The Floating Continent is the second-last stage in Into The Future. It introduces the Nimoy Bore, the alien variant of Bore.

If you have Surfer/Castaway, or any ubers from Dark Heroes, use them, as they greatly simplify this level.

== Overview Enemies: Heavenly Hippoe (100%) Gabriel (100%) Imperator Sael (100%) Maawth (100%) Kroxo (100%) Boss: Nimoy Bore (100%) Chapter 2 Only: Cyberhorn (100%) Treasure: Floating Rock

Chapter 1

The stage starts off spawning nothing for a little while. Eventually, a couple Baa Baa will spawn, eventually being supported by Heavenly Hippoe and Gabriel. Heavenly Hippoes and Gabriel will spawn slowly throughout the early battle, blocking the way to the enemy castle, which has 750k health. Once you attack the enemy base, a couple Kroxo will spawn, eventually being supported by Maawth. After the enemy castle reaches 650k health, Imperator Sael will spawn.

Tip: It helps to kill the support enemies before the Nimoy Bore spawns, as it will make the boss much easier.

Once the enemy castle falls below 600k health, the boss will spawn (Nimoy Bore). Gabriel, Heavenly Hippoe, and Kroxo will spawn at a slow rate, acting as support. In this stage, the Nimoy Bore seems to deal about 10,000 damage per attack. Once the boss spawns, be sure to mass-produce meatshields. If the wave of meatshields is not constant, the Nimoy Bore may rush forward and kill your long-ranged attackers. Cats that can stop or knockback alien enemies are very useful, as stopping the Nimoy Bore can give you many chances to hit it. Knocking it back prevents it from advancing, giving you a lot more time. The Nimoy Bore gets knockbacked twice. Once he dies, then the stage is very easy. Just keep killing the other enemies, and you should win soon.

Chapter 2

Pretty much the same, except everything has a higher strength magnification. Cyber horns spawn throughout the battle


Surfer Cat really helps here. Drop him as frequently as you can. With many surfer cats, and a lot of luck, you can pretty much freeze the Nimoy Bore for a long time. Dark Heroes help here, especially Akira, as his normal form can stop the Nimoy Bore. Combined with lots of Castaway Cats, the Nimoy Bore will be stopped for most of the battle. If you have Paris Cat, Bahamut, Neo Psychocat, and Dancing Flasher, you can possibly kill the Nimoy Bore in under 30 seconds. (Check on YouTube or Hip Hop Cat (Super Rare Cat) for more information.)

References: Stage #47

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