Battle Cats Wiki
Actions Situations

was captured
discovered a lost city
ate food off the ground
got lost in thought
was beaten to a pulp
built their dream home
ran out of breath
was permenantly disturbed
confronted their worst fear
caught an incurable disease
was rejected
followed their true passion
picked some flowers
felt itchy
celebrated their birthday
was groped
got a bag of candy
delivered a powerful speech
had to use the toilet
went golfing with the boss
took a new job
learned they were adopted
was sold life insurance
got trampled
just couldn't take it
had a quiet family dinner
grew wings and flew away
laughed out loud
went all in on a bet
made a bad investment
cried until they laughed
felt shy
felt like moving to Canada
broke a sacred vow
decided to sue
took a naughty photo
met their biological father
impressed their longtime hero
nearly died of shame
took a new identity
was arrested
felt some relief
inspired an anime series
got deported
made a police report
was reported to the police
really messed up
was put under house arrest
learned the meaning of life
went delightfully mad
went on a rampage
went bankrupt
awoke with a start
ate the best burger ever
did an amazing cartwheel
drank too much
reached enlightenment
mastered the somersault
founded a charity
got caught poaching
resisted arrest
felt deeply nostalgic
developed six-pack abs
got challenged to a duel
got bit by a mouse
felt seriously hungry
saw something suspicious
wept furiously
went on a bender
revealed a conspiracy
littered, then felt bad
trembled in fear
realized the horror of war
was reborn
nodded off for a moment
repeated the question
saw a spooky ghost
missed Mom's cooking
became a vegetarian
steeled their resolve
leaked a scandal
fell in love
made a real mess
danced 'til they dropped
felt sweaty
finished their dissertation
ate nothing but cabbage
fought for world peace
knew true heartbreak
burned their tongue
became confused
got stalked
threw away some old undies
pretended to work hard
hummed quietly
lost consciousness
nearly choked to death
finally got it together
bought too many donuts
fed some ducks
stole candy from a baby
suspected their best friend
geeked out
stole a pen
got food poisoning
was truly miserable
worked a part time job
decided to take a day off
discovered a dark secret
attended a conference
was playing god
sent the wrong text to HER
avoided eye contact
made a fool of themselves
brushed his teeth
worried about going bald
entered a parallel universe
realized his destiny
was hit on by a stranger
predicted the future
couldn't sleep
played hide and seek
borrowed a hotel towel
visited Grandma
avoided a rainstorm
found a weird growth
glowed with pride
snapped out of it
ate a burnt cookie
was completely deluded
dropped their ice cream
shaved his legs
got an amazing hug
hit a home run
smushed a weird bug
tore up a love letter
broke a world record
had their identity stolen
stayed up all night
escaped captivity
received their first kiss
regretted their wasted youth
treated themselves
scraped their knee
bought a new suit
lost their temper
felt confident
was shipwrecked
hoped for the best
got a tattoo
learned something new
watched TV all night
thought You Only Live Once
had a terrible migraine
had just about enough
lost their house key
joined in on a strange ritual
found a pretty blue bird
squealed with joy
gave it all up for love
laughed until they cried
read a great book
drew a comic
thought they might die
bought a condo
nearly drowned
wished they could play piano
defeated a supreme evil
drank some bad milk
felt old for the first time
picked their nose
bought a toupee
got pickpocketed
joined a secret society
enjoyed some hot soup
bought a puppy
couldn't find a toilet
swore vengeance
couldn't find their wallet
almost won the election
forgot why they were angry
smelled something stinky
was filled with regret
couldn't get rid of hiccups
stepped in something gross
folded 1000 origami cranes
turned their life around
trusted their instincts
was taken to the hospital
got knocked out
started a riot
took all the blame
met their soulmate
laughed at the worst time
repaid a lifelong debt
caught the real criminal
tried to look dangerous
forgot where they were going
stuck a pen up their nose
refused to pay sales tax
bought some cheap cologne
stared down a hungry tiger
ruled the mosh pit
did a sick wheelie
refused to sell out
found their high-school blog
created homemade BBQ sauce
completely flipped out
learned to juggle
joined an acapella group
shed a single tear
flipped a table
kept picking their nose
lost a tooth
admired their own booty
drooled just a little
fought off a dozen pirates
came back from the dead
recovered the ring of power
made a pact with a wizard
swore off gluten
finally spoke up
got a phone number
got chased by the KGB
skydived to safety
was really just joking
wasn't impressed
shot only three-pointers
published a zine
camped the spawn point
blew a big bubble

with a Hippoe.
after being taken hostage.
in Beverly Hills.
in a bug-infested jungle.
on a skyscraper's roof!
inside an ancient tomb.
during a double typhoon.
at a run-down theme park.
at the unemployment office.
in the 9th circle of Hell.
on the Champs Elysee.
at a 24-hour diner.
with a mysterious stranger.
during a family reunion.
with a childhood friend.
with a wandering hobo.
with the Cat God.
with an obnoxious neighbor.
with their crush from school.
during a blind date.
during a vision quest.
while filling out paperwork.
with Teacher Bun-Bun.
while in prison.
while falling from 30,000ft.
at a mall food court.
while stuck in traffic.
during a self-help course.
while making a cute face.
at a posh nightclub.
in an underground vault.
while lost in the forest.
at the Hospital ICU.
with Sexy Legs Cat.
thanks to Camelle.
with Doge.
due to heartbreak.
due to heatstroke.
with a lewd kappa.
at a Maid Café.
at a friend's wedding.
at a death metal show.
after meeting Moneko.
at the scene of the crime.
inside a public toilet.
on a city bus.
at a condemned warehouse.
while picking a lock.
because of the Illuminati.
thanks to a pyramid scheme.
at a scummy dive bar.
at their parents' basement.
at a Broadway show.
at a speed-dating party.
during his school reunion.
under the cherry blossoms.
at his retirement party.
after making a 3-point shot.
on the first day of school.
and realized they're not a Cat.
at a Las Vegas casino.
at the airport.
at a hidden library.
at a Milanese café.
during a daring heist.
at a Texas rodeo.
at the World Cup.
at the top of Mt. Fuji.
at Bondi Beach.
after a failed one-liner.
at the Parthenon.
while eating a TV dinner.
during a hockey game.
after joining the army.
with their secret admirer.
with the kid from next door.
thanks to the school bully.
while relaxing in the shade.
while climbing the Swiss Alps.
during a massive earthquake.
after winning the Iditarod.
during a press conference.
at a shareholder's meeting.
after an awkward breakup.
while enduring intense pain.
at a three-star restaurant.
while on the verge of death.
in the Chamber of Secrets.
while still in kindergarten.
during a sudden blizzard.
after unexpected betrayal!
while flying a helicopter.
under a cloudless sky.
after losing their tour group.
at the toy store.
while riding a unicycle.
at airport security.
at a child's birthday party.
in the middle of Mumbai.
on vacation in Bali.
next to their father-in-law.
in a bamboo grove.
at a crowded street bazaar.
at a fast-food restaurant.
after eating discount sushi.
at a hot-spring resort.
while in the car.
while watching the clock.
after getting to Heaven.
at the baggage claim.
in the desert.
in a blinding white void.
while firing the Cat Cannon.
on the edge of a cliff.
during the end credits.
at the center of the Earth.
at an office birthday party.
after checking their email.
in the name of science.
at the Rat Kingdom.
at an abandoned hospital.
on an Alaskan fishing boat.
with a famous actress.
on a sinking ship.
in front of their scary boss.
after winning "Best Actor".
while looking at the stars.
with the school principal.
at Yankee Stadium.
during a penalty kick.
at a kebab stand.
at the hair salon.
during a job interview.
with the school nurse.
at senior prom.
with a car salesman.
with a wise old hermit.
at the Tree of Legend.
during interrogation.
at a local flea market.
during Carnival.
without understanding why.
in a gated community.
in front of the mirror.
in an unmarked black sedan.
in the gym sauna.
in the women's locker room.
while hiding in the attic.
during a beautiful sunset.
at the movie theater.
at football team tryouts.
in a dirty taxicab.
at the Cat Base.
with a bicycle thief.
while hiding in a dumpster.
while in the bath.
at a frozen lake.
at the Cyber Academy.
while stuck in Purgatory.
with B-list actor.
after duelling with a Vajira.
in the Enemy Base.
with a teacup in one hand.
while writing a love letter.
at Nyarvard University.
in Jizo's Moving Castle.
in Mekako's workshop.
at Silicon Valley.
at his piano recital.
at the doctor's office.
on an aircraft carrier.
at his ancestor's grave.
during yoga class.
due to family circumstances.
on a packed train in summer.
trying to catch a bird.
as he watched a sad TV show.
during a thrilling chase.
after suffering vertigo.
after appearing on TV.
while interviewing experts.
after Mom yelled at him.
after joining a boy band.
at an Arctic Research Base.
while leading a revolution.
with a chupacabra.
in a moment of desperation.
after losing a title fight.
after studying all night.
while out with Grandpa.
after dropping their wallet.
while texting and driving.
after a romantic proposal.
after a round of karaoke.
after a deep trauma.
at a busy pizza parlor.
during a part-time job.
during final exams.
at the base of Taipei 101.
on a boat to Singapore.
on the street in Manila.
when Sir Seal attacked!
while making casserole.
while being buried alive.
after getting a bad cramp.
while flailing their arms wildly.
after gaining mutant powers.
while under anaesthesia.
during a slumber party.
while wearing a cute skirt.
on Leg Day.
in a ninja village.
during an exorcism.
after writing their memoirs.
with a feisty old guy.
at the bus stop.
during a game of dodgeball.
after losing their tail.
while dreaming of Senpai.
after a 72-hour TV binge.
after eating a whole cake.
while riding an alligator.
on the last day of summer.
during a power outage.
after brain surgery.
at the dollar store.