Icy Desire is the fifth and last stage of Cats in the Snow.


This stage spawns Icy Doges and Mammothe.

  • Up to 3 Mammothes can be spawned.
  • The Icy Doges will stack if the player takes too long to kill them.

Snowballs are thrown occasionally in this stage.


The snowballs in this stage inflict highest damage among the snowballs found in previous stages (4800 damage, enough to kill a 20+0 Wall Cat), so be wary of them.

Spamming Eraser Cat and other Cats to protect stronger Cats attacking Mammothe, Icy Doges and the Enemy Base.

Using fast hitting, good movement speed like Lion Cat, Manic Lion Cat, Awakened Bahamut Cat,... It is possible to beat this stage in under 2 minutes.

Strategy 1 (lvl 30 unit speedrun, ~1min)

Lineup: Crazed Cat (30), Crazed Tank Cat (30), Crazed Axe Cat (30), Crazed Gross Cat (30), Crazed Cow Cat (30), A. Bahamut (30)

The first 5 units are used in battle and for their combo

Wait and let the first round of snowballs hit your base until Legs' shockwave will take out the last one or two. Spawn Crazed/Manic Legs, and three sets of Crazed Macho and Tank, then a Crazed Cow and two more machos, and wait. After boss shockwave, spawn another Cow then A.Bahamut. Keep spamming Cow and Macho to make sure Bahamut is protected from snowballs.

Strategy 2 (cheese ~30sec, lvl 45 M.Eraser)

This may work with 40 M.Eraser / 30 Bahamut, but you'll probably need to send a couple more erasers.

Lineup Sashimi Cat, Sushi Cat, A Gift of Cats, Brah Cats, Pair Rope Jump Cats, Manic Eraser (45+), Awakened Bahamut (35+)

The first 5 cats are present for their combos

As soon as the battle starts send 1 eraser. Then send another when the first reaches 1/4 total distance. Send 4 erasers total this way, then wait until you can send Bahamut.

Strategy 3 (cheese ~30sec, lvl 45 M.Lion)

This may work fine with lvl 40 Lion, too. The levels probably don't matter much for the other units, but mine are 40+. Jellycat likely interchangeable with Manic Macho Legs.

Lineup: Sashimi Cat, Sushi Cat, Pair Rope Jump Cats, A Gift of Cats, Brah Cats, Manic Macho Legs, Manic Lion, Jellycat, [optional] Maglev, Sanada Yukimura

Spam Macho and Lion, and send 1 Jellycat from the start. You can finish the level this way, but may get the occasional boss spawn if unlucky.

[Optional] After Jellycat recharges, send 1 more Macho/Lion, then 2 more Machos, then Maglev about a second later. (Don't send Jelly, just use its recharge for timing.) Maglev will usually kill the Icy Doge, providing money for Yuki, who isn't necessary at all but may speed up the base kill very slightly.


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