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Frontline Assault Iron Legion (革命軍隊アイアンウォーズ, Kakumei guntai aianwōzu, Uprising Army Iron Wars) is the 9th regular gacha event in the game. First campaign was held from November 15th, to November 19th, 2016. 


Players have a chance to get Uber Rare characters:

Also get a chance to obtain the Legend Rare unit Mighty Kristul Muu!

In the PC version version of Battle Cats you are able to obtain the Uber Super Rare Tangled Horse Javelins

By playing the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha during this special event!


  • Similar to the Sengoku Wargods Vajiras and The Majestic Zeus sets, this Uber Rare set was also implemented with 3 characters.
  • The Cat Corps are a uniform group that can be spotted in both forms of all ubers, whether in it's idle animation or attack animation. The group consists of a cat with an eyepatch, a cat with a mustache, a normal cat, and one cat in a costume, which is different for each uber.
    • In the evolved form, the first three are kept, but with different clothes. The cat with the eyepatch and the mustached cat now have hats (the mustached one is the main one visible in Rekon), and the normal cat has become a chef.
  • Their pattern in their appearance between their Normal and Evolved Forms is that the Normal Forms of the Iron Legion are rather simple,crude and medieval-like in design, but their Evolved Forms are complex and mechanical, somewhat futuristic.
  • All Uber True Forms in this set always have a fat cat eating rice and a chef somewhere on the machine.


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