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Groundscraper is the fifth stage in Konjac Valley. Metal Cyclone makes its first Zero Legends appearance here.



Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Future Cat 50, Manic Eraser Cat 50, Jiangshi Cat, Puppetmaster & Charley, Catasaurus 50+24, Quizmaster Cat, Hoopmaster Cat, Supercar Cat, Idi:N2 50, Ape Lord Luza 50

Cannon: Waterblast

Notes: Riceball Cat or Cone Cat can replace Manic Eraser Cat.

  • No items are used, though they obviously will make the level easier.
  • Waterblast wasn't particularly useful, mainly used as another contingency plan to keep Metal Cyclone off of Ape Lord Luza.

Immediately send out Quizmaster Cat, then Puppetmaster & Charley. Then save up for Idi:N2. Lure the first Mr. Puffington so that Idi:N2 can kill him easier. Once you get the money, send out a couple of your anti-Metal units to start pushing the Metal Cyclone away (just two of each should be sufficient), including Supercar Cat. Once the second Mr. Puffington comes out, lure him to the Cat Base, then smash him to bits with Ape Lord Luza. Then, start pushing Metal Cyclone away again. The third Mr. Puffington should come out soon, and you want to keep Metal Cyclone away from Ape Lord Luza while Ape Lord Luza uses their Long Distance attack to snipe Mr. Puffington. It is possible to kill the third Mr. Puffington with just Ape Lord Luza and support, where you will proceed to win. In the event that Metal Cyclone kills Ape Lord Luza, however, save up for a second Idi:N2 and kill Mr. Puffington that way.


  • A groundscraper is a large, long and low building, essentially the horizontal equivalent of a skyscraper.
    • It may also refer to Metal Cyclone, which constantly scrapes the ground due to its inability to float.
  • Based on the theming of Konjac Valley, Groundscraper's Japanese name, Micro Highrise Building, may refer to the technology company Microsoft.