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Gamatoto Expedition (ガマトト探検隊 Gamatoto Tanken-tai, Gamatoto Expedition Troops) is a feature added in Version 5.0 of Nyanko Daisensou and The Battle Cats which enables players to send a "cat" named GAMATOTO on expeditions in search of useful items. GAMATOTO allows players to obtain free XP, Cat Food, Catseyes, etc. without doing anything else. This feature is unlocked after clearing Greece/Shiga in Empire of Cats.

After the expedition is complete, GAMATOTO returns to camp, a log of the expedition is presented, and any lucky finds are awarded.

GAMATOTO has many costumes; however, they are only cosmetic. They have no effect on his chances of finding items during expeditions, regardless of which costume is worn.


The expedition screen can be accessed from the Cat Base Menu after selecting a chapter. The button is located in the same row as the Menu and Missions buttons. This screen is also where the Cat Shrine is found.

You can start an expedition by tapping GAMATOTO on the center of the screen. The upper-right button toggles a reminder that GAMATOTO has completed the expedition and returned to camp. The shop button is a shortcut to buy items in the premium shop, where players can buy Catamins to reduce the time remaining before GAMATOTO returns to camp.

An expedition can be made to one of several areas if they're unlocked for a chance to obtain the rewards specified. There are three expedition duration options. These various locations and durations determine the number of expedition points GAMATOTO receives towards his next level, the average number of items he acquires and, depending on where it's held, what those items are.

Each area has specific requirements for GAMATOTO's level and the player's User Rank. All the requirements specified must be met for an area to be unlocked and available to explore.

Once GAMATOTO's expedition is confirmed, a window will display the details of the mission, location, type, duration, a countdown of time remaining to completion and options to reduce the countdown timer by using Catamins. A Catamin [A] skips 1 hour of the expedition, a Catamin [B] trims 3 hours off, and a Catamin [C] is effective for 6 hours, the maximum length of an expedition.

There is also a small home icon button above GAMATOTO which cancels the expedition.

Warning: Cancelling a Gamatoto expedition returns him to base and forfeits any rewards he might have obtained; any Catamins used will not be returned. A lack of wireless connection gives the impression of "freezing" GAMATOTO. Reconnecting will update his progress correctly and fully.

Cancellation via the 'home' button also provides a further confirmation stage and once confirmed will then be completed instantly.

Upon returning after the expedition timer expires, GAMATOTO will be shown running back to gain his expedition points and present the player with a report of what occurred during the expedition. There is a random chance he gains a 1.5x multiplier to his expedition points. Tap GAMATOTO again to get the expedition report screen showing what GAMATOTO and any assistants got up to during the expedition and also detailing any items they found. The player can skip the report by using the top right button on the log screen. Ending the report screen will simply show a summary of all items obtained during the expedition.

How to Start an Expedition

You can access the expedition screen by tapping on this button in the left picture. The button is found in the Cat Base Menu after chapter selection. Gamatoto Expeditions are only available after clearing a certain requirement!
Expedition Screen
Gamatoto rollcall.png
Gamatoto wardrobe.png
You can line-up all helpers and change GAMATOTO's costume using these buttons. They are located below the push notification toggle button. Each only shown after you have at least a helper or evolved GAMATOTO's form once!
Expedition Task Assignment Screen
Expedition Task In-progress Screen
Expedition Result Log Screen
Expedition Ending Screen
Gamatoto results.PNG

List of Areas

Please note: GAMATOTO's level does not affect the drop amount nor drop rate of XP, Cat Food or other items. The area, however, does affect the average amount of XP or Cat Food that can be obtained. You also have to unlock the previous area before being able to unlock ones after.

For battle item drops, see this page for an explanation. For Catseye drops, see this page for an explanation.


Area Unlock requirements Drops other than XP & Cat Food Task exp (1H/3H/6H)
Mellow Fields.png
Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed Up 100/275/550
Shaolin Kingdom.png
GAMATOTO level 3 Cat CPU, Speed Up 300/825/1650
Dusty Desert.png
Gamatoto level 6 Cat CPU, Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat 1000/2750/5500
Facility 999.png
User Rank 600 & GAMATOTO level 10 Speed Up, Sniper the Cat, Cat Jobs 2000/5500/11000
Caracara Marsh.png
User Rank 900 & GAMATOTO level 14 Speed Up, Rich Cat, Treasure Radar 3000/8250/16500
Tomb of Gold.png
User Rank 1600 and GAMATOTO level 19 Special Catseye 5000/13750/27500
Eagle Fields.png
GAMATOTO level 24 Rare Catseye 5500/15100/30200
Traitor Trench.png
GAMATOTO level 30 Super Rare Catseye 6000/16500/33000
Mt Parabola.png
GAMATOTO level 36 Uber Rare Catseye


Pacific Waves.png
GAMATOTO level 43 Special Catseye, Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500
Kotatsu Tundra.png
GAMATOTO level 50 Super Rare Catseye, Uber Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500
Gama map 12.png
GAMATOTO level 58 Rare Catseye, Super Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500
Gama map 13.png
Gamatoto level 67 Special Catseye, Uber Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500
Gama map 14.png
GAMATOTO level 72 Special Catseye, Super Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500
Gama map 15.png
Gamatoto level 83 Rare Catseye, Uber Rare Catseye 7000/19250/38500


Area Unlock requirements Drops Task exp (1H/3H/6H)
Gama map event 08.png Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, no Cat Food 100/200/500
Gama map event 09.png User rank 900 & GAMATOTO level 14 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, +30000 XP, no Cat Food 3000/8200/16500
Gama map event 10.png Unlocked by user rank 1600 and Gamatoto level 19 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, +30000 XP, +50000 XP, no Cat Food 5000/13700/27500
Gama map event 11.png Unlocked by user rank 1600 and Gamatoto level 19 EX Catseye, Rare Catseye, Super Rare Catseye, Uber Rare Catseye, no Cat Food 5000/13700/27500

Collaboration Event

Area Unlock requirements Drops Task exp (1H/3H/6H) Collaboration
Gama map event 04.png
Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed Up, Rich Cat, Cat CPU, Sniper the Cat 100/180/210 Shoumetsu Toshi 2
Gama map event 05.png
Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed Up, Rich Cat, Treasure Radar 100/360/420 Evangelion
Gama map event 06.png
Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed Up, Cat CPU, Cat Jobs, Sniper the Cat 100/360/420 Evangelion
Gama map event 07.png
Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed Up, Rich Cat Cat CPU, Sniper the Cat 100/180/210 Merc Storia

Level-up Requirements

Lv XP (actual needed) Lv XP (actual needed) Lv XP (actual needed)
1 Initial 2 600 (+600) 3 2,400 (+1,800)
4 10,900 (+8,500) 5 16,900 (+5,900) 6 23,000 (+6,100)
7 44,100 (+21,100) 8 65,300 (+21,200) 9 86,500 (+21,200)
10 107,700 (+21,200) 11 168,200 (+60,500) 12 228,700 (+60,500)
13 289,200 (+60,500) 14 349,700 (+60,500) 15 444,000 (+94,300)
16 538,400 (+94,400) 17 632,800 (+94,400) 18 727,200 (+94,400)
19 821,600 (+94,400) 20 1,003,100 (+181,500) 21 1,184,600 (+181,500)
22 1,366,100 (+181,500) 23 1,547,600 (+181,500) 24 1,729,100 (+181,500)
25 1,917,600 (+188,500) 26 2,106,200 (+188,600) 27 2,294,700 (+188,500)
28 2,483,300 (+188,600) 29 2,671,800 (+188,500) 30 2,860,400 (+188,600)
31 3,102,400 (+242,000) 32 3,344,400 (+242,000) 33 3,586,400 (+242,000)
34 3,828,400 (+242,000) 35 4,070,400 (+242,000) 36 4,312,400 (+242,000)
37 4,590,700 (+278,300) 38 4,869,000 (+278,300) 39 5,147,300 (+278,300)
40 5,425,600 (+278,300) 41 5,703,900 (+278,300) 42 5,982,100 (+278,200)
43 6,260,500 (+278,400) 44 6,575,100 (+314,600) 45 6,889,700 (+314,600)
46 7,204,300 (+314,600) 47 7,518,900 (+314,600) 48 7,833,500 (+314,600)
49 8,148,100 (+314,600) 50 8,462,700 (+314,600) 51 8,822,700 (+360,000)
52 9,182,600 (+359,900) 53 9,509,330 (+326,730) 54 9,836,000 (+326,670)
55 10,162,800 (+326,800) 56 10,489,500 (+326,700) 57 10,816,200 (+326,700)
58 11,142,900 (+326,700) 59 11,528,500 (+385,600) 60 11,914,200 (+385,700)
61 12,299,900 (+385,700) 62 12,685,600 (+385,700) 63 13,071,300 (+385,700)
64 13,457,000 (+385,700) 63 13,842,700 (+385,700) 66 14,228,400 (+385,700)
67 14,614,000 (+385,600) 68 15,088,320 (+474,320) 69 15,562,640 (+474,320)
70 16,036,960 (+474,320) 71 16,511,280 (+474,320) 72 16,985,600 (+474,320)
73 17,369,380 (+383,780) 74 18,153,160 (+783,780) 75 18,736,940 (+583,780)
76 19,320,720 (+583,780) 77 19,904,500 (+583,780) 78 20,539,750 (+635,250)
79 21,175,000 (+635,250) 80 21,810,250 (+635,250) 81 22,445,500 (+635,250)
82 23,080,750 (+635,250) 83 23,716,000 (+635,250) 84 24,630,760 (+914,760)
85 25,545,520 (+914,760) 86 26,462,800 (+917,280) 87 27,375,040 (+912,240)
88 28,289,800 (+914,760) 89 29,277,967 (+986,167) 90 30,266,133 (+988,166)
91 31,254,300 (+988,167) 92 32,242,467 (+988,167) 93 33,230,633 (+988,166)
94 34,218,800 (+988,167) 95 35,376,367 (+1,157,567) 96 36,533,933 (+1,157,566)
97 37,691,500 (+1,157,567) 98 38,849,067 (+1,157,567) 99 40,006,633 (+1,157,566)
100 41,164,200 (+1,157,567) 101 43,000,000 (+1,835,800) 102 44,835,800 (+1,835,800)
103 46,671,600 (+1,835,800) 104 48,507,400 (+1,835,800) 105 50,343,200 (+1,835,800)
106 52,179,000 (+1,835,800) 107 54,014,800 (+1,835,800) 108 55,850,600 (+1,835,800)
109 57,784,600 (+1,934,000) 110 59,718,600 (+1,934,000) 111 61,652,600 (+1,934,000)
112 63,586,600 (+1,934,000) 113 65,520,600 (+1,934,000) 114 67,454,600 (+1,934,000)
115 69,388,600 (+1,934,000) 116 71,322,600 (+1,934,000) 117 73,353,475 (+2,030,875)
118 75,384,350 (+2,030,875) 119 77,415,225 (+2,030,875) 120 79,446,100 (+2,030,875)

Expedition Helpers

After each expedition, GAMATOTO has a rare chance (about 5%) to meet a fellow friend during the expedition which joins after the expedition ends. These are called "Expedition helpers" and take the form of smaller versions of GAMATOTO. Every helper gives a small boost to the drop rate of items in each expedition.
Gamatoto helper screen.PNG

Helpers come with randomly generated names each. There is a maximum of ten (10) helpers a player can only have and the player can not have more until at least one retired. GAMATOTO can return with an eleventh helper but expeditions cannot take place until there are ten or less. By tapping on the helpers in the field, you can find the details of the helper's name and effect description, how many helpers you have and the dismiss button.

Dismissing a helper will allow them to be recruited to the Ototo Corps as engineers, for use on Cat Base upgrades. Note that engineers can only be used on one upgrade, however.

When the player has a good enough Cat Fortune (Li'l Luck or greater), there is a chance to summon Inari, who directly doubles all item rewards except for Cat Food at the end of an expedition, rather than increase the probabilities. Inari behaves like a regular helper for the rest, but doesn't count toward the helper limit. However, Inari will only stay for one expedition.

During certain collaboration events, a character from the collab will assist GAMATOTO in the same way as Inari, but with no limit to how many expeditions they stay for. The temporary helper will disappear once the collab ends.

Picture Rank Effect
GamatotoMembers 002.png
Intern Item Pickup chance slightly increased
GamatotoMembers 003.png
Lackey Item Pickup chance somewhat increased
GamatotoMembers 004.png
Underling Item Pickup chance greatly increased
GamatotoMembers 005.png
Assistant Item Pickup chance massively increased
GamatotoMembers 006.png
Legend Item Pickup chance enormously increased!
Cat Fortune
Picture Name Description
GamatotoMembers jinja 000.png
Inari Cat God's loyal servant, here to support Gamatoto!
Increases Gamatoto quest rewards for one time only!
※Does not apply to Cat Food rewards.
Picture Name Description
GamatotoMembers C 008.png
Toto A mini monster ally, here from Merc Storia for a
limited time!Increases Gamatoto rewards!
※Cat Food drops will not increase.
GamatotoMembers C 098.png
Geek Takuya's Loyal buddy "The Geek"
appears to help Gamatoto crew!
During the collab, Gamatoto rewards increase!
※Cat Food drops will not increase.
GamatotoMembers C 058.png
Gunder PowerPro's mascot "Gunder"
appears to help the Gamatoto crew!
During the collab, Gamatoto rewards increase!
※Cat Food drops will not increase.
GamatotoMembers C 126.png
Rabbit Yukine Snow Miku's loyal pet "Rabbit Yukine"
appears to help the Gamatoto crew!
While they are here, Gamatoto rewards increase!
※Cat Food excluded.

Item Pack

After each expedition, there is a chance for players to find an item pack in the field. By tapping it, the player will be given a reward and an extra option to watch online ads for extra Cat Food, Catseyes and materials. If the player declines, a Doge steals the item pack.

After drawing a fortune slip from the Cat Shrine, a lucky player may find a "Great Fortune", which is a large Item Pack marked with The Cat God's darkness-concealed face. (Item Packs start appearing at User Rank 1600; before that, a single can of Cat Food will be there instead.)

Item Pack Drops

Type Item Chance Type Item Chance
Item Pack One Cat Food 42% Great Fortune One Cat Food 11.2%
Item Pack Special Catseye 6% Great Fortune Treasure Radar 11.1%
Item Pack Rare Catseye 6% Great Fortune Rich cat 11.1%
Item Pack Super Rare Catseye 6% Great Fortune Leadership 11.1%
Item Pack Uber Rare Catseye 5% Great Fortune Special Catseye 11.1%
Item Pack Brick 5% Great Fortune Rare Catseye 11.1%
Item Pack Feather 5% Great Fortune Super Rare Catseye 11.1%
Item Pack Coal 5% Great Fortune Uber Rare Catseye 11.1%
Item Pack Sprockets 5% Great Fortune Legend Rare Catseye 11.1%
Item Pack Gold 5% N/A N/A N/A
Item Pack Meteorite 5% N/A N/A N/A
Item Pack Beast Bones 5% N/A N/A N/A


  • If you are not looking for certain Battle Items or Catseyes specifically, it is recommended to keep doing expeditions in the latest area to increase GAMATOTO's level quicker.
  • Save any Catamins you get for the most rewarding levels and use them only at the start after a transformation phase point, such as when you have leveled up to level 19 due to earlier stages only having very small XP rewards.
  • Do not dismiss your helpers easily; the chance to find a helper is very rare and they are more valuable as helpers rather than Ototo Corps engineers. Only dismiss helpers if you are at max capacity or if you desperately need Ototo Engineers.
  • Sending GAMATOTO on 1-hour expeditions is a faster way of recruiting helpers if you are really desperate to recruit more.


Battle Cats Wiki has a gallery for Gamatoto Expedition.
Visit this page to see it.


  • According to some rare dialogue from the Expedition Log, GAMATOTO is not actually a cat.
  • GAMATOTO was mentioned in Masked Cat's description before he was added to the game, then later in Stone Cat's description.
    • The costume unlocked at level 50 includes the same mask that Masked Cat wears. Furthermore, the text of Stone Cat's description tells that it was found by GAMATOTO.
  • The background changes depending on the actual time of day in your area. There are day, evening, and night backgrounds for each phase.
  • If you decline to collect an Item Pack, a Doge will come to snatch the Item Pack and run away.
    • If you decline the offer of a Great Fortune, the Doge will still come, stop for a split second then run away, leaving the bag unharmed.
  • On occasion, a Cat can be seen in the tent.
  • The line, "<character> <action> in the Chamber of Secrets." refers to the Chamber of Secrets from the Harry Potter series.
  • The line, "<character> <action> with a lewd kappa." refers to the kappa, an amphibious, reptilian, humanoid yōkai with a penchant for cucumbers; this yōkai would later make an in-game appearance as Kappy Jr.
  • His level 19 outfit looks somewhat like Grandmaster Cat.
  • His level 116 outfit looks to have the bag of Fatherly Cat from The Burgle Cats.
  • His level 120 outfit looks somewhat like King Cat from Battle Cats Quest.
  • Inari Ōkami, or just Inari, is the Japanese kami of foxes, fertility, rice, agriculture, industry, and worldly success, to whom many have made offerings at her own shrines.
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