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Feast of Fall: Exalted (Merciless) is the fourth stage in Total War: Fall Special.


The stage starts with nothing coming out of the base at first

After a few seconds the following enemies spawn with a boss shockwave

Mr. Angel and a Hermit Peng will occasionally appear throughout the battle at different times

Occasionally there will be waves of ~7 Piggie Back's will spawn


This stage is easy for a Merciless stage.

This battle will be fought at your base because of the Mr angel rushing at the start and how quickly the boss enemies spawn despite the size of the stag. Using a solid stack of ranged attackers to kill the Mr. Angels and Master Da Xun can be helpful. When the waves of Piggie Backs spawn they can give a lot of money for some Uber rares however if you are unprepared they can push allowing the other enemies to hit the base.


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