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Hibernation's End is the first stage of Bears Be Back where you will be introduced to Variety Bears, a variant of Audience Bears.



Use an alien focused team (In order of cost, I used Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Flying Ninja Cat, Rover Cat Mk II, Macho Leg Cat, Kyubey & Cat, Solar Cat, Jamiera Cat, True Valkyrie Cat, and Nighthunter Saki/Sharpshooter Saki in my alien focused team) This helps with the hardest thing to accomplish: getting close enough to hit Variety Bears. Fast units such as Lion Cat (aka Cow or Giraffe Cat) would be good for this as well as units to quickly defeat the Alien Kroxo's. This will also help defeat Variety Bears themselves as they have the most amount of enemy types in the game, including aliens, meaning they will be weak to your alien fighting units!


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