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For the removed celebration event, see All Hallows Road.

Halloween Party! (ハロウィンパーティ, Harowin Pāti, Halloween Party) is the Halloween event in The Battle Cats.

Event Information[]

A lively party full of friendly betting and candy begins!
New stages with a tinge of Halloween charm have been added!
On between October 31st (11:00am) and November 13th (10:59am)!

  • Tough Stage 03: Mischevous Schemes

Trick or treat! Powerful enemies have come to play cruel tricks on you!
On between November 7th (11:00am) and November 13th (10:59am)!
A new difficulty has been added to this stage!
Do not fear the foes before you! Stand up and fight against their trickery!

  • Limited Edition HALLOWEEN CAPSULES

Dragons, Galaxy Gals, Dynamites and more of your favorite Uber heroes have gotten all gothed up as the air grows chill!
Visit the Rare Capsules during this campaign for a chance to pick up a new hero from the Halloween Capsule set!

  • A warlord who prowls the night for prey: Count Yukimura (Uber Rare)

Massive damage to Floating enemies, and rarely Survives deadly hits (Area Atk)

  • On a frenzied hunt for delicious candy: SKULL RIDER VARS (Uber Rare)

Powerful Area Attacks might Slow or Knockback Zombies and Aliens! Plus. smashes Alien Barriers and stops Zombie enemies from reviving!

  • The impish enchantress of the underworld: LILITH CAT (Uber Rare)

Good chance to freeze Angels with her Area Attacks!

  • Sorceress of the howling winds: HALLOWINDY (Uber Rare)

Massive Area Attack damage to Aliens!

  • Mistress of the thunderous skies: SPOOKY THUNDIA (Uber Rare)

Massive Area Attack damage to Black enemies!

  • Fashion queen of Halloween: GLOOMY NENEKO (Super Rare)

Has a good chance of Critical Attacks!
These characters will soon disappear into the autumn, so don't delay and try your luck now!

※Each of the above characters will be available only during this event.
※Uber Rare characters are not guaranteed to drop when using the Capsules.
※If the Halloween Capsules do not appear, please update to the latest version of the Battle Cats.

  • Limited Halloween Stages are back!

The evil Doge army is at the gates with a dastardly plan to distract the Cats with their colorful costumes! Can YOU stop them?
Get to Event Stages/Stories of Legend to take on All Hallows Road!

※You must be updated to the most recent version of The Battle Cats to enjoy this event.

  • Stage 01: Sugar Struggle!

Clearing any stage will give you a small chance to pick up Pumpcat, but later stages will give you a higher percentage chance of acquiring this Rare Unit! (But using a Treasure Radar will give you a 100% chance of collecting Pumpcat!)

※Once you have unlocked Pumpcat, activate it by visiting the Rare Cats section of the Upgrade menu.
※If you have earned Pumpcat from a previous event, you will not be able to unlock it again.

  • Stage 02: Demons' Night Out

A costume party for your enemies?! There are 10 stages to complete, and each one comes with its own set of rewards to earn!
Power through them all for a treasure trove of goodies!

※Gauntlet Maps can only be cleared a certain number of times before having to wait to begin the next one.
※ Catamin A can be used to immediately try a stage without waiting.



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Enemy icon 197 Enemy icon 198 Enemy icon 199
Pumpkin Doge Dracowla Vlad de Sable

List of Stages[]

#01 Sugar Struggle[]

#01 Sugar Struggle (#01 お菓子争奪戦, #01 Okashi Soudatsusen, #01 Candy Scramble)

Mapname320 s en Mapname320 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn320 00 s en Yodomi Genshoku Kēki Stagnation Primary Color Cake 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn320 01 s en Kakao 0% Choko 0% Cacao Chocolate 45 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn320 02 s en Kajū Gumi Weighted Gummies 60 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Mapsn320 03 s en Ginba Kyarameru Silver Crown Caramel 70 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Mapsn320 04 s en Riaru Ningyō Yaki Real Grilled Doll 80 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Mapsn320 05 s en Chiku 10 Nen Okashi no Ie House of Candy Built 10 Years Ago 90 EnergyIcon

#02 Demons' Night Out[]

#02 Demons' Night Out (#02 ハロウィン百鬼夜行, #02 Harowin Hyakkiyakō, #02 Scandalous Halloween Night)

Mapname056 a en Mapname056 a ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stages 1~10 Mapsn056 00 a en パレード Lv.1~MAX (Parēdo Lv Parade Lv.1~MAX 80~200 EnergyIcon

#03 Mischevous Schemes[]

#03 Mischevous Schemes (#03 恐怖の悪戯計画, #03 Kyōfu no Akugi Keikaku, #03 Terrifying Plan for Mischief)

Mapname321 s en Mapname321 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn321 00 s en Sekaijū no Mezamashi Okurasechau Zo We'll Delay Alarm Clocks Worldwide 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn321 01 s en Kaisui o Zerī ni Shichau Zo We'll Turn Seawater into Jelly 150 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn321 02 s en Chikyū no Jiten o Tomechau Zo We'll Stop the Earth's Rotation 200 EnergyIcon

First Appearance[]

English Version[]

  • October 31st, 2022 to November 14th, 2022

Japanese Version[]

  • October 17th, 2022 to November 1st, 2022


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  • Although All Hallows Road was removed in the Version 11.9 Update, it is still referenced within the event information.
  • #03 Mischevous Schemes is misspelled in the map name, it should be #03 Mischievous Schemes.