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Heinous Road (Brutal) is the second and final stage in Super Smash Families. This is a No Continues stage.



Lineup: Thirteen, Brainwashed Mohawk Cat, Cone Cat 50, Bellydance Cat (Target Aku, Defense 10, Aku Defense Orb S) 50, Can Can Cat (Double Bounty, Move Speed Up 10, Defense 10, Attack 10) 50, Sniper the Deadeye 50, Cat Researcher 50, Fiend Cat (Resist, Defense 10, Attack 10, Aku Resist Orb S) 50, Barrel Cat 50, Housewife Cat (Savage Blow 10, Defense 10, Attack 10) 50, Cyberpunk Cat (Slow 10, Survives 10, Attack 10) 45

Cannon: Breakerblast

Items: Rich Cat, CPU, Sniper

Notes: Make sure Sniper is on the first row to utilize his knockback combo.

Battle: Start by luring the Sir Seals close to your base and using Can Can to earn cash from them. Once Brainwashed Mohawk spawns, lure him close to your side of the field and begin spamming attackers. Use Can Can to manage the first Brainwashed Lion.

Once Brainwashed Mohawk is pushed to Brainwashed Flying, continue spamming and try to get either Barrel or Aku Researcher to land a shield pierce onto Brainwashed Flying. This will allow Fiend and Breakerblast to knockback Flying during the match. Restart the stage if you do not land a shield pierce on Flying.

Continue spamming while keeping away the Mohawk and Flying, they should be close to their own base. Brainwashed Dark will arrive. Make sure to also land a shield pierce on him using Aku Researcher, as he outranges Dark. Mohawk and the Lions will help you keep your Fiends and Housewives out of Dark’s reach, allowing you to deal lots of damage to Dark. Note that Dark has the ability to curse and can quickly dismantle Bellydancer and Fiend if your Cats push too much.

Brainwashed Jamiera will spawn next. Start playing more conservatively, watch your cash and save your Aku Researchers for when one of the bosses has their shields up. If you are going to Breakerblast, make sure Jamiera and Dark have their shields down otherwise your cannon will not be effective.

You will soon get a wave where you will have to stall Mohawk, Dark, Flying, Jamiera, and 2 Lions at once. Spam everything and try to save your stack of Cyberpunks and Snipers. Managing this wave will increase your odds of victory.

For the rest of the stage, continue spamming your cats. If you get low on cash, prioritize meatshields first and slow down on spawning Can Can and Housewife. You always want to be spawning Barrels since his movement speed is slow and always spawn Fiend as they can push back the bosses.

Brainwashed Mohawk should be the first to go down followed by Dark and then Jamiera. Victory is secured once Dark is gone and your Sniperpunk stack should handle Jamiera and Flying.

Note that this strategy is luck based. If your Brainwashed Mohawk and Bellydancer fails to dodge consistently, you will be unable to stall the bosses. If Cyberpunk is positioned so that he mostly hits Flying, you will risk damaging Flying to his second shield which results in an inefficient Breakerblast and can lead to a loss. This commonly occurs during the final phase where Jamiera, Flying, and a strengthened Dark stands in your way. If Barrel and Aku Researcher fail to proc when Jamiera has his shield up, you will risk having him pushing to your Sniperpunk stack which also results in a loss.