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It seems the Cats have become fully possessed by the spirit of Halloween this year - and some of your favorite characters have reinvented themselves just for the holiday!

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Halloween Event (ハロウィンイベント harowin ibento) is a time-limited event in Battle Cats.


  • Event 1: Limited Rare Capsule
Get your hands on the alternate versions of Neneko, Windy, and Thundia from the Rare Capsule Machine, only during this event! Each of these lovely ladies has a new special outfit and new abilities to aid your armies... however, you'll have to move quickly to get them!! Once the ghostly mists of All Hallow's Eve recede, these units will vanish along with the November sunrise!
Name Rarity Description
Hallowindy Uber Rare This mistress of wind really gets into Halloween each year.

Huge damage against Alien enemies from range. (Area Attack)

Spooky Thundia Uber Rare The thunder queen really gets into Halloween each year.
Huge damage against Black enemies from range. (Area Attack)
Lilith Cat Uber Rare Snow is in short supply before November, so Ice Cat changes to a more mischievous & spooky look.
Might Freeze Angels with terror (Area Attack)
Skull Rider Vars Uber Rare A long-dead dragon lord who made a pact with skeletal beast to gain vast power (and lots of candy) Area Attacks Slow & Knockback Aliens/Zombies.
Gloomy Neneko Super Rare Everyone's favorite cutie, dressed up for Halloween but doesn't have the heart to pull any pranks on others. Might Critical.
*Please note that this Cat Capsule event also discharge commonly-dropped Cats, see Cat Units for the full list.
  • Event 2: Limited Stages

From the "Stories of Legend" screen in Battle Cats app, by tapping the "Battle Start" button, "All Hallow's Road" (王道ハロウィン到来! Ōdō harōwin tōrai!, Lit. Royal road Halloween advent!) event stage can be seen, this event includes timed stages, try to beat each stage as fast as possible to get all the prizes; new enemies with fancy dresses and Halloween-themed background, there is a Rare Cat Pumpcat appears as an item drop in this event.

This event introduces 3 new Enemies:

Doge O'Lantern.png
Sa Bat.png
Doge O'Lantern Sa-Bat (unofficial name) Drac-owl-la (unofficial name)

List of Levels

EN name JP name
Stage 1 Sweet Samhain 10月31日
Stage 2 Lantern O'Jack カボチャちょうちん
Stage 3 Cosplay Carnival コスプレ大行列
Stage 4 Trick or Treatment トリックオアトリートメント
Stage 5 Hello Hello Halloween ・・・ハロウィンって何?
Stage 6 Harvest Festival 起源は秋の収穫祭


English Version

  • October 17th, 2015 to November 1st, 2015 (10:59 am)

Japanese Version

  • October 17th, 2015 to November 4th, 2015 (10:59 am)


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