In JAPAN is the first stage in Moneko World Tour.


The battle begins with Those Guys spawning at a moderate rate, accompanied by the occasional Pigge. Some time later, a Doge Dark will spawn as well.

When the base is sufficiently damaged, Crazed Moneko will appear, as well as St. Pigge the 2nd, B.B.Bunny, another Doge Dark, and Gory Black. A special enemy resembling Those Guys holding glowsticks also makes an appearance here. This enemy currently has no known name.


Thw two biggest threats in this battle are Gory Black and Crazed Moneko. Gory Black can be defeated using the proper anti-black units or area attackers, but Crazed Moneko may require a more strategic approach. The first two strikes of her multi-hit attack don't do anything special, but the third attack will always create a level 5 shockwave that can deal high damage to your cats, especially if it occurs with a critical hit. As such, shockwave-resistant units are recommended, and shockwave blockers will be able to help immensely.