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Feast of Fall: Standard (Deadly) is the second stage in Total War: Fall Special.


  • 3 Jackie Pengs spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 6.67~13.33 seconds200~400f.
  • 1 Zackie Peng spawns after 10 seconds300f.
  • 10 Chief Pengs spawn after 20 seconds600f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500~600f.
  • 1 Hermit Peng spawns after 20 seconds600f
  • 2 Zackie Pengs spawn after 802,400f and 133.33 seconds4,000f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


Strategy 1

Lineup: Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Macho or Manic Mohawk Cat, Crazed Wall or Manic Eraser Cat, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat or Manic Macho Legs, Cyborg Cat, Jamiera Cat, Ururun Cat.

Fill the rest with a Long Range, Wave or Surge attack units. If you have anything that outranges or is a good tank against Alpacky, that should work too.

Battle: At the beginning stall all the traitless Jackie variants. Try to gain some ground. DON'T go straight to the enemy base, even the meatshields can damage it enough to summon the boss, and DON'T spawn anything other than meatshields.

When the Zackie borrows under your meatshields, spawn your Legs and a Cyborg. Level 4 should be fine, but if you want higher level Worker Cat, make sure you dont push too hard.

When you think you're ready (or run out of enemies) approach the base. The base will spawn an Alpacky and a large amount of funny penguins. Spam your meatshields, Cyborgs, Legs and spawn your Legend cats. You can also spawn the units you chose if they have a decent attack rate.

After a bit, the penguin spam should slow down. It's quite likely Alpacky will kill your Legend cats. Spawn a Cyborg every so often to clear the battlefield, but make sure you have over 2000¢ at all times. This is when you should start spawning Jamieras, because it won't insta-die or knocked back before it can attack.

Continue spamming until you win the battle.