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Hard Restart Lv.MAX is the tenth and final stage in Machines in Revolt.


  • 1 Koronium spawns as the boss after 60 seconds1,800f.
  • 20 Haterbaa 2.0s spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 3.33~10 seconds100f~300f.
  • 10 Metal Snaches spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 3.33~10 seconds100f~300f.
  • Infinite Metal Snaches spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 10~30 seconds300f~900f.
  • 1 THE METAL SLOTH spawns after 80 seconds2,400f.
  • 2 Sir Metal Seals spawn after 50 seconds1,500f, delay 40 seconds1,200f.
  • 3 Super Metal Hippoes spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 26.67~30 seconds800f~900f.


Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Miracle Performance, Modern Cat 40, Catasaurus 40, Soba Cat 40, Catyphoon 40


  • "The "?" slot can be filled in with a ranged wave-blocker (Yaminora, Eva-Unit 00, etc.), a long ranged critter (Aku Researcher, Hayabusa, etc.), Manic Eraser Cat, or Green Shell Cat.
  • Primoridal Cat's true form is highly recommended.
  • No cat requires talents.
  • Thunderbolt cannon is highly recommended.

This stage can be very difficult: Koronium will wave down most critters due to their poor stats, Sir Metal Seal will act as a nigh unbreakable wall for your units, and Super Metal Hippoe will consistently knockback your units, and HaterBaa 2.0 will decimate any meatshield you may try to throw at it, all with a Mercury Sloth as a backliner.

You will want to keep the enemy force at about the middle of the field. Spam Modern Cat, and spawn Soba Cat as early as possible to start building a bit of a stack of them. Use Catasaurus and Catyphoon to kill off the HaterBaa 2.0s and Steel Snakes. When the Super Metal Hippoe spawns, you should have Soba Cat kill it off rather quickly, though your other critters may make doing that difficult. When the Sir Metal Seal spawns, you want to rush it down as fast as possible. If your Soba Cat stack is still alive, it should make quick work of Sir Metal Seal. Once Sir Metal Seal is dead, start luring the enemies to your base.

Koronium should spawn sometime around now (or maybe it already did). Use Catasaurus to try and pick off any enemies moving in front of Koronium. When Koronium is near your base, send out Modern Cat to trigger his first wave. If you have the Thunderbolt cannon, use it, then send out everything you have to quickly kill off Koronium. If Koronium dies, you are likely to succeed. If Koronium doesn't die, you may want to force restart. If Soba Cat dies, then the run may still be salvagable.

Another Super Metal Hippoe and a Sir Metal Seal should be coming in soon, this time with a Mercury Sloth. Mercury Sloth thankfully doesn't do particularly high damage, but should still be something to be kept in check. If Soba Cat survived the encounter with Koronium, your chances of winning are much higher. Super Metal Hippoe will push harder than Sir Metal Seal due to her knockback procs, so prioritize killing her instead. Green Shell Cat in particular is very useful here as it can hold off the enemies without getting knocked back. Once either enemies dies, you essentially won.