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Hokey Pokey Forest is the sixth and final stage in Cats Cradle Basin. Vermilingua Rangmaster and Elephantidae Papaou make their first appearances in Zero Legends here.


  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • Infinite J.J. Jackrabbits spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 23.33~30 seconds700f~900f.
  • Infinite Miz Devils spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 33.33~40 seconds1,000f~1,200f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 86.67 seconds2,600f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 26.67 seconds800f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 46.67 seconds1,400f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • Infinite Squire Rels spawn after 23.33 seconds700f, delay 6.67~13.33 seconds200f~400f.
  • 1 Devil Wife spawns after 40 seconds1,200f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 106.67 seconds3,200f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 126.67 seconds3,800f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • 10 Those Guys spawn after 126.67 seconds3,800f, delay 0.33~1 seconds10f~30f.
  • Infinite Those Guys spawn after 166.67 seconds5,000f, delay 3~4 seconds90f~120f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


The stage is not as difficult as it seems. It is fairly easy to stall a bit in the start to get money with J.J Jackrabbit being the only notable obstacle.

Once you hit the base, Elephantidae Papaou will spawn, a Traitless Behemoth Le'boin variant with high health, frequent attacks with average damage, and complete immunity to debuffs with Wave and Surge immunities to boot. It is backed up by Vermilingua Rangmaster, a Behemoth Aku, and other weak peons, with Devil Wives appearing to disrupt your defense. Despite the fact that Vermilingua has a shield, it's not necessary to bring Shield Breaker units; you can brute force it by virtue of the fact that it's a Behemoth. Bear in mind that you will be unable to reverse Elephantidae Papaou's progress under any circumstances.

Surge Immune units like talented Gato Amigo help prevent Devil Wife from causing too much trouble. Stone Cat can also patch the disruption made by Devil Wife, stopping enemy pushing. Haniwa Cat and Reborn Warrior Doguemon stack Traitless resistance and Behemoth Slayer against Elephantidae Papaou, making it a lot harder for the enemies to push. Courier Cat is self-explanatory, lending well to ruining J.J. Jackrabbit and having Behemoth Slayer. Uncanny Legend Units perform fantastically, as their Colossus Slayer helps versus J.J. Jackrabbit and the bosses of the level are Behemoths. Awakened Doron hits swathes of enemies. Awakened Urs, with very high DPS against Behemoths, is essential for taking down the bosses. Awakened Naala tends to die quickly, especially when there are no stepping stones, but does fantastic damage while it's alive.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Friendly)[]

Lineup: Little Warriors, Li'l Eraser Cat 50+29, Ramen Cat 50+24, Goemon Cat 50+6, Cameraman Cat 50+18, Courier Cat 50, Cat Egg Pod 50, Awakened Doron 50, Reborn Warrior Doguemon 50, Awakened Naala 50, Awakened Urs 50


  • Goemon Cat is mainly used at the beginning only for some extra money, though isn't quite necessary due to the high influx of cash in this level.
  • Cameraman Cat has the Survivor MAX, Critical, and the ATT up MAX talents.
  • Ramen Cat has the HP up MAX talent.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat has the HP up MAX talent.
  • Cat Egg Pod can be replaced with Green Shell Cat, Hitman Cat, or Ape Lord Luza.

Immediately send out Goemon Cat to garner some quick money, followed a few seconds later by Cat Egg Pod. Afterwards, you should be able to spawn Awakened Urs, and eventually Reborn Warrior Doguemon, then Awakened Naala. Once your heavy hitters are out, simply spam meatshields and Courier Cat and you'll win the level (yeah this stage is super easy even with 4 Crown restrictions).


  • Hokey Pokey Forest's Japanese name, Oshikuraman Jurin (おしくらまん樹林), is a pun on Oshikura Manju, a singing game played in order to get warm. 樹林 jurin means "forest".