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This feature is exclusive to the Japanese version of The Battle Cats but it may also appear in other versions such as BCTW and BCKR!
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Event Information[]

During the event period, go to the Legend Story (Event Stage) from the title screen and tap the "Start Battle!" button, the Google collaboration stage "To the Future" will appear! You'll love the sight of the droids running amok with the cats!

Obtaining the Exclusive Cats[]

The more difficult the stage you clear, the higher your chance of getting a "Droid"!

By the way, by using the Treasure Radar you can get it in one shot!
Item treasure en
You can purchase the Treasure Radar at any time from the Item Shop! After obtaining it, the "Droid" Tank can be obtained from the Power Up screen 【EX Character】.

※After obtaining it, the "Droid" can be obtained from the power-up screen 【Rare Character】.
If you do not see the "Messenger from the Dawn" event, you need to update your app to the latest version (2.1.0 or higher).

List of Stages[]

To the Future[]

To the Future (黎明期からの使者, Reimeiki kara no Shisha Messenger from the Dawn)

Mapname003 c en Mapname003 c ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn003 00 c en Ākitekucha Architecture 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn003 01 c en Kuraudo Sābisu Cloud Service 50 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn003 02 c en Sutorēji Sāba Storage Server 75 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn003 03 c en Odenmando On-Demand 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn003 04 c en Haipāmedia Kurieitā Hypermedia Creator 90 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn003 05 c en Intiraimi Inti Raymi 95 EnergyIcon
Stage 7 Mapsn003 06 c en Ōtokuchūru Haute Couture 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 8 Mapsn003 07 c en Sātā Andagī Sata Andagi 110 EnergyIcon



  • August 5th, 2014 to August 15th, 2014
  • March 26th, 2014 to April 5th, 2014
  • December 26th, 2013 to January 6th, 2014


  • Despite only appearing in Nyanko Daisensou, there are English stage names in the game files.