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Fury of Hell (Merciless) is the second and final stage in The Greatest Diablo. The reward for beating this stage is the True Form of Aku Researcher, Cat Researcher. This is a No Continues stage.



This stage contains a buffed Aku Cyclone, some of the worst Red enemies to date, additional threatening pushers and, worst of all, Surge Attacks. In between these, the tough Cyclone will be one hell of a time. Bring every unit that proves to be helpful, for brute force is out of the picture. Thankfully, the only enemies that respawn indefinitely are weak Crocos and Devil Wives that can be exploited for extra resources.

Recommended Units[]

  • Courier Cat - A level 50 Courier is almost necessary here as the only solution to the nasty Reds.
  • Barrel Cat - Barrel is Surge Immune, resistant to Aku enemies with 60% chance to Pierce Shields and its LD attacks can hit Aku Cyclone even behind the peons. Make use of each one wisely.
  • Bellydance Cat - Requires Target Aku. Just like in Wrath of Hell (Deadly), this stage solely consists of enemies within this unit's target traits, though beware dodge is a rather inconsistent ability for such an expensive unit.
  • Cat Cactus - Strong against Aku and Surge Immune. Great for holding ground as long as the Reds are taken care of.
  • Stone Cat - A research-boosted Stone is here for when all other options of meatshielding fail.
  • Talented Beefcake - A fully-talented Beefcake is absolutely necessary if you want more area attackers or if you're concerned about Courier's vulnerabilities.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Lilin - Strong against Aku, with Surges (in true form) and 100% Shield Piercing as well as a relatively low cooldown for rapid replacement. Easily removes Aku Cyclone's shields and deals with other Aku threats well. Only things to watch out are her vulnerabilities to Surge, Red threats and mediocre range. She also cannot control the threats, so additional damage may be necessary to wipe them out.
  • Hevijak - Has high health and resistant against Red and Aku that can tank hits from Devil Wives’ death surges and Midnite Ds, his 50% (100% in true form) knockbacks can also stay the Aku Cyclone and other enemies at bay and his 50% shield piercing can remove Midnite Ds and Aku Cyclone’s shields as well.
  • Iz the Lady of Mourning - Low cost and recharge time for an Uber, 100% chance of piercing shields and surge immune. Can easily break Midnite Ds and Aku Cyclone’s shields and delivers high damage to enemies when strengthened.
  • Mitama the Oracle - Amazing slow uptime that can easily deal with everything outside of the aftermath surges but still lasts a while thanks to her incredible health against traited enemies. Just make sure to bring Shield Piercing Cats.