In LONDON is the second stage in Moneko World Tour.


Shortly after the battle begins, a Mooth spawns, with Metal Hippoe and Glowstick Guys (unofficial name) appearing alongside it. After a small amount of time has passed, Kroxo will begin to steadily spawn from the enemy base until the base is damaged. After the enemy base takes damage, Crazed Moneko spawns, far more powerful than the previous encounter. Owlbrow, Imperator Sael, Maawth, and Super Metal Hippoe also appear to defend her.


Anti-alien cats such as Macho Legs Cat are recommended to take out the Kroxos and Imperator Sael. Because Maawth outranges Macho Legs, Dragon and/or Crazed Dragon Cat may be helpful additions as well. A critical hitter such as Jurassic Cat, Catornado, or Cheerleader Cat will be necessary to defeat Super Metal Hippoe in order to reach Crazed Moneko. Shockwave-resistant cats or shockwave blockers will be able to survive or negate her third attack and open Crazed Moneko to damage.


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