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Holy Refuge is the eighteenth stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.



Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Horror Movies, Ramen Cat, Juliet the Maiko, Catophone, Cyberpunk Cat


Start the battle with upgrading your Worker Cat to level 2. Lure the Heavenly Hippoes to your base, and then start stacking your debuffing Cats. Only spam Ramen Cats, Juliets and Catophones. Don't worry about the Mr. Angels that come next, for they are mostly just an inconvenience. After the Heavenly Hippoes are killed, your Worker Cat should be at level 3 or 4. Now, start putting out your ranged attackers / nukers. Before your army reaches the enemy base, you should have 7-10 Juliets and 4-6 Catophones.

Once you hit the enemy base, 1 Boraphim and 1 Cala Maria will emerge. Continue to spam Ramen Cats. If you have enough money, spend some on more ranged attackers. Provided you have a large enough stack of Juliets and Catophones, they should be able to freeze and slow the Boraphims. Two more Boraphims and one more Cala Maria come out periodically, but don't worry, they should be stopped and slowed by your stack. As long as you can manage to keep the enemies at their base, you will most likely win. Just keep in mind to not stop spamming Ramen Cats, as he is your only meatshield.

Remember, Cala Maria deals a lot of damage, but her attacks are only SINGLE TARGET. If you continue spamming Ramens, you should be fine.