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Forest of Irony is the third stage in Garden of Wilted Thoughts.


  • 1 Bore spawns after 13.33 seconds400f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


This stage is very straightforward. Use iCat to stall the Bore at the start and get money in addition to stacking some anti-Angel/Red debuffers (such as Sanzo Cat or Juliet the Maiko) to deal with the Boraphim and Bore. Take the Breakerblast Cannon to break Ribbo's Barrier. Wave Attackers and Long Distance attackers work well here.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Riceball Cat 50, Ramen Cat 50+26, Jellycat 50, Sanzo Cat, Enchantress Cat, Courier Cat 50, Green Shell Cat 50, Cat God the Awesome, Awakened Bahamut Cat 50, Awakened Ururun 50

Items: Rich Cat


  • This strategy is theoretically possible without a Rich Cat, but is not recommended.
  • Enchantress Cat is mostly present to stall the first Bore, but could be replaced with an impractically high-level Maximum the Fighter (UNTESTED).
  • Courier Cat could be replaced with Elemental Duelist Cat, preferably with the Target Angel Talent (UNTESTED).
  • Sanzo Cat has the Target Angel, Weaken MAX and Survives MAX Talents.
  • Ramen Cat has the Defense Buff MAX Talent.
  • Riceball Cat has the Defense Buff MAX Talent.
  • Breakerblast is the recommended option to more easily break Ribbo's Barrier as well as to keep enemies off of your crowd-control stacks, but is theoretically not needed.

This stage revolves around some decently good RNG. Proceed with caution.

Wait until the first Bore comes close to your base, then send out Enchantress Cat, some meatshields, and Green Shell Cat. Hopefully, Enchantress Cat can get the slow off, or you will have to soft restart. From here, keep meatshielding, and continue to build your stack of Enchantress Cats.

Once you get a good stack, send out Cat God the Awesome to push the Bore away from your Enchantress Cat stack. Do not stop meatshielding, however! Due to both units having a short range, Bore can still reach your Enchantress Cat stack despite being slowed (However, please refrain from sending too many Ramen Cats). Once you are confident that Bore is permanently slowed, start sending out Courier Cat to start chipping away the Bore's health faster. Eventually, you should be able to kill off the Bore, and your wallet should be at or almost at full capacity.

The boss wave will trigger, and you want to lure both of the Bore variants away from Ribbo and Croakley. As soon as Cat God the Awesome starts initiating his attack, send out all your units (except Awakened Bahamut Cat) and keep the spam going. Once a couple of Sanzo Cats and Enchantress Cats are at the frontline, you can consider sending out Awakened Bahamut Cat to start chipping the Bore variants faster. You may find that Ribbo does warp your units occasionally, and you may find Awakened Bahamut Cat die before either of the Bore variants are dead, but you should still be able to win as they eventually start getting pretty close to your base.