Ghostly Strangers (あの世へのUターンラッシュ!) is an event added in version 7.3 and a continuation of Ghostly Houseguests. It contains 5 stages, each of which can drop Lucky Tickets G. The new enemy introduced in this event is Le'saint, an Angel variant of Lord Enma.


The continued story of Ghostly Houseguests appears in The Battle Cats Legend Stages!!!
'"Eternal rest?! More like eternal BOREDOM!"
A flood of ghouls and specters escapes the afterlife and is headed straight for the Cat Empire! Can your Cat Army stop them before they decide to become your permanent roommates?

Head to Legend Stages during this event to take on the new Special Stage map "Ghostly Strangers" But be careful! The new enemy Le'Saint has arrived to take back those unruly phantoms, and he doesn't seem to care if he takes out a few Cats in the process!

Available September 10th (11:00am) thru 19th (10:59am)!
Clear the stage to earn a new class of Lucky Tickets, the coveted "Lucky Tickets G"! Head to the normal capsule and choose the Lucky Tickets G mode to use your rewards and pick up tons of XP and valuable special items! Later stages in Never Not Summer! will have a higher drop rate for more ticket rewards at once!
  • Ghostly Strangers is available once Empire of Cats Ch 3 has been cleared.
  • If stages for this event does not appear, please update your Battle Cats app to the most recent version and restart the app.

List of Levels

English Version Japanese Version Translation
Stage 1 Dad's Back to Heaven 父、あの世へ帰宅 ?
Stage 2 Long Line at Cerberus 三途の川で三日待ち ?
Stage 3 Charon's Overbooked フェリー乗船率300% ?
Stage 4 Still on Vacation 家族はまだ旅行中 ?
Stage 5 See You Next Year 来年も会いに行きます ?


English Version

  • September 10th, 2018 to September 19th, 2018

Japanese Version

  • ?


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