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Hard Restart Lv.8 is the eighth stage in Machines in Revolt.


  • 3 Snaches spawn, delay 4~10 seconds120f~300f.
  • 3 Metal Snaches spawn, delay 4~10 seconds120f~300f.
  • 6 Snaches spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 2~5 seconds60f~150f.
  • 6 Metal Snaches spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 2~5 seconds60f~150f.
  • Infinite Snaches spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 6~18 seconds180f~540f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • 1 Metal Snache spawns as the boss.
    • Infinite Metal Snaches spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 18~54 seconds540f~1,620f.
    • 4 Pure Gold R.Osts spawn, delay 20 seconds600f.
    • 2 R.Osts spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 36.67~40 seconds1,100f~1,200f.


This level is all about building up a stack of Cats strong enough to defeat the numerous Pure Gold and regular R.Osts. Stacking up strong attackers on the initial Metal Snaches is the best way to build up said stack.

Recommended Units[]

  • Lifeguard Cats: Their Slow vs Traitless and Long Distance combine to make them a great choice for this level. Their Long Distance prevents them from wasting an attack on a Pure Gold R.Ost or Metal Snache, allowing them to slow the R.Osts from behind other enemies. Their slow then allows your Critters to focus on attacking the Pure Gold R.Osts, preventing them from wasting attacks on the Traitless R.Osts. Beware of their long recharge time and unimpressive health, though.
  • Million-Dollar Cat: With their quick foreswing and long range, they can potentially snipe the Pure Gold R.Ost that spawns on base hit, which will massively reduce the difficulty of this stage. However, if they miss said attack, they're not likely to do much else.
  • Lord of Ruin Jagando Jr.: Similarly to Lifeguard Cats, Jagando can Crowd-Control the Traitless R.Osts, allowing your Critters to focus on damaging the Pure Gold R.Osts. They also feature some impressive stats with their Strong against Traitless and Surge Attack.

Strategy 1 (Ft. Jagando)[]

Begin the level by sending out one Manic Eraser when the first Metal Snache nears your base. Periodically send out Manic Erasers as you stall to Worker Cat level 4. Once at level 4, wait until you can send out Jagando and do so, then begin stacking up other non-Critical Hit attackers on the Metal Snaches. Make sure not to send out any Cats that can use Critical Hits yet, since they'll likely kill the Snaches, and ruin your stacking. When the Metal Snaches start to die on their own, begin spamming Critical Hit Cats as well.

From there, it's just spamming every Cat in the lineup non-stop. All you can do is pray that the Critical Hits work out in your favor.