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Hard Restart Lv.9 is the ninth stage in Machines in Revolt.


  • 1 Lord Gravey spawns as the boss after 5 seconds150f.
  • Infinite Coffin Zoges spawn after 15 seconds450f, delay 40 seconds1,200f.
  • 1 Zapy spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 1 Zapy spawns after 56.67 seconds1,700f.
  • 1 Zapy spawns after 76.67 seconds2,300f.
  • 1 Zapy spawns after 90 seconds2,700f.
  • 5 Metal One Horns spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 13.33~16.67 seconds400f~500f.
  • 7 Metal Hippoes spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 6.67~13.33 seconds200f~400f.
  • 9 Metal Doges spawn after 20 seconds600f, delay 3.33~10 seconds100f~300f.
  • Infinite Metal Doges spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 10~30 seconds300f~900f.


Much like March to Death where Daboo is paired with nasty metal pushers, this stage is filled to the brim with Metal Doges, Metal One Horns, four Zapies and a Lord Gravey. Pushers of either trait can destroy specialists reserved for the other, leaving said trait to essentially advance unopposed. A high-leveled Holy Blast is absolutely necessary, as it can make all the difference each time it fires.

Due to the cash-tight nature of the stage, a Rich Cat is recommended to ease the startoff.

Recommended Units[]

  • Housewife Cat - Housewife Cat is perhaps any player's only source of consistent DPS against the zombies, due in no small part with her Zombie Killer and 50% chance to slow zombies for 5 seconds. The lower-ranged metals allow her to fully exploit her LD and snipe them, hopefully delaying their advance. Her Savage Blow Talents should also be used
  • Stone Cat - The Metals put up enough pressure to deny the use of smaller meatshields, so a research-boosted stone is necessary, as its extreme health and Warp Immunity means it will hold the line for the little time it lingers.
  • Catyphoon - All Metals in this stage have low health and range, the perfect targets for this unit. Despite its fast attack rate, it's still a good idea to give it a boost with Critical Chance combos like Miracle Peformance and keep your defenses thick so Zapy doesn't get to him.
  • Shigong Cat - A second regular meatshield is necessary even if relying on research-boosted Stone. Shigong accompishes that with his resistance to Zombies and Zombie Killer, with the singular knockback and high base health allowing it to tank a few hits from Metal Doges before Catyphoon gets there and wipes them out.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Poseidon - Poseidon is a mid-ranged crowd-controller who can freeze both Metals and Zombies for 3 seconds with Zombie Killer, relatively low cooldown for a Uber and a somewhat slow attack rate. Poseidon will still require extensive meatshielding to make sure Zapy doesn't hit him, but his freeze can provide valuable support by stopping the metals from pushing and relieving pressure on other existing units. He also has his uses in cleanup, as he is able to outrange all enemies in the stage and makes Lord Gravey a rather easy target.
  • Hayabusa - Hayabusa is a midranged LD attacker whose Normal and True Forms are useful against the Metals and Zombies respectively. Although being able to snipe the metals with a 30% critical chance is definitely a good thing, the low-ranged metals in the stage are too weak to warrant the use of his Normal Form. Meanwhile, in True Form he can knockback zombies and/or slow them 3.33 seconds, with both abilities having a 50% chance to activate, allowing him to significantly impede the ranged Zombies despite not doing much damage.
  • Empress Chronos - Chronos is a LD CC unit whose closely-spaced multi-hits can freeze traited enemies for 1 second on hit. She can comfortably catch all of the threats and cripple their advance, although her generally low damage means something else is needed to back her up beyond meatshields.
  • Kyosaka Nanaho - Theoretically one of the most helpful units for the stage, Kyosaka Nanaho is Insanely Tough against Metals and has 50% critical chance alongside Zombie Killer. Her high knockback count means the Metals can cause her to reposition easily, and her swift two-part multi-hits can wipe the Metals with terrifying ease while doing decent damage to the zombies. Her LD does cause problems as she only has 100 inner range, but considering she stands at 400 and hits up to 700, it's a minor downside at best if enough units cover it from the Zombies.