Green Envy (Hard) is the first stage in Growing Green


Mooths will approach the base after 10 seconds, one after the other. There is a max of four mooths. When the base is damaged to below 198000 HP, The Face  will appear as the boss. 

Multiple (Around 5) Owlbrows will also appear when the base is hit.


Strategy 1:

Cat Line Up: Macho Cat, Wall Cat, UFO Cat, Dragon Cat, Whale Cat, Bahamut Cat, Paris Cat, (Anti-floating super rare)

Start off by spamming Dragon and Whale. When the Owlbrows and Mooths die, you'll have enough money to spam everything. After that, stop meatshielding and, once you've got The Face, spam only the damage dealers. Keep doing this and you'll easily win.

Strategy 2:

Cat Line Up: Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Any Spammable Cheap Cats.

Sodom/Earth King Sodom, Catman, Dragon Cat (optional)

begin spamming the wall cat when the first mooth appears. buy wallet upgrades, and as soon as you have enough, buy sodom cat and continue spamming wall cats. when mooths die, buy a catman and begin spamming every cat you have. the face and the owlbros wont stand a chance

Strategy 3 ( By HungryHound )

Cat Lineup : (Sorted in order of relevance) Shadow Gao, Marinmizu, Ninja Cat / Ninja Frog Cat, Brave Cat / Axe Cat (Optional), Wall Cat (Optional)

Start the game by saving up for a Lvl 3 Wallet, then let the Mooths hit your base a few times until you have just enough money to spawn Marinmizu. Since a high-level Marinmizu deals with these Mooths in two hits, and has a slow recharge, the second Mooth should stack over the first one right before it is finished, so the second Mooth would get hit, too. As soon as you have scraped up enough money, spawn Shadow Gao, and your meatshield(s). Once the Face and Owlbrows have appeared, Shadow Gao can easily beat the Owlbrows due to his massive advantage over White and Gray enemies (Not the Face). Keep meatshield spawning, but at a slower pace, and repeat this until the Face is done.

Strategy 4

Cat Lineup: Ramen cat, Thunder God Zeus

All you really need to do is spam Ramen Cat right when the battle begins and a Thunder God Zeus when you can afford for him. It is actually pretty easy.


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