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Ghost King II (Merciless) is the second stage in Invasion of the Swamplord. This is a No Continues stage.


  • Infinite Ginger Snaches spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • Infinite J.J. Jackrabbits spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 43.33~46.67 seconds1,300f~1,400f.
  • Infinite Heavenly Hippoes spawn after 14.67 seconds440f, delay 33.33~36.67 seconds1,000f~1,100f.
  • 3 Othoms spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 160~163.33 seconds4,800f~4,900f.
  • 2 Bun Bun Blacks spawn after 50 seconds1,500f, delay 190~193.33 seconds5,700f~5,800f.
  • 1 Kappy Kawano spawns as the boss after 106.67 seconds3,200f.
  • When the base reaches 75% HP:


If you'd like to fight this stage normally, you should use lots of surge immune units, but remember to reserve counters for the Bun Bun Blacks and Othoms, as well as the remaining peons.

Because Kappy Kawano spawns after over 100 seconds and the starting threats aren't too difficult, it's possible to beat the stage before he spawns by quickly killing Othom and then use brute force to make sure Bun Bun Black can't get any further while your DPS units reduce the enemy base to rubble.

Recommended Units[]

  • Courier Cat: Courier's LD attacks and massive damage to Reds can decimate J.J. Jackrabbit and Ginger Snache, both of which spawn frequently and can be very threatening if left unchecked. Courier's high speed also makes it easier to time and allows it to catch up with the frontline sooner.
  • Can Can Cat: A Can Can with Extra Money, stat and Speed Talents is useful for dealing with Ginger Snache, but most importantly Heavenly Hippoe due to its high stats, while also getting some additional resources to work with.
  • Fishman Cat: The essence of any rush strategy, Fishman's massive damage to Floating makes it extremely useful agaist Bun Bun Black and Othom, though it should not have the Speed talent so it can exploit Othom's short curse duration.
  • Ramen Cat: A tanky unit that works well with research combos, Ramen's resistance to Angels makes it particularly suited to fighting Heavenly Hippoe. It also comes into use when against other enemies, as a sufficiently boosted Ramen can absorb one hit and its singular knockback means it can stall the others pretty consistently.
  • Stone Cat: Stone works very much like Ramen with its extreme durability, and with research combos can form a thick layer of defense.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Immortal Yukimura: Yukimura's very high speed, good stats, low cost and massive damage to Blacks makes him a great pick. If you have an opening after getting rid of Othom he can deal heavy damage to Bun Bun Black and make things easier for other units.