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Holy Apex is the eleventh stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.


  • 1 Sunfish Jones spawns as the boss after 3.33 seconds100f.
  • 1 Chickful A spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 2 Angelic Gories spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 2 Chickful As spawn after 70 seconds2,100f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 70 seconds2,100f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • 3 Chickful As spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • 4 Angelic Gories spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • Infinite Angelic Gories spawn after 180 seconds5,400f, delay 50~100 seconds1,500f~3,000f.


Use Ramen Cat and other meatshields to stall, then spawn Awakened Bahamut Cat to rush and deal damage, and something else to deal with the Chickful As. Once you kill the Chickful As, you have pretty much won. Using other anti-Angel cats like talented Sanzo can also help crowd-control the Angelic Gories.