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Garden of Wilted Thoughts (枯れた思考の庭, Kareta Shikō no Niwa, Garden of Withered Thoughts) is the 9th sub-chapter of Zero Legends, and the 107th sub-chapter overall. It was introduced in Version 13.1 and is available up to 1♛ difficulty.


This subchapter is quite similar to Depths of My Heart in that it has relatively easy stages overall, except for the final stage, which drops a Legend Cat and is nearly impossible without insane amounts of strategy or powerful anti-Floating units such as a high-level Octopus Cat.

Forest of Irony is the easiest stage in the chapter, whilst by far, the hardest stage is Adherence to Virtue.

New Features[]

The Sage enemy type is introduced here. Sage is a unique typing that works like Colossal and Behemoth, but also has the gimmick of resisting most special effects inflicted by Cat Units, with the exception of Sage Slayers.

This sub-chapter introduces 3 enemies to Zero Legends:

This sub-chapter also includes a new obtainable unit, Master of Mind Soractes. He has a 3% chance to drop from the final stage (100% if a Treasure Radar is used).

List of Stages[]

Mapname008 nd en Mapname008 nd ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn008 00 nd en Mugaku na Sofisuto Ignorant Sophist 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn008 01 nd en Hanshō Darake Han'nama Half a Lifetime Full of Disproof 200 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn008 02 nd en Ironī no Mori Forest of Irony 210 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn008 03 nd en Atenaki Oshimondō Aimless Arguing Without Compromise 220 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn008 04 nd en Dokugen ni Michita Kōgen Wasteland Full of Venomous Remarks 230 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn008 05 nd en Yoki-sei e no Shūchaku Obsession Towards a Good Life 300 EnergyIcon

Material Drop Rates

None Brick Z
Brick Z small
Feathers Z
Feather Z small
Coal Z
Coals Z small
Sprockets Z
Sprockets Z small
Gold Z
Gold Z small
Meteorite Z
Meteorite Z small
Beast Bones Z
Beast Bones Z small
Ammonite Z
Relic Fossil Z small
33% 20% 6% 3% 6% 6% 12% 15% 0%


  • Garden of Wilted Thoughts is the last of the 8 Zero Legends sub-chapters to use a jumbled up and mirrored map of Japan. These 8 sub-chapters have a combined total of 48 stages, just like a Main Chapter; the 48th stage, Adherence to Virtue, even has a unique boss and reward.
  • Garden of Wilted Thoughts' Japanese name, Kareta Shikō no Niwa (枯れた思考の庭, "Garden of Withered Thoughts"), is a possible reference to Gunpei Yokoi's famous philosophy, Kareta Gijutsu no Suihei Shikō (枯れた技術の水平思考, "Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology").


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