This is the sixth stage in Crazed Cat Stages. It appears on the 18th of every month. Unlike previous Crazed Cat stages, this stage does not require mass spamming Cats all the time. Crazed Bird Cat is one of the slowest enemies in the game, his supporting forces are also not a threat if the player is prepared.


Begin the battle, the boss (Crazed Bird Cat) will appear.

After 1-2 minutes, the enemy's castle will spawn Rain D. in a random time (up to 3 can appear on the battlefield). Later, the Enemy Base will spawn 1 Bore. Bore respawns about every 3 Rain D.

After 15 or more minutes, Ms. Sign will be spawned, and a Shy Boy. Both respawn every 2-5 minutes approximately.

Enemy Stats

Name Strength Mag HP DMG Notes



400000 4837 -
Rain D.



90000 4547 -

Shy Boy


35000 500 -
Ms. Sign



10000 1 -
Crazed Bird Cat


100% 1180000 12000 Boss


With proper spawning, money gained from defeating Bores and Rain D.'s, and the Sniper Cat power up, the player can stall Crazed Bird nearly forever. Rich Cat and Cat CPU are recommended for this stage. Getting treasures from Into the Future may speed up the battle a bit.

Strategy 1 (time-consuming)

Begin the battle, turn of the Cat CPU power up, spamming Crazed Wall Cat. When the first Rain D. comes out, start spamming Macho Legs Cat. When the second Rain D. appears, spam Crazed Macho Cat. Occasionally, spawn a King Dragon Cat or Crazed Legs Cat when the third Rain D. appears. The player should have enough money to spawn a Bahamut Cat. Only spawn him and turn on Cat CPU when the Bore appears. The CPU will auto-spawn any available Cats, unless the Worker Cat's level is not high enough. When the Bore dies, turn off the CPU and repeat the process. The first Ms. Sign will be spawned with a Shy Boy. However, his strength is not as high as the Shy Boys found in Berserk, he is spawned just to refund some of the player's money. The Crazed Bird should die after the second Ms. Sign appears.

Strategy 2 (anti-reds)

  • Recommended Powerups: Sniper

Begin the battle and gather money while continuously sending out Crazed Wall. Once your money is high enough, start sending out Swimmer and Lizard Cats. Once a Rain D. comes out, send out Salon Cats every so often. When Bore comes out, spam everything until Bore dies, then repeat. Only spawn Bahamut Cat when a Bore comes out. Once Ms. Sign comes out (About 20 minutes later), within a few seconds, a Shy Boy will come out and when it does, send out a few more Salon Cats. Make sure not to make 3 Rain D.'s stack (try to kill one quickly) and save up money for when a Bore comes out (at least 8000).

Strategy 3 (ft. Butterfly Cat)

It is possible to beat this level with Butterfly Cat alone if it is max level. By sending out Butterfly after Butterfly, the Rain D. will be constantly knocked behind the Crazed Bird, allowing the massive damage that Butterfly Cats deal to floating enemies to destroy it handily. Cat CPU recommended. If your Butterfly/ Fishman is not max level, you may want to bring cat combos or meatshields to kill Bore.

Strategy 4 (ft. Super Galaxy Cosmo)

Super Galaxy Cosmo is designed for this level. Use three meatshields, Island, Macho Legs and Dragon. Bahamut, and Valkyrie could help against the Bore.

Alternatively, with a defense up combo, two meatshields can work fine. Having cats that knockback or slow red enemies is perfect for keeping bore away from your Cosmo(s). This lineup works perfectly, though it requires Kung Fu Cat's true form (just for the combo):

Line 1: Samba Cat*(any), Hip-Hop Cat*(10, slows red), Dancer Cat* (35), Eraser/Crazed Tank(20+10/20), Pirate Cat (15, knocks back red)

Line 2: Mid range area attacker (paris, 30), Valkyrie (30, TF for freezing), Super Galaxy Cosmo (18)

*Feel the Dance Combo

The other two slots can be whatever you want, preferably either anti-red or long-range. Levels are just what I used, They could probably be lower and still work. Cosmo at this level only needs to hit flying cat about 40 times to kill it, even without other cats attacking it.

Strategy 5 (cheese strategy)

If you don't like to waste time on this stage then you can use this strategy. (Not gonna work always though it may take some time)

Make sure your Jamiera can survive hits from the boss so it can do actual work

  • When you start, try to let the boss halfway across the field. As the Rain D. will spawn, try to stop or kill it, then send in Doctor Cat when you think there is a clear opening, so Doctor Cat can knock back the boss until it's behind the base. When the boss is behind the base, send out your heavy damage ubers. This needs to be done as quick as possible, as if you take too long doing this, the Bore will spawn (Unless you have an Uber and your Cats can stop the Bore)
  • This cheese strat is from what I found out, the quickest way to beat this level in less then 5 minutes

Strategy 6 (ft. Lufalan Pasalan)

  • Required Line-up: Crazed Macho, Eraser Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Lufalan Pasalan (True form is required!), Bahamut Cat (Normal/Evolved), and the rest of the space can be filled with other cats to finish off the base or bores if they come out.
    • Powerups: I did not use any power-ups at all when I did this, but a speed up can be used to make it go by quicker. Just don't use sniper the cat or at least disable sniper when Lufalan is attacking as Lufalan can miss if the crazed bird is knocked back
  • Strategy: To start just save up enough money for Lufalan Pasalan. Once you have enough money, you have basically won. Send out Lufalan Pasalan and keep sending out metal macho when it's just the crazed bird and send crazed walls when a Rain D. comes out, or just always send out the three meatshields mentioned in the lineup. At level 30, Lufalan will only need 10 shots to take down this crazed and even less with critical hits! Just remember to bring some meatshields to protect Lufalan from getting hit by the crazed bird and Rain D. like metal cat and crazed tank and this stage is really easy.
  • Notes: You must have Tecoluga's true form (Lufalan Pasalan) as its evolved form (Tesalan Pasalan) does not outrange the boss. This strategy is really only possible because the Crazed Bird doesn't have tons of peons and enemies surrounding him throughout the battle. This means Lufalan will just hit the crazed bird most of the time. The crazed bird also has quite low health and is taken out quickly thanks to Lufalan's huge amount of damage and chance to critcal. When I did this, only a few Rain D. spawn and no bores at all, although I recommend bringing some other cats in case your Lufalan Pasalan dies or bores spawn, and Bahamut Cat and iCat are great for this. Just make sure to protect Lufalan Pasalan and getting this crazed cat should be really easy.

Strategy 7 (classic line up)

This strategy just basically is a recreation of the famous line up, but this time, you can kill a Rain D. faster and damage the boss more. Stall by spawning continuous Crazed Wall Cats, Dancer Cats, and Jamiera Cats to damage the boss. Use Paris to get Rain. D behind the boss. Be mindful of your money; make sure you have at least 10,000¢ in your Wallet upon the arrival of the first Bore. When the first Bore arrives and gets close to the base, spawn Ururun Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat, and Holy Valkyrie Cat. Spawn your other meatshields too. When it dies, revert to the Crazed Wall stalling and back to the Dancer + Jamiera damage dealing. When you get to a point where Shy Boys come, it is now easier to do the whole concept because of the overflowing money you get from them. Have fun!

Strategy 8 (Luck on steroids)

Lineup:Sadako Cat,Jamiera Cat (must be a quite high level),Crazed Mythical Titan Cat (must be lvl 20), Defense up/knockback up combo cats

You can literally beat this if RNG is on your side.Weaken Crazed bird with sadako,so that it does less damage on your 2 titans.You also need chapter 1 and 2 sky fruit.You can make jamiera (and the other titan) get to the base before bore spawns! May RNG be on your side. A Sniper the cat power up may increase your odds of victory as it provides some additional knockback. Metal Cat is also a very good meatshield as Sadako will die quickly to Rain D, but not to metal cat

Luckily this is not a no continues stage so if it doesn’t work you can close the app and try again.

Strategy 9 (ft. Metal Cat)

Line up: cat army combo( 1st five basic cats) metal cat lvl 10 min. kotatsu lvl 15 min. shaman lvl 30 crazed bahamut lvl 30 High dps cat (i used greater demon lvl 24)

at start summon metal shaman and kotatsu one of each to try and delay bird as long as possible without spending too much. Once Rain D. shows up let them die and lure rain D. once near base meat shield and summon high dps cat of choice but camp them safe. once rain D. dies summon metal kotatsu and shaman again hopefully your dps cat hits boss. once bore and Rain D. show use same as just Rain D. but now use bahamut as well. WARNING: do not use bahamut any other time or the timing will be off and bore will overpower your dps cat and you will lose same with your dps cat mess up timing and rain D. will kill you

Power ups preferred: Sniper, speed-up, and rich. cpu only helps when bore is near but bring if you dont wanna deal with bore yourself.

Strategy 10 (ft. Jiangshi Cat, Sodom + Anti-red uber)

Warning: Need all treasures from chapters 1-3 or it will take much longer.

Line up: Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, Wall Cat, Jiangshi Cat (Pogo Cat), Macho Legs (or Paris Cat), King/Normal Dragon Cat, Valkyrie Cat (or any cheap, fast damage-dealer), Thundia, Bahamut Cat, and Sodom. (All my Ubers were level 18 or higher) This may take up to 30 minutes, it took 20 for the author

Power-ups recommended: Rich Cat, Sniper Cat, and Speed Up (if you are impatient)

At the start, spam Crazed Macho until a Rain D comes, when this happens, spam Crazed Wall as well with Macho Legs (or Paris) and King Dragon for support. Do this until the Bore comes out, at this point you should have about 9000-11000 cents (Battle Cats Currency?). Immediately send out Bahamut Cat and Thundia and all of your meat-shields. Use Valkyrie Cat if you have enough money. The Bore should die after 2 hits from your Bahamut and Thundia with the support from the Macho Legs and King Dragon(s). After the Bore is defeated, your moneys will be greatly replenished, about 10000 cents. Send out Sodom, and watch it slowly knock back the Crazed Bird cat, while doing this send out Macho Legs and King Dragons. If there are 1 or 2 Rein Ds, spam Crazed Macho and Crazed Wall. If there are 3, then send out Wall Cat along with them, or your Sodom will die and you'll be screwed. You should have about 4000 cents, still send out King Dragons and Macho Legs, wait for a Rein D to die, you will get 3000 cents for each Rein D death. Eventually you'll get over 9000 cents.

Do this 3-6 times, and a Bore, a Shy Boy, and a Ms. Sign will spawn at the same time. Don't sweat it, the Shy Boy is just to give you some money, so when the Shy Boy comes out, send out as many Meat-Shields, Macho Legs and King Dragons as possible (Warning: Don't send out Sodom). This way you will profit from the Shy Boy. After about 1-2 more Shy Boys (They will spawn more frequently), the Crazed Bird should die, when this happens, send out everything, just so you will destroy the base before another Bore spawns.

Levels of my cats:

Crazed Macho: 20 Crazed Wall: 20 Wall Cat: 20+6 Jiangshi Cat: 30 Macho Legs Cat: 20+11

King Dragon Cat: 20+16 Valkyrie Cat: 20 Thundia: 19 Bahamut Cat: 20 Sodom: 18

Strategy 11 ft. A. Bahamut & Metal Cat

(Bring Sniper)

When the battle starts, wait for the bird to come halfway to the base. After it is halfway, send metal macho. Then send out A.bahamut immediately after crazed bird hits. Shoot the cat cannon about 1.46 sec(timer required) after bahamut is sent out. He should be lodged in the middle of crazed bird. Then open sniper, and since crazed bird is knocked back, awakened bahamut can now attack base before Rain.D even comes out.

Strategy 12 Balrog carry

This level is a COMPLETE joke if you have balrog cat, or even level 30 greter demon cat.

line up:

page 1: bring attack up or defense up cat combos if you have it

page 2: greater demon cat atleast level 27 (balrog helps A LOT)

when the battle starts, saves up money until rein.D came out then deploy balrog cat. It should have cleared all the way all to the crazed bird just keep spamming the one cat until you kill him. As i tell you, its a complete joke.

This strategy made me complete this stage at user rank around 1350

(bring speed up if you want)

Strategy 13 ft. Earth King Sodom + Glorious Amaterasu (optional)

First row: crazed macho (18) , eraser (20+16), jianshi (30), ramen (31), cyborg (30)

Second Row: Macho leg 20+13, King Dragon 20+12, jamiera 20+13, Glorious Amaterasu (25) (Amaterasu can be replaced with elemental duelist) Earth King sodom (28)

Items: Rich cat, Sniper the cat

When the battle starts, save up your money. When the first Rein D comes along, put a couple of cyborgs to deal with it. Put sodom as it gets knocked back (Sodom has slow movement speed). Also spam jamiera and king dragon (both can survive a shot).The crazed bird should be alone now. Sodom should be at crazed bird. Spam EVERYTHING. When you see bore, don’t panic. Let your army deal with it. Sodom should die soon. Let the bore come to your base. Put another sodom and amaterasu down to deal with it. The supporting rein d’s should go down. THEN SPAM EVERYTHING AND KILL THE BASE BEFORE MORE BORES AND REIN D’S COME!

Congrats, you just got a free crazed cat.

Strategy 14: ft. God-Emperor Sodom

Only 5 cats were used to win, and even less should suffice:

Crazed Wall Cat lvl 20, Ramen Cat lvl 37, Cyberpunk Cat lvl 33+2, Awakened Bahamut lvl 30, God-Emperor Sodom lvl 34.

What's important on your lineup:

  • Sodom needs its true form for 100% knockback on crazed bird
  • Crazed Wall Cat need a good level to take a few hits before he dies
  • Ramen (or any good fast and spammable dps) needs to survive some hits to land on Rain D.

Cyberpunk Cat is not mandatory, but can help to slow Rain D. Awakened Bahamut was used to deal damage on Crazed bird, but in fact, it didn't even matter because the base was destroyed first. Any space left can be used for any combo you want, but I recommend you knockback, defense or unit speed up (I didn't used any).

When the battle start, spam crazed wall cat to stall Crazed Bird. It doesn't need to be closed to each other when he's alone, but it does when there is a Rain D. Level up worker cat enough to spawn Sodom and do it when you can. A Rain D. should have spawned or be close to spawn, you can start to spam your Ramen or any other fast spammable dps. If you have one, spawn Cyberpunk Cat or any cat with greater range than Crazed bird. When your cat cannon is ready, always shoot, unless if you would make Sodom miss.

Normally, crazed wall should stall Crazed Bird and Rain D., ramen or your replacement should kill the Rain D., and Sodom will knockback Crazed Bird behind the base, and its high health and resistance to floating protect him. If you have Awakened Bahamut, you can try to use it to destroy the base faster, or to help with the Rain D. but I didn't in my own attempt.

This method is fast enough to destroy the base before the Bore spawn or even the 3rd Rain D.

Strategy 15 feat. iCat and Sadako/Octopus (possible to finish within 10 minutes)

For those who may not know, Octopus can carry you to finish the stage. iCat is also there to freeze the Bores. It is also theoretically possible to end this stage within 10 minutes.

Lineup: Macho and Wall Cats with their Crazed counterparts, Apple Cat(True Form is mandatory), Sadako(Octopus will also work), Paris/Cyborg (min. level 35), Swordsman Cat (True Form recommended)(optional, there just to kill the Bores faster), Swimmer/Butterfly Cat, and one long-distance attack Uber Rare if you have(Empress Chronos is what the author used), Crazed Bahamut is used in the author's attempt, but it wasn't very useful.

Rich Cat the battle item is also needed. Sniper is also useful when knocking back the boss. Cat CPU can also be used if you're lazy.

Procedure: This strat is fairly straightforward, as it only requires a few timings at the start. Save up money until a Rain D. appears. At this time, put on a few meatshields and a Cyborg or two, deploy the Uber Rare if you want. Deploy Sadako or Octopus now. Now the Rain D. is dead, spam everything. The Bores shouldn't be a real threat now.

Strategy 16 feat. High Lord Babel and Kotatsu

High Lord Babel only takes 1/6 damage from Crazed Bird, combined with Kotatsu will greatly reduce damage taken and Babel does enough damage to kill it.

Lineup:Crazed Macho, Wall Cat, (Any other meatshields will do)Kotatsu, (Massive damage to Red or Floating)

Bahamut, High Lord Babel

Procedure: Start by just saving money for High Lord Babel and Kotatsu and just spam them. When the first Rain. D appears let it kill off your Kotatsu stack and Babel should dispose of it in few hits, continue spamming Kotatsu, continue for the next Rain. D. When Bore appears let it kill off the Kotatsu stack, spawn Bahamut and spam meatshields, They should be able to dispose of the bore, and don't worry if Babel dies, another should be ready, if not then level up Babel


Walkthrough Video Player
The Battle Cats - Flappy Cat (Hard ) - Played by Nurse Wuffa-0

The Battle Cats - Flappy Cat (Hard ) - Played by Nurse Wuffa-0

Nurse Wuffa
TheBattleCats - Flappy Cat Insane Crazed Bird Cheese

TheBattleCats - Flappy Cat Insane Crazed Bird Cheese

Danie A


  • Flappy Cat is named after the fairly brief "sensation" game called Flappy Bird. The game was a huge hit in spite of having little to no gameplay. Ultimately it lead to terrible, terrible things and was removed for reason that will not be explained here.
  • Although the Crazed Bird is the boss, it can be knocked back behind the base, strangely. It is cheesing time!


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