramen Cat has the HP up MAX talent.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat has the HP up MAX talent.
  • Cat Egg Pod can be replaced with a combo slave, Courier Cat, or another meatshield (Jiangshi Cat or Boulder Cat recommended).

This strategy can be pretty difficult to pull off. A Rich Cat is recommended to make money less of a problem.

Immediately send out Goemon Cat to pick off the first few peons. Then, lure Kang Roo to about 1/4 of the stage length away from your base, before hitting them with a Green Shell Cat. Once Ururun Wolf and Lutrinae Gokurakko spawn, send out Awakened Urs, and start spamming Hitman Cat, Ramen Cat, and Li'l Eraser Cat. Once Lutrinae Gokurakko is near your stack, start spamming Sanzo Cat and Mushroom Cat.

From here, you want to alternate between Green Shell Cat and Cat Egg Pod to minimize the pushing power of Lutrinae Gokurakko and their knockback ability. If you are in a pickle, such as when R. Ost joins the fight, Cat God the Golden could use their attack once or time to help preserve your stack, and maybe get a kill on a peon for some big cash. Alternatively, Reborn Warrior Doguemon can be sent if the enemies are pushing too hard for extra offense and defense. Once all three Lutrinae Gokurakkos are dead, the level is essentially over as Ururun Wolf cannot push on their own, and Awakened Urs outranges them. Reborn Warrior Doguemon is especially helpful for the cleanup due to their anti-Traitless ability.

Recommended Units[]

  • Manic Macho Legs: An accessible and cheap wave unit that's useful for removing small peons and to occasionally chip Ururun while the frontline enemies are still present.
  • Stone Cat: A research-boosted Stone is pretty much necessary due to the presence of R.Ost, to cover any gaps in your defense. Stone's extreme health and immunity to knockback means neither of the two main threats will be able to advance, but should not be your only means of defense.
  • Ramen Cat: By this point in the game most may have Ramen heavily boosted with + levels and presumably health Talents. Ramen primarily sees use against Gokurakko despite said enemy's knockback ability, as the extreme amount of pressure in the frontline means most other normal meatshields will be of little use. Like Stone, Ramen greatly benefits from research combos if your economy can sustain them.
  • Can Can Cat: Can Can's high damage, Extra Money and Move Speed Up Talent makes it particularly suited for the beginning where you can quickly defeat Kang Roo or Jackie Peng to essentially max out your Worker Cat. Can Can can also be used to snipe Relic Doges since they have lower range than the main threats.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Lasvoss Reborn: R.Ost and Gokurakko are both outranged by Lasvoss, who can deal considerable damage (nearly 250K at level 50, approximately a quarter of their health) to them both even without Strengthen or Savage Blows, and when either of these abilities come into play he can be much more destructive, able to essentially one-shot either. His immunity to knockback means Gokurakko cannot interrupt his animation, either. However, both of his damage-boosting abilities are unreliable and he is expensive, so make sure he won't hurt your economy much before sending him.
  • Lufalan Pasalan: As long as you keep the threats away with force and avoid using surge units, Lufalan should be safe from all of the threats. Its extreme range and very high damage allows it to comfortably demolish R.Ost or Gokurakko, both of which have less range than Ururun and will tend to move ahead further. Its only real weakness, apart from the very high cooldown, is its single target, and as such Relic Doges or other minor threats can get in the way. You can play it safe by sending it only when the main threats are close enough so Lufalan gets to exploit its range advantage.
  • Shadow Gao/D'arktanyan: Both have ways to attack Ururun Wolf effectively and can help with R.Ost due to their damage-focused anti-Traitless abilities so more space can be reserved for fighting the Angels.


  • Extra Natives is the first non-event stage to contain an enemy with separate health and attack magnifications.