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Floor 21 is the twenty-first level in Heavenly Tower.


  • Those Guys are spawned infinitely, stack every 2~6 seconds.
  • Up to 10 B.B.Bunnies can be seen before the boss fight, stack every 1.3~3.3 seconds40~100f.
  • After 10 seconds, 1 St. Pigge the 2nd appears.
  • After 13.3 seconds400f, 2 Shy Boy appear, delay between them is 3.3~6.7 seconds100~200f.
  • When Base HP is 99%, Red Cyclone appears with:
    • 4 Capy, delay 1.7 seconds50f;
    • Group of 2 Blitzen, respawn twice, delay 93.3~94 seconds2800~2820f, a total of 6 of them can be seen.
    • 6 B.B.Bunnies, delay 1.3~2 seconds40~60f. One B.B.Bunny will be spawned every 66.7~67.3 seconds2000~2020f.


Heavy hitting or anti-Red Area attackers are almost required. The Capys guard the Cyclone, while both will shred through any defense you have. Thundia can be a good choice, for her power and triple damage against Reds. Once the Capys are gone, then the Red Cyclone is left defenseless against knockbacks, freezes, etc.

Knockbacks can be very helpful, as to keep the heavy hitters away from your units/base. Kubiluga is helpful in this manner. Dread Pirate Catley is also helpful, especially when stacked up.

Money is not too much of a problem, as the B.B.Bunnies at the start produce a good amount of cash, although maintaining it can be a problem.

Demonstrated video: [1]
Demonstrated video: [2]

Strategy 1

Lineup: 3 cheap meatshields (Manic Mohawk, Mohawk and Gold Cat), Jiangshi, Sanzo, iCat or anything that freezes red, Manic Macho Legs lvl 20 (Crazed can be used but Manic Macho Legs recommended), Crazed Dragon lvl 20 (if manic the better), Awakened Bahamut (can be crazed if you prefer a stable, more long battle) and any other area attack unit that outranges Capy (Vaulter).

Your main problem will not be the horde of Capies spawning, but the 200% Red Cyclone. So stalling it with Sanzo is key.

Start the battle by spawning one Manic Macho Legs, some meatshields and your proccers (Sanzo & a "Freeze red" unit). Once the B.B. Bunnies are dead, you should have enough money to stall the 2 buffed Shy Boys. After they are slowed down by Sanzo deploy your Awakened / Crazed Bahamut (before killing the faces make sure your wallet is around 4-5). After they are dead max your wallet and dont spawn any more units (if you used Crazed use Cat cannon to clear out the peons then your ms should rush the base instead)

Once the boss wave triggers let them kill your units, wait till some support units reach the base (or near your Crazed Bahamut (if you used it)) turn on Cat CPU and watch the beautiful scenery. Sanzo and your "Freeze Red" unit should be able to stall the Cyclone while your damage dealers will take care of the Capy's. Once the Capy's are dead, turn off CPU and just spam MS, MML and Crazed Dragons (you can leave it on if more Blitzen's spawn).

Additional note: Maxed ITF treasures recommended

Strategy 2

Lineup: 4 meatshields (3 75c meatshields with Jiangshi/ Kyubey Cat), Sanzo (30), M.Macho Legs (20), ICat (30), Polevaulter (26), Awakened Bahamut (30), Kin Rangers Robo Force (35) (can be swapped for other LD or strong wave attackers).

The biggest threat is this level is not the actual cyclone, it's the Blitzens and the Capies. They can rip through everything really fast and this is why you want to bring wavers and LD units, good LD units stacked can make the Blitzens and Capies non-existent. The cyclone is not much of a problem cause' Sanzo can deal with it easily. Also everything in the boss wave can one-shot M.Eraser so it is better to bring 75c meatshields or ones that can survive a lethal strike. I also do not recommend units that can KB red or floating, especially floating beacuse if you KB the cyclone, everything will walk into Blitzens' range and die.

  1. Save up some money for the first Shy Boys. When they come, spawn meatshields and ICat. Spawn ICats until they are perma-frozen. Now, stall for cash and upgrade your wallet.
  2. When the Shy Boys are about to die, stop spawning meatshields and any units. When they come out, lure the Blitzens and the Capies away. Deal some quick damage to them with your ranged LD units before the cyclone comes. Spam meatshields, Sanzo and spawn Vaulter and your LD uber or units. The cyclone should get slowed by the Sanzo spam.
  3. When the cyclone is perma-slowed, spawn Awakened Bahamut to deal damage. When the cyclone dies, don't get cocky, there is still a chance for you to lose. Continue to spam meatshields and LD units but there's no need to spam Sanzo as he will just waste your money.
  4. When the Blitzens and Capies die, the base is all yours to beat up. Nice job! You managed to beat one of the most awful floors before Floor 30.