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List all found glitches in The Battle Cats. Feel free to report new glitches that have not been listed on this page.

Due to the nature of the subject, it is unlikely that every glitch in the game's history is included here.

Energy Glitch[]

The "Energy Glitch" allows the user to refill their energy by changing the device's date. This glitch was patched in the Version 5.0 Update. However, it can still be performed to get out of recovery mode.

How to perform the glitch:

Android iOS

The Battle Cats - How I do the energy glitch Android


NRGlitch on iOS works just fine.

Time Traveling[]

The player can play events within two days beyond the current date, however most of the time the game will display the HGT Error. This glitch was patched in the Version 9.3 Update.

How to perform the glitch:


The Battle Cats - Timezone Event Exploit (Read Description)

Broken User Rank[]

The rewards are not given as wanted: some players don't get all the rewards, while others can upgrade their Cats beyond the limit fixed by the User Rank.

Cat Dupe Glitch[]

This glitch can let the player place multiple entries of the same Cat Unit in their team. The glitch was fixed in the Version 3.0 Update.

How to perform the glitch:


-The Battle Cats- How to do the duplication glitch !

HGT Error[]

This error will occur if the players change date/time. The game will be in Recovery Mode and the players can't access to Special Events, Cat Capsules and Login Bonus can't be received. You just have to go to the day and hit auto time then move it up a day then you can access special events.

Icon Glitch[]

Sometimes in the Upgrade Screen, The Cat God's icon will be replaced with Basic Cat's.

Missing/Broken Graphics[]

Some of the graphics within the game appear missing or broken, they will be displayed as white squares or as the entire spritesheet. This usually occurs when tampering with the game's files.

In the Version 6.3 Update, Catburger's True Form would display the icon as a Mohawk Cat and the unit as the first form of the unit. To evolve Catburger into its True Form it would cost no XP, Level -1 and no Catfruit. This was fixed in the Version 6.4 Update.

In the Version 9.0 Update, Li'l Valkyrie Dark's sprite was completely broken as it used the Japanese Version model animation file.

In the Version 11.9 Update, Valkyrie Cat's Meownir mysteriously disappeared.


Battle Cats 6.3 - Catburger Glitch-2

Missing Music[]

Some of the background music and sound effects will not play or they will loop back early.

Half-Dead Screen[]

iOS Devices[]

Exclusively occurring for iOS 9 users; this glitch causes only half of the screen to operate. This renders some buttons and main gameplay elements useless; most notably the "Skip" button at the intro, the "Attack" button, the ability to fire the Cat Cannon, and the last cat on each of the rows.

Although some buttons may appear blocked, such as the Rare Cat Capsule or Save Data Transfer they can be accessed by dragging your finger from the side of the screen that is operating onto the dead part of the screen; the button will be "pressed" and allows you to access its contents.

PONOS has officially stated that The Battle Cats didn't support iOS 9, it was fixed in the Version 3.0.1 Update.

Android Devices[]

Whilst fixed for iOS users, the half-dead screen bug can still occur for Android users if, the game is launched whilst Android OS is in landscape mode. The game will take the width of portrait mode and then set the game window size accordingly leaving a large black margin around the edge.

If affected, the solution is simple: kill the application off and relaunch in portrait mode.

Bottom-right Cat on the Upgrade Menu[]

The Cat that appears in front of the doors that can be seen in the Cat Base menu also appears in the Upgrade menu, the Cat disappears when the player goes back to the Cat Base. How this happens is unknown.

Duplicated Screen[]

The game will appear with multiple copies of the current screen the player is in with an occasional dead screen or condensed screen. The duplicated screens do not function the same as the main and cause no harm. This happens somewhat consistently on older generation devices, when exiting and returning to the app without fully closing it.

Frozen Screen Transition[]

Sometimes after leaving and returning to the app as a battle is about to start, the transition effect will freeze in place. During this limbo period, the battle does not technically begin; Enemies won't spawn, money isn't generated and the Cat Cannon does not recharge. The stage's visual effects will continue to play however, if it has any. The issue can be resolved by repeating the steps that caused it.

Ad Sound Problems[]

When watching an Ad for Cat Food or Energy, certain ads (most commonly Merge Quest) will play and continue to make sounds despite the ad being closed. Why this happens is unknown. To fix this glitch the player must spend all their energy until they are able to watch an ad to refill their energy.

Ad Crashing[]

In the Version 9.8 Update, when watching an Ad for Cat Food or Energy, certain ads (most commonly Merge Quest and Crowded City) will crash the game and could not be fixed by restarting or clearing the games cache and the player would be stuck in a crash loop. This glitch only affected Android devices.

This was fixed in the Version 9.9 Update.

Ad Restore Glitch[]

This is a highly rare glitch that can happen in Challenge Battle’s map or in the Catclaw Dojo’s Wanderer's Trial level. If the ‘Watch an Ad to restore energy’ message pops up, it may have an error due to the stage you’re on costing no energy whatsoever and show an abnormally large amount of energy that you can restore by watching it. However, it will not give you any energy afterwards as the Ad normally fails to show in this glitch.

Broken Equip Menu[]

When entering a stage, for an unknown reason the equip menu will display a missing Cat Unit. How this happens is unknown.

Attack Cat Combo Effect Duplication[]

When changing the language and then exiting The Battle Cats, reopening the game for the first time will cause Attack Cat Combos will get duplicated 21 times over. The duplicates stack and result in very high damage numbers completely breaking the balance of the game. Unfortunately nearly all other combos aside from attack combos no longer work, and the ones that do have their normal effect. This can be reverted by simply closing and then re-opening the game. This glitch only works on android devices.

False Critical Hits[]

If an enemy with the Critical Hit and Wave Attack abilities hits a Wave Immune Cat with a Critical Wave, the next attack from any enemy that hits that Cat will show the Critical Hit's visual effect, but not do double damage.

HGT02 False Error[]

The game gives you a false error after accidentally detecting a time change on your device, which happens in the rare gacha section (it might also happen in other places though) but keeps the text underneath the banner image. However, the banner image disappears, showing what seems to be the rare gacha sprite in plain sight. This fixes after you exit the rare gacha section. Why this happens is unknown, but it may be related to internet issues.

Enigma Level up Delay[]

When obtaining any Legend Cat using a Golden Cat CPU and a Treasure Radar, the game will not display the Enigma level up notification until you clear another stage.