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Gigahaniwan Strikes! (大型土器ダイハニワン強襲, Ōgata Doki Daihaniwan Kyōshū, Colossal Earthenware Daihaniwan's Assault) is an event added in Version 13.3. Like all Gauntlets, progress made in Gigahaniwan Strikes! will reset when the event ends, allowing the player to collect the rewards again once the event returns. The boss of this Gauntlet is Gigahaniwan, a variant of Haniwanwan with higher chances to inflict debuffs and a 100% chance to deal Wave Attacks.



Gigahaniwan Strikes! contains a total of 20 No Continues levels, called Excavation Lvs. After beating an Excavation Lv, the player must wait for 30 minutes before they may proceed to the next one. The player may choose to bank up to 3 Excavation Lvs at one time by waiting for 90 minutes, allowing them to beat all 3 Lvs at one go. Rewards for the first completion of an Excavation Lv can include XP, Tickets, Catamins and Materials. Every 10 Excavation Lvs plays out the same, but the strength magnifications and enemy base's HP are increased with each level.

Stage Battlegrounds[]

See Gigahaniwan Strikes!/Excavation Lv.1~20.

Play Requirements[]

List of Stages[]

Stage Mapname065 a en Mapname065 a ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stages 1~20 Mapsn065 00 a en Shutsudo Lv Excavation Lv.1~20 60~200 EnergyIcon

Continuation Stages[]

After clearing any stage in this gauntlet, players have a chance to enter one of the following Continuation Stages:

First Appearance[]

English Version[]

  • July 1st, 2024 to July 7th, 2024

Japanese Version[]

  • April 12th, 2024 to April 19th, 2024